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Monday notes 12.11.17

Sorry I missed posting a Friday update so I’ll try to make up with a few Monday notes.  How’s that?

Actually, last week was relatively quiet as far as ‘new’ stuff showing up was concerned.  I filled some inventory holes in the Swiss Army Knives and added some more Trestle Pine’s to fill in some voids as well.  I’ve been waiting on some Queen #9 Stockman and 29 English Jack’s that were ordered about 3 weeks ago.  Nothing yet!

I had hoped to get some more of the the Trestle Pine Buddy’s finished before Christmas with the Mosaic pins but it’s just not gonna happen.  It’s a matter of making some decisions on handle material.  To my friends in Germany and the surrounding area, I just checked the tracking information and a shipment of Trestle Pine Gunflint’s departed Frankfurt yesterday on their way to Sven Kinast at Messerdepot in Solingen.  They should be showing up soon!

Great Eastern is in the midst of a massive run of the 78 American Jacks.  That has to be a major Christmas present for GEC.  Last count was 22 different versions of the 78’s coming through.  To the best of my knowledge that has to be one of the largest runs of a pattern in one group that I can recall.  As long as you like Spear blades, there’s gotta be something in there for handle material to appeal to everyone.

Christmas knife sales have been strong with over half of the orders for 2+ knives per order.  What’s selling?  Just about everything.  It’s been interesting as a lot of the orders are for 2 identical pattern’s/handle materials.  Gifts for the kids I assume.  The Swiss Army Knives have been popular and make great stocking stuffers.  A number of years ago we gave a Swiss Army Climber to the daughter of friends on her way to Europe for a semester of school.  I don’t think she was overly impressed when she got it but sent us a note several weeks later telling us it was the handiest ‘tool’ she had in her kit.

Speaking of multiple orders of the same knife.  When you go to a product page such as the Victorinox Swiss Army knives, ignore the ‘qty’ shown below the small index photos at the  top of the page.  That has nothing to do with the quantity available.  I just noticed all of the SAK’s show “1” below the photos.  Ignore it.

It’s been a little hard to get into Christmas mode up here as the weather just doesn’t look and feel like Christmas!  Talked to my friends in Georgia this week and they’ve both had more snow in the last week then we’ve had all winter!  Not complaining but it’s been mild and today I see we have an area about the size of two football fields with open water on our lake.  I’ve never witnessed that this time of year.  Our lake is about 65′ deep at max depth and is spring fed but we’re usually froze up tight by now.  Keep your sled off the ice Santa!!



Swiss Army Knives and MORE!

The Swiss Army Knives arrived this week and most are in the store.  It was fun going through the different models as I listed them.  My love affair with the SAK’s go back many years and really came to a head when I started TSA Knives as a business.

Back in 2002, I was buying knives confiscated by the TSA at airport security check points.  The confiscated knives were turned over to different state surplus property departments and went through GSA Auctions.  At that time, you bought the knives at auction in boxes by the pound.  A 50# box of pocket knives might cost anywhere from $100-150.  You could figure there would be between 10-12 knives in a pound on average.  A high percentage of those knives were Swiss Army.

This meant I got to go through a mountain of SAK’s.  I had/have one in virtually every drawer, glove box, on the loading bench, etc in one size or another.  My wife still carries one on her keyring and I can usually lay my hands on one in a matter of minutes.  It’s just a handy, reasonably priced knife with a ton of utility.  

In fact, the one above was in my desk drawer and B. Liam Burke, whoever you are, thanks for the knife!

Being a cigar smoker, I had to try one of the Swiss Army Cigar knives and I have to say, it works great.  It makes a whole lot more sense to carry a knife with a cigar cutter on it then just a ‘dedicated’ cigar cutter.

Beyond the SAK’s, I also had some of the John Henry 71 Express knives arrive with different handle material.  I only have a couple of these left and will list them in the store front later today.  The Burlesque Stag is a great looking synthetic stag handle option.

L to R: Pearl Shockwood, Smooth Yellow Bone, Burlesque Stag

There is also a box of “Factory Sample” Schatt & Morgans that I haven’t gotten to yet.  It’s an assortment of #99 Executive Jacks and a few #96 Doctor’s Knives in various handle materials.  They’ll come with COA’s (which I’m waiting on).  I’ll try to get them listed next week.

Beyond that… it was a tough week for criminal activity in the area once again.  Hate to admit we live in such a ‘rough’ area, but figured I might as well share it as a warning to all of you to be on the alert!!  If you see something….say something!