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Edge Pro & Queen Barlow Update

I’ve been carrying a Queen Barlow with the Sheepsfoot blade the last few days and finally decided to put a real edge on it.  Like most everyone, it’s a rare occasion that a factory new knife comes through with what I feel is an acceptable working edge.  For some reason, it seems the folks that focus strictly on fixed blades do a much better job of honing their blades before they go out the door.  Traditional makers, other then some of the CNC built tacticals or customs, not so much.

The Queen Barlow had an ‘acceptable’ edge, but not what I like to use so out came the Edge Pro.  I have been using one of the Edge Pro Fine Diamond Stones  for reshaping the blade angles when necessary so no more then 5 or 6 passes on each side laid down a little flatter grind for me.  The steel in the blade is 1095 and the hardness seems to fall in the range of most of the 1095 folders but the water stones weren’t doing the job.  I knew the stones were getting pretty loaded with steel particles even though I regularly scrub them with a product called Barkeepers Friend (good stuff).  It’s been a while since I trued the stones and thought that might help.

Edge Pro has a product for truing any type of (non diamond) sharpening stones that consists of nothing more then a piece of tempered glass and Silicon Carbide.

Edge Pro Stone Truing Kit
Edge Pro Stone Truing Kit

Sprinkle about a teaspoon or so of the Silicon Carbide on the glass, add enough water to make a slurry and grind the stone in a circular motion in the mixture on the glass.  It only takes a minute or so and your stone is trued and a lot of the surface crud is removed as well.  This made all the difference in the world and I could immediately feel even the 600 grit stone was more aggressive at finishing the blade.

Cleaning any stone makes a world of difference in how effective it cuts.  Oil stone, water stone, whatever, keep it clean.  Also truing your sharpening stones can make an old stone work like new.

Going back to the factory edge on today’s knives, the Edge Pro quickly shows all the flaws on the grind.  You’re holding the same angle the length of the blade and if there’s any uneveness or bellying in the blade…. you’re gonna see it.

This entire process of setting up the Edge Pro, truing the stones and sharpening the Barlow took probably 20 minutes from start to finish.   Pretty small investment in time to end up with a razor sharp tool.

IF you’re an Edge Pro user, one word of caution.  When you lay the knife on the table to sharpen the edge, small particles of steel will accumulate under the blade and end up scratching the blade.  It’s hard to see in the phot, but there are some very fine scratches that are visible.

DSCN3924Personally, I don’t get to bent out of shape if my EDC’s have a few scratches on them. IF it bothers you, there’s a really simple solution to prevent scratching when you sharpen the blade.

Regularly wipe of the table that the blade lies on and keep it clean every time you turn the knife to sharpen the other side.  Even more effective, use some blue painters tape to protect the blade.


1095 is a good steel for an every day working knife and with a proper edge, it’ll get the job done just fine.  I’ll admit to getting spoiled using the Fallkniven laminated powder steels, but for under $40… this is a gem.  The 1095 might need a little more attention to maintain that razor edge, but if I lose it, it’s a whole lot easier on the budget!!!

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69 Workhorse Sheepsfoot & more new arrivals!

With Blade just a little over a week away, the floodgates opened up with lots of new arrivals from Queen.  Split Back Whittlers in Walnut, Stag Bone and Buffalo Horn, Mountain Man Stag Bone, Woodsman Special Run Rosewood and so on.  Great Eastern shipped the Natural Stag and Appaloosa Horsecut non-locking 73’s.

But the best of the lot are the Queen 69 Workhorse Sheepsfoot Special Run.  It’s slightly larger then GEC’s #25 Barlow, has the familiar 1095 blade, delrin handles and comes in at roughly half the price.

Queen 69 Workhorse Sheepsfoot Special Run
Queen 69 Workhorse Sheepsfoot Barlow Special Run
GEC 25EZ (L) Queen 69 Workhorse (R)
GEC 25EZ (L) Queen 69 Workhorse (R)

The blade sits just high enough above the handle that it is very easy to open without using the nail nick just like the GEC EZ Open.  A slightly lighter spring in the Queen also makes a tremendous difference in the effort required to open the blade.  Maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t enjoy breaking a nail to open my knife.

DSCN3870GEC 25EZ (L) Queen 69 Workhorse (R)


Queen 69 Workhorse Sheepsfoot
Queen 69 Workhorse Sheepsfoot Barlow

I really appreciate the slightly larger size.  A little arthritis in the hands makes the slightly larger size a lot more comfortable for extended usage.   It just has a really nice feel ‘in hand’.

69 Workhorse Sheepsfoot Barlow
Queen 69 Workhorse Sheepsfoot Barlow

Overall, I don’t think there’s a US made Barlow with a 1095 that comes close for the price.  At under $40 delivered stateside, it’s a fantastic bargain.

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Trestle Pine Knives Status & Weekly Review 5/22/15

Crazy week.  Temperatures ran from the 30’s with snow flurries and sleet to close to 70F.  BUT…. we finally got some rain, things are turning green and I can mow the yard about every 3 days.

The Queen 4L Woodsman Lockbacks came in this week and I’m looking forward to the regular run series.  Nice knives.  With any luck at all, the special order Queen City Workhorse Barlows with sheepsfoot blades should show up today.  They shipped earlier this week but UPS delivery is painfully slow to this part of the country.  If they show up today, I’ll add a post to the blog as promised.

The really good news relates to…..


The boxes have arrived.  The wood should be stabilized in a couple of weeks.  Sheaths are going to production in the next week or two.  The blades are finished and ready for ‘assembly’!  It looks like late June is a good bet to see the finished knives.

Might as well let you know that there’s a second knife in the works as well.  This one will be a traditional slip joint in a pattern we’re all familiar with.  It’ll feature the same wood(s) used on the fixed blade, but I wanted to take things up a notch as far as the pattern is concerned with a premium blade steel in a popular style.  IF things go as planned/hoped/anticipated …. maybe an early to mid July release.  There are a few more knives in the planning stages but it all takes time