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In Recognition of Veterans Day A Non-Sale/Sale

In recognition of Veterans Day I first want to acknowledge all of the incredible people that served in our military.   Not only those that served and came home to their families but especially those that didn’t.  Sometimes it easy to forget that when folks sign up for military service they’re also accepting some pretty harsh realities that can come with the job.  Thank you.

A special group of veterans that deserve recognition on a daily basis are those vets that came home with wounds that will be with them for a lifetime.  It doesn’t matter if it was WWII, Viet Nam or the more recent conflicts in the Mideast, their injuries are with them every day for the rest of their lives.

I’ve been a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project for many years and have encouraged others to donate to their cause.  The Wounded Warrior Project does great things in helping these wounded try to reintegrate into a ‘normal’ world and move forward with their lives.  That transition to normality can be incredibly difficult and sometimes impossible.

So what’s the deal with the Veterans Day Non-Sale/Sale?  While we all like to feel we got a ‘deal’, it’s an even nicer feeling knowing your helping someone else.   In an effort to continue to support our Wounded Warriors, TSA Knives, LLC will be donating 11% of our sales made on Sunday 11/11/18 and Monday 11/12/18 (the Veterans Day official day of observance) to the Wounded Warrior Project.   So why 11%?  The Armistice to end WWI was signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month.

You don’t have to do anything special to participate, its not going to cost you anything extra.  If you make a purchase from the TSA Knives storefront today the 11th or tomorrow the 12th, 11% of your purchase will automatically go to support our Wounded Warriors.  And if you get a chance, say thanks to one of our men and women in uniform or better yet, thank a Vet.


GEC Collector 30 Pin Sets Available

The GEC Collector Pin Sets arrived yesterday.  These were donated by Great Eastern to help raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.  The 15 sets include the 30 pins that have been made (to date) to accompany some of the Great Eastern Knife releases.  It does not include the SFO, Rendezvous or Club pins.

GEC Limited Edition 30 Pin Set

The proceeds from the sale of the pin sets will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  A total of just 15 sets were made so don’t wait.

Great Eastern Cutlery Raffle Update

I haven’t heard any reports from the Rendezvous at GEC, but I do want to pass on some info.  It was brought to my attention by a customer that GEC is having a raffle for a Stag #36 Sunfish to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.  This was the first I heard of it and didn’t see anything on the website until today.  You don’t have to be present to buy tickets or win.

To Purchase tickets: call 814-827-3411

or email: sales@greateasterncutlery.net

This is one of my favorite groups working with our wounded ‘warriors’.  They do great work helping these folks out.


Wounded Warrior Project SAK Memorial Day Promo

Hard to believe Monday is Memorial Day already, but it is.  For a number of years TSA Knives has had some sort of fund raising project on this weekend to assist the Wounded Warrior Project.  In the past it’s usually taken the form of an auction but I decided to try something a little different this year.

Pretty simple actually.  Anyone buying a Swiss Army Knife between now and through Monday, May 29 will have the option to receive one of the SAK Classic’s for just $5 (normally $12.95).

Swiss Army Classic

Get it?  You buy any Swiss Army Knife in the store for regular price and you can add a Classic to your order for just $5.

So how does that benefit the Wounded Warrior Project?  TSA Knives will MATCH your $5 and make a $10 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project for each Classic sold.  Should be a win/win deal for you and the Wounded Warrior Project.

As I said, the Promo starts immediately and runs through Monday.  When you place an order for one of the regular SAK’s you’ll have a button asking if you want to add a Classic to the cart for $5.  Just select yes or no and your good to go!

Happy Veterans Day ~ Bid NOW!!

Happy Veterans Day to all of the Vet’s out there.  And I this is a reminder that today is your last chance to bid on the Tom’s Choice knife offered on the Wounded Warrior Project Auction!!  The current bid is $155 and you have until Midnite CST today to have a chance at winning with a higher bid.  Remember, 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Another of the Beer Scouts came through with Micarta handles this week and we should see more coming in next week.

