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Weekly Update 4.13.18 Bull Nose Arrives

This week the first of the GEC 71 Bull Nose run arrived.  Best way to sum up the knife is, its a high quality, low priced knife built for EDC use.  And it scores 100% on all three points.

GEC 71 Bull Nose OD Green

There are a few more handle iterations coming through in the next few weeks.  If you’re looking for value, its pretty tough to beat the Bull Nose.  I didn’t set up an early order program for the Bull Nose but I have a good quantity of them coming in.

In the last week or two I’ve had a number of emails and calls asking when and if there will be an Ice Out Contest this year.  If you’re new to the blog, the last few years I’ve held a contest open to everyone to try and predict when the lakes in my area will be free of ice.  It’s meant to be a fun contest where everyone has an equal chance to win.  That being said, there are a few folks that actually do a little research on ice conditions before the make a guess.  If you want to check out the results of past contests, just type in the search term or click on this link: Ice Out Contest

Now, the answer to the question, will there be an ice out contest?  Yes.  I’ve drug my feet announcing it as we’re in a prolonged winter season up here and the ice out is (by all indications) going to be later then normal.  A week ago we had day time high temperatures that were below freezing.  Night time temperatures were in the single digits.  This weekend we have another major snow event going through the middle and southern Minnesota with a 15-18″ of snow potential.  With any luck that’s going to the south of me.  That snow cover insulates the ice and delays thawing.

To put the delayed ice out into perspective,  by this time last year the ice was gone.  As of this writing we have roughly 3′ (that is FEET) of ice on many of the bigger lakes.  This is what my front yard looks like this morning.  So I’m thinking next week might be a good time to start the contest.  Think of that…. this years contest STARTS later then last years contest ended.  Damn.  We need some warm weather soon and lots of it.

A couple of local inquiries have come in regarding the Spring Gun Show normally held at the National Guard Armory in Detroit Lakes.  This usually occurs around the first weekend in May.  Unfortunately, due to a remodeling project at the Armory it won’t be held this Spring.  The sponsors have looked for another local venue without success so sadly, no show this year.

So just to play it safe, I”m gonna gas up the four wheeler, put the plow back on and be ready just in case.  This is starting to get old.


Beer Scouts and Such

Maroon Linen Beer Scouts arrived this week,

Beer Scout Maroon Micarta
Beer Scout Maroon Micarta

and we should have the Golden Ale Beer Scouts in the next day or two.  The last will be the Beer Barrel Oak and then it’s back to SFO’s.  From a conversation earlier this week,  my understanding is that once the Beer Scouts are done, the only regular run items through the end of February will be the upcoming 74’s and 71’s.

I’m still slowly working on the collection I’ve been listing and have over half of them left to list.  There are some really nice knives left and the response to the one’s listed has been great.  The older knives are hard to beat and some of that early stag was outstanding.  From a collector’s standpoint, the fact that most of them came in really short runs (many less then 25) makes some of them hard to find.

The week was full of activity starting with my Great Nephew’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor and ending the week with our first snow.

November 18 Snow Storm
November 18 First Snow

When winter comes, we go from brilliant color….


to monochrome….


Not really a ‘storm’ but there were folks not to far away that got smacked pretty good with 10″+ with high winds.  There’s only been about 5″ of wet, heavy snow at our house.  It’s always nice to get an inch or two that melt away before it starts to build up for the winter and I hope this is gone in a week or so.  It was coming sooner or later but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept!

Thinking ahead a bit, there’s a gun show coming up at the National Guard Armory in Moorhead, MN on Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving day, November 25 and 26.  The show opens at 4 PM on Friday until 8 PM Friday evening and runs from 8 AM Saturday until 4 PM Saturday afternoon.  Only three years old, this has been an excellent show with a good cross section of vendors and attendees.  Hope to see some of you there!