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Another week behind us at TSA Knives..

It’s been an up and down week for knife sales.  The week started off strong with the arrival of the balance of the Dixie Stockman and then quieted down.   A number of Queens went to new homes and a few more golden oldie GEC’s as well.  It’s always interesting how the release of a new knife will actually spur sales of older knives.  Never figured that one out.

Update on the flooring project.  The slow down in knife sales this week was a great incentive to pound nails.



That’s three bedrooms down, the master, hallway and stairs left to go.


With any luck at all I should have the hallway finished up the first of the week and maybe get the steps done next week.  Then the new doors and bifold doors go up the week after the 4th.   I’m holding off on the master bedroom till Fall as we haven’t decided (we…huh!) if “we’re” going to tear apart the master bath and redo it while “we’re” at it.

I’m really happy with the performance of my Gunstock.


In the last three weeks I’ve cut up jute backed carpeting in the three rooms, trimmed dry wall to fit my flooring, trimmed flooring to fit my drywall, used it as a screwdriver on a couple of occasions and finally broke down and put it on the EdgePro on Tuesday.  Actually, the main reason I had to use the EdgePro was I used the knife to open up four sand bags that were in the back of my truck all winter for weight.  Bagged sand is NOT blade friendly.  The only other touch-up I’ve done on the blade is stropping it every few days.   The wonderful thing was it took all of 5 minutes to put everything right again.  (did I mention I really like that knife??)

I just marvel at the people that don’t carry a pocket knife and wonder how on god’s green earth they make it through the day!

Anyway…. starting to put together my shopping list for the 4th of July.  Fireworks, lemons, ribeyes, cigars……  catch ya later!!!!