Beer Scout Maroon Micarta
Beer Scout Maroon Micarta

I’ve been adding knives from the collection I picked up and they’ve been well received.  As I said, this was a really nice collection with some very nice pieces in it.  Not sure if I’ll be able to add any more until next week, but I will try.

In closing, I’ll remind you again that today is your last chance to BID NOW on the Wounded Warrior Project auction.  Nice knife for a great cause.  Happy Veteran’s Day and thanks to all of you!

Wounded Warrior Project Auction Winner!

The Wounded Warrior Project Auction bidding is officially closed!

Congratulations and many thanks to Anders in Sweden for placing the winning bid of $140 for the Wounded Warrior Project Auction knife.  I think you’ll be pleased with the knife and I know the Wounded Warriors will certainly appreciate your contribution.  Many thanks to Dave Taylor for help making this possible as well!!!

Have a great Veterans Day and try to thank a Vet today!

Wounded Warrior Project Auction Reminder

Just a reminder that you have just over 24 hours to bid on the Wounded Warrior Project Auction.  The bidding will end at 11:00 AM CST, tomorrow, November 11.  The eleventh hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, pretty momentous time in world history.

Currently we have a high bid of $130.  Last chance for shot at winning this gem!  To bid, go to:  Wounded Warrior Project Auction and leave a reply with your bid.  Remember, 100% of the proceeds go the the Wounded Warrior Project.


Weekly Update 11.06.15

Let’s start this off by saying I that just as I started typing up the Weekly Update, I did one of the stupidest things I’ve done in a long time.  I tipped a bottle of Neetsfoot Oil over and splashed about an 1/8 of a cup of it across my laptop keyboard.  So far, it’s still working and, I have a nice shiny, supple to the touch keyboard albeit a bit slippery!!!  Hope it keeps working.

Anyway, busy week and I apologize to the folks that didn’t read the blog that I would be out of town for a few days.  Shipping is back on schedule and all orders have been processed.  So let me bring everyone up to speed.

The inventory of Trestle Pine Knives Superiors is getting depleted in the Ash and Oak handle options.  I’m down to just a very few of each.  There are a few more of the Yellow Birch and Maple left, but they too are getting thinned out.  People are asking for dark grey, or black streaks in the Ash and that’s just not an option.  I think there are only 4 or 5 left.

The wood buying part of the weekend trip was for the next Trestle Pine Knives release.  The next knife will feature more of the old growth recovered wood but the demand for some of the high grade figured woods took me by surprise.  Seems like people really liked the burled redwood I posted the pictures of and the Desert Ironwood as well, so I’m going to add a few exotics to the next knife for handle options.  (Mike at WSSI has been fantastic in letting me drop in and hand pick what I want.  Believe me, he has some incredible wood!)

I’ve got a couple of concerns doing this, the first of which is I really want to try and focus on offering an affordable yet unique EDC knife while trying to satisfy the interest in a higher grade knife as well.  The second concern is offering a handle option that’s truly unique but still affordable.  I’ve quickly discovered there are some incredible options and it seems the only limiting factor is the price.

Quantities are going to be limited to around 10 pieces of each of the higher end woods (or less) with somewhere between 3 or 4 handle options.  I’m not going to start taking any reservations for quite some time and not sure if I’ll allow reservations or just put them in the store.  Plenty of time to figure that out.

Just for a bit of a tease, here’s a shot of one of the offerings.  It’s a double dyed Black/Gold Boxelder Burl.

Double Dyed Black Gold Boxelder Burl
Double Dyed Black Gold Boxelder Burl 

I’ll be receiving the rest of the wood in a few more weeks and I’ll show you more of what’s coming.  Trust me, there is one incredible stick of wood that I am anxious to get some feedback on.  It’ll make stag look inexpensive but it is gorgeous and something that’s typically only seen on custom built knives.  You’re gonna like it.

