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Overseas Shipping Charges Explained..

It occurred to me this morning that for the benefit of my overseas buyers I should really explain my overseas shipping charges.  Let’s first establish that I’ve been told they’re some of the most reasonable overseas shipping charges offered!  I hope so anyway.

My ‘calculator’ for overseas shipping isn’t sophisticated enough to calculate individual product weights for overseas shipments while allowing some items to ship free, some discounted and take in all the different shipping classification possibilities.  So to simplify things, I assigned a shipping charge ‘per item’ to display overseas shipping charges for said item.  This causes a problem when you order multiple items as the charges are frequently too high.

A perfect example arose this morning when a valued customer in the UK ordered 5 items for the Edge Pro Sharpener.  None of the items were particularly heavy and in fact a couple of them were quite light in weight.  The total shipping charge by individual item, came up to $40+ which was WAY out of line.  The actual charge totaled $13.85 (which I discounted ).

Had John simply placed the order and paid for the full overseas shipping charges on the invoice, he knew from past experience I would automatically refund the overcharge.  In this case he gave me a list of the items he wanted to purchase and asked for the ‘actual’ overseas shipping charges he’d billed for and I went ahead and filled out the order for him with the right charges.

So for any of you living  overseas that haven’t ordered from me, rest assured the shipping charges on multiple items may be adjusted and refunded.  On multiple item orders for overseas shipments, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


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Shipping included?

I never give it a lot of thought, but every now and then someone will email or call and ask what the shipping charges are on an item in the store.  It’s pretty easy to click the Shipping button on a listing and it’ll usually show $0 for US shipments and a subsidized rate for Canada and Overseas.  With a few exceptions for some of the heavier items, shipping is included in the cost for most domestic shipments.  Virtually all of my overseas shipments are at a discounted rate.

I don’t always list the items with a “Free Shipping” lead in, but probably should.   Sometimes folks don’t realize the price is delivered with the shipping included.  Recently I did some checking around and found out that I may have a higher sale price then some of the competition, but when you factor in the shipping and delivery time, not so much.

Something else I don’t really advertise, I ship a minimum of 2 and up to 3 times a day.  Not a week, a day.  As a result, items ordered on Saturday morning are usually delivered in a large part of the country Monday or Tuesday.   Nothing more irritating to me then placing an order knowing it won’t even ship for a couple days.

But the question is, do you prefer to see a lower price anticipating shipping charges?  Or do you prefer seeing the delivered price right up front?  I know there’s also a lot of discounting that goes on, but it comes at a cost.  Would you prefer immediate shipping or a reduction in price and shipping a couple times a week?

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No Shipping Next Week ~ Field Testing Instead!

Heads up folks, I won’t be shipping next week until most likely Friday the 29th.  I have a couple of new products I wanna try out and I’ll be leaving the phone off the hook and just let the orders accumulate.  Sorry about that!

It’s that time of the year when I’m ready for a break and believe me, it’ll be good for all of us to have me out of the way for a while.  So, if you place an order next week, be forewarned, I haven’t forgotten you, but it won’t be heading your way for a few days.

PS: If you try to call…..good luck.  I will be checking my email every day or two.  That’s always the most reliable way to track me down!