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Thanksgiving Wishes And Early Update

I wanted to extend the best of Thanksgiving Wishes to everyone, albeit a bit early.  There’s a gun show at the National Guard Armory in Moorhead, MN Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, so it’s not going to be possible to get a weekly update in before next week.

This week the GEC Beer Scouts in Golden Ale Jigged bone arrived.  My best guess is we’ll see the wood handles next week and that will finish things up.  From then till the end of the year I think it’ll be fairly quiet.

Golden Ale Beer Scout
Golden Ale Beer Scout

As most of you have noticed, I’ve been getting some of the knives from the collections listed in the store this week.  I believe I’m about half way through them and hope to get the balance listed next week.  There have been some really choice pieces in the lot.


As well as some really hard to find pieces.

GEC 5th Anniversary Whaler
GEC 5th Anniversary Whaler


White Awabi LG Roughneck 1 of 6
White Awabi LG Roughneck 1 of 6


As I said, there’s more to come and it gets better and better!

Hope everyone has a great & safe Thanksgiving!  If you’re within driving distance this weekend, try to drop by the Moorhead Gun Show either Friday 4PM-8PM or Saturday 8AM-4PM.  I look forward to seeing some of you!!

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Weekly Update 11.24.15

The weekly update is a little early this week, but with Thanksgiving on Thursday and a gun show this weekend, I’m not gonna be able to get it done Friday.  Actually, just a couple days into the week, there’s a fair amount to talk about.

First, some nice releases came through from Queen this week.  There’s a pair of new Bill Ruple Single Blade Trappers in Feathered Buffalo Horn and Stag.  Both are great looking and a perfect matchup with the earlier 2 blade release.

Bill Ruple Stag Trapper
Bill Ruple Stag Trapper

And a new twist on the typical lanyard tube is the relief cut in the end exposing the spring that allows a lanyard hole be placed through it rather then through the handle of the knife.  It keeps the lines clean, allows for an end cap and serves the same purpose as a ‘through handle’ lanyard tube.  Makes a lot of sense and I’d like to see more knives designed like this.

Lanyard Hole
Lanyard Hole

Next release was the Queen City Fisherman’s Barlow.

Queen City Fisherman's Barlow
Queen City Fisherman’s Barlow

It’s a nice slim knife that should work great not only for cleaning your catch, but other common chores around the camp kitchen.  This is a great example of using different carbon steels for ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ applications.  The Queen City line uses D2 which is more stain resistant then 1095 and makes more sense in a fish knife then 1095.

Another ‘find’ that I made were some 36 Sunfish in Brown Jigged Bone (run of 39 pieces) that I came across.  Not sure where they’ve been hiding, but for the Sunfish fans, this is a knife we haven’t seen GEC run in quite some time.  The STL series had the Northfield un-X-Ld deep stamped in the blade making it quite unique.

DSC_0398If you’re in the area, there will be a gun show on Friday after Thanksgiving at the Moorhead, MN National Guard Armory from 4-8PM and from 9:00AM till 5:00 PM on Saturday.   Last year was the first time they tried that schedule and it worked out great.  I’ll have 3 tables set up with a few knives and miscellaneous items so hope to get a chance to see a few of you!

One other note, Jan Carter from the iKC website passed on a request that I put up a note regarding donating any frequent flier miles any of you might be sitting on.  Here’ the content of Jan’s email and I really encourage you to get in touch with her if you’d like to help out.  Both are great organizations.  Just drop into the website and drop her an email.

“As you know I try to be sure to do this at the end of every year.  Lukes Miles or Heros miles are my preference.  Due to the fact that I have traveled less this year I only have 740 miles and amex requires 1000 for a donation.  BUT I can give away my miles to anyone with an acct to reach the 1K requirement and they can donate.  Put out the call to your followers on the blog?  Maybe there is a way we can make this happen

Jan Carter

Board Member Nat’l Knife Museum”

Thanksgiving has been a traditional day for us to get together with some old friends and their kids for dinner.   As their kids are all adults with lives and families of their own, we really look forward to seeing all of them.  I doubt I’ll get a chance to put up another post before Thanksgiving day, so I’ll just wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving a few days early!!!

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Early Thanksgiving Wishes!!

I’ve got plans (as most of you do to) for Thanksgiving day and wanted to make sure I extended best wishes to everyone a little early.

As usual, we get together with another couple we’ve been close friends with since they were teenagers.  I say ‘they’ were teenagers as there’s about a 16 year difference in age between us.  The better looking half of the couple started working for me in my sporting goods store when she was 16 and continued right through High School.  The main job for her in the summer was sorting leeches and packaging night crawlers.  (My kind of girl!)   Her boyfriend (now husband) was/is an avid trapper/hunter/fisherman so our common interests developed into a close friendship that’s lasted for nearly 30 years.

Today, they own and operate a large farming operation and have three adult daughters we think the world of.  Although we’re just a 100 miles apart, it’s amazing how we’ve allowed our daily routines to make getting together more difficult over the years.  In spite of those  visits becoming less frequent, we’ve always maintained a tradition of getting together for Thanksgiving, so tomorrow we make the trip to their house for dinner.  Tonite, Jan bakes pies, I’ll bake bread and our friends take care of the meat and potatoes!  It’s just a really great time with special friends that all of us look forward to.

As in years past, I have an endless list of things to be thankful for.  Good health, wonderful friends,  a tolerant wife (she tries), great family and a circle of people that literally stretches around  the globe made up of customers/friends who have made my life much richer.  Thanks to all of you and a wish that every one of you (whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not) has a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!!!