Also on my desk this morning was a box of new knives I’ll try to get listed this weekend.  While I’m not a huge fan of the Rough Riders, they’re a great bargain at the price, so I decided to pick up some of their Folding knife kits.  They’re very reasonably priced and look like the perfect starter kit for someone wanting to try and build a knife without breaking the bank.   If you screw things up, you’re not out much $$.  I had a lot of fun this summer helping my buddy build his first knife  and I thought this might encourage someone else to give it a try.  Christmas is coming and in the North country we’re going to be spending more time inside, so……., I think I may try one myself just for the fun of it.


I’ll also let you know a little more about the next Trestle Pine Knives release next week.  Everything has been finalized, a pattern chosen, etc and now it’s a matter of waiting.   Gonna be something to look forward to in the dead of winter.

Finally, I don’t want you to forget about bidding on the Wounded Warrior Project Auction knife.  I’m pleased to see the bidding moving up and there are only 5 more days to get a bid in!  That’s a really nice knife and you’re supporting a great cause.


AND…..I’m happy to say my computer is still functioning!!!  At the very least, the Neetsfoot oil should add a degree of water/coffee resistance to the keyboard, no?

Wounded Warrior Project Auction!!

This Wounded Warrior Project auction is a collaborative effort with Dave Taylor, Knife Leather Traditions.  Dave very generously donated some gorgeous slabs of Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood and Mosaic pins which we had applied to one of the Trestle Pine Buddy blades.  I think the result is a great looking knife and definitely a very rare piece.  A grand total of just three of these were built.

I’ve always favored the Wounded Warrior Project as an organization that does a great job of filling a void for our returning Wounded Warriors and I know Dave feels the same.  In honor of their sacrifices past and present, I thought it might be appropriate to hold an auction ending at a time which would commemorate the upcoming Veterans Day.

Trestle Pine Knives Buddy with Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood
Trestle Pine Knives Buddy with Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood

DSC_0200 DSC_0202

The slabs are matched front to back.DSC_0204The knife will come with a formed fitted leather sheath with FireSteel Loop in the box with a COA.

All you have to do to place a bid is hit the “leave a comment” button at the bottom of this post with your bid.  Here’s a brief set of rules that are about as simple as I can keep them.

  • Bidding opens immediately
  • The bidding will end at the 11th hour (CST) of the 11 day of the 11 month.
  • In the event of duplicate bids the earlier bid takes precedence
  • If you don’t feel like bidding, how about going to the Wounded Warrior Project website and consider making a direct donation.

100% of the Proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Let the bidding begin!!!!

Wounded Warrior Project Auction coming up!

I haven’t had a fund raiser for the Wounded Warrior Project since the Beer Glass sale and with Veteran’s Day coming up, it’s about time for one.  When I had the Trestle Pine Knives Buddy built, there was a special knife in the group that was built specifically for a future Wounded Warrior Project Auction.

Our friend Dave from Knife Leather Traditions most generously donated some slabs of Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood along with some mosaic pins to be used on a future project.  Between the two of us, we thought having a knife built with the materials and auctioned off for our Wounded Warriors would be a worthy cause we both supported.

In the event you don’t know how expensive Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood is, check it out on the google.  It’s expensive and it’s gorgeous.  Many thanks go to Dave for this gift.

DSC_0199 DSC_0200 DSC_0202Slabs are ‘book ended’ for a back to back match.

Trestle Pine Knives Buddy Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood
Trestle Pine Knives Buddy Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood

The pictures don’t do it just, but rest assured, it is a pretty knife.  It’ll come boxed with a sheath and the winner will be the envy of the deer camp!

I’ll probably kick off an online auction sometime next week.  There will be another post coming up with the rules and regs.  This is just giving you a heads up if you’re looking for a nice gift for yourself while helping our wounded vets with a hand up.