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And the Winner Is…..

First, a little insight into my methodology.  Every purchaser was assigned a number in the order the tickets were sold.  If the first purchaser bought three tickets, he/she had numbers 1, 2, 3.  The second purchaser bought 1 ticket he had number 4, etc.  I then use an online random number generator which picks the number for me.  No hand in the hat. And so a winner is drawn.

One last detail is I’m really happy to announce that through your participation we were able to raise a total of $680 for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Now consider GEC raised nearly $1500 for this knife through the Rendezvous Raffle.  That means the combined total raised by this knife for the Wounded Warrior Project is almost $2200!!!!  Folks, I think that’s fantastic.  Thanks to all of you for participating.

Oh…. I suppose you’d like to know who the winner is, no?  Congratulations goes to Gary Kifer.   Considering over $2200 was raised in total, I guess this means you own probably one of the most valuable GEC knives in existence!

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GONE!!! We have a Winner

John H is the First Place winner of the 2018 Ice Out Contest with a date of 5/1 at 4:00PM, Congrats!  Second Place Winner goes to Syd with a guess of 4/29 at 11:20AM.  John will receive a Trestle Pine Topper with a Black Ash Burl handle and S30V clip blade and Syd a Victorinox Classic and Tinker.

John couldn’t have come much closer to hitting the nail directly on the head.   Yesterday our temp came close to 80 degrees with more wind.  This morning it’s 37F.   The lake was ice free in the early morning hours of 5/1 and as of 10AM CST, this is all that’s left.

I have to give John some credit because I know he spends some time and effort into making his prediction.  To be very honest with you, I live on the lake and I didn’t expect this ice to be gone for at least another week.  At any rate, its been fun, congrats to both John and Syd.  Many thanks to those of you that gave it a shot.  And I couldn’t be happier to see the ice GONE for another season!!!

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2017 Ice Out Contest Winner! finally…

I can’t recall having it take so long for the ice to clear out as it’s taken this year.  In fact, there’s still a slab of ice over a mile long on the NE shoreline that is probably going to take another 36-48 hours to break up.  But, since the latest entry date was for 2:30PM today, 4/6/17 there is no sense is putting off announcing that

  • rarreola  4/6  2:30PM

is officially recognized as the winner of the 2017 Ice Out Contest.  Congratulations!!!  You have a new Trestle Pine Superior on it’s way to you.

Trestle Pine Superior CPM154 Blade

The one exciting feature of this years ice out was the formation of the crystals of ice we saw in the last week.

Ice Crystals

They’re really unique and not something you get to see every year.  I don’t totally understand how they’re formed, but I do know it’s pretty cool when you get to see them.

Thanks to all of you for participating in this years contest and hope you may have gotten a little insight into how easy it is to keep us entertained in this part of the world!  After spending months living in a monochrome world that blue water almost hurts our eyes.

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Wounded Warrior Project Auction Winner!

The Wounded Warrior Project Auction bidding is officially closed!

Congratulations and many thanks to Anders in Sweden for placing the winning bid of $140 for the Wounded Warrior Project Auction knife.  I think you’ll be pleased with the knife and I know the Wounded Warriors will certainly appreciate your contribution.  Many thanks to Dave Taylor for help making this possible as well!!!

Have a great Veterans Day and try to thank a Vet today!