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Schatt & Morgan Stag Canoe and GEC Ebony Wood Boys Knives

Finally got around to listing the latest short run released by Queen Cutlery.  They’ve made a limited run of 100 pieces of their 64 Canoe finished in some exceptionally nice looking Stag.  Nicely finished knife coming in under a hundred bucks.


GEC shipped out some more of the One Armed Opening Boys Knives finished in Ebony (?) Wood.

DSCN0075I have a question mark as I’ve not run across Ebony this predominantly brown in color.  Typically, I might mention the Ebony is Black with light streaks of Brown.  On this lot… more like Brown with some stripes of Black.


Another curiosity I came across is a couple of the knives came with buttons inside the tube and can be pinned to a cap or lapel.   Only a couple of knives had them so not sure if this is just an over-site that they weren’t included with all of the 15’s or if GEC is randomly including them.  IF you need/want/expected one with your 15 and didn’t get one, contact GEC.