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Trestle Pine Gunflint Wood Preview & Recent Arrivals

I received a photo of some of the wood that will be used on the upcoming Trestle Pine Gunflint.  This is dyed Curly Maple with some of the nicest grain you could ask for.  The wood in the photo has just been sanded with 120 grit and will have a finishing 4-600 grit finish and polish.  That should really make that grain pop!

Trestle Pine Gunflint Dyed Curly Maple

Below are a few pieces of Natural Curly Maple and Walnut.

Trestle Pine Gunflint Handle Material

There will be some other handle options as well.  I was really happy when I got the pix this morning and can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like.

Speaking of wood, some Schatt & Morgan #22 Medium Coke Bottles arrived yesterday with “Lightning Wood” handles.  Fantastic looking wood.  It looks a bit like stag but has some incredibly unique texture.  Queen has really expanded their willingness to use some unique and great looking wood handle material and the Lightning Wood is a stand out!

Lightning Wood on a S&M #22 Medium Coke Bottle

Also in the box with the Medium Coke Bottles were some Schatt & Morgan Sowbelly’s with Smooth Amber Bone Handles

S&M #60 Sowbelly Smooth Amber Bone

As well as some S&M #06 Tear Drops with Smooth Amber Bone and Torched Stag handles.

S&M #06 Smooth Amber Bone
S&M #06 Torched Stag

The last new arrival came in this morning.  GEC’s latest Calf Pen in Orange Delrin.

GEC #35 Orange Delrin

S&M Quart Barlow and more!

Latest release of 2015 knives arrived yesterday.  There were 5 different patterns that arrived, some old, some new.  A couple worth mention are as follows.

The 032171 Deluxe Quart Barlow is outstanding if you like big knives.

S&M Deluxe Barlow
S&M Deluxe Barlow


Measuring just under 5″ closed, with the blade deployed your at just a fraction under 9″ in length with either the spear of clip blades.DSCN3055

The Barlow pattern has been incredibly popular of late and it’s nice to see a ‘full’ size version released.  Consider your getting stag handles plus Clip and Spear ATS34 blades for slightly over $100 and you’ve got a bargain!

On the other end of the size scale is the Queen 69 1/2 Bone 2 blade Barlow.  Beautiful little Barlow that comes with 2 D2 blades and stag bone handles.  These went quick but more are coming!

Queen 69 1/2 Barlow Stag Bone
Queen 69 1/2 Barlow Stag Bone

I think I mentioned the #19 Deluxe Trappers in an earlier post, but I got a few more of them in the Feathered Buffalo Horn.  The smooth handle really feels comfortable….and looks good!


Queen #19FBH Deluxe Trapper
Queen #19FBH Deluxe Trapper

And finally, two familiar knives that are probably one of the more overlooked series from Queen, the Work Horse.   I keep one of the Work Horse knives on the bench in the garage and they’re just a great combination of quality, function and price!  It’s a tough EDC knife that won’t break the bank.

Queen Work Horse #56 Sm Coke Bottle (R) & Sm Stockman (L)
Queen Work Horse #56 Sm Coke Bottle (R) & Sm Stockman (L)

You’re getting 1095 blades in a quality package for as little as $39.  They’re  just a fantastic bargain for a high quality, US made work knife.


S&M Sheffield Jack And New Queen City Copperhead

Nice pair of new releases arrived today from Queen Cutlery including a Queen City Copperhead with gorgeous Rosewood handles and a really neat S&M Sheffield Jack from the Keystone line that’s finished in Stag with BG42 Stainless blades.

The S&M Sheffield Jack is a great looking traditional pattern .  The upgrade to the BG42 Steel and Stag handle doesn’t hurt matters either!

S&M Sheffield Jack with Genuine Stag Handle
S&M Sheffield Jack with Genuine Stag Handle
S&M Sheffield Jack
S&M Sheffield Jack

A rather unique feature of this knife is the blade steel.  This is the first I can remember that Queen used BG42 Stainless blade steel in a current release.  That’s a super tough steel that is often associated with the manufacture of ‘ball bearings’.  The little I know about the steel is that’s a hard for the manufacturer to work with, is superior (in most minds) to SV30 and holds an incredible edge.  Combine that with a great old pattern and some nice looking stag, limit the production to 100 pieces and the S&M Sheffield Jack is a winner for just under $100!

The Queen City Copperhead is just a great looking knife as well as a popular pattern.

Queen City 41 Copperhead with Rosewood
Queen City 41 Copperhead with Rosewood

Queen ran just 100 of these as well and I picked up a fairly large quantity of them.   I’ve only listed one ‘stock’ photo in the store but the knives I looked at so far all have really nice looking Rosewood handles.  Also, the Queen City line features 1095 steel and the price is right at just $59.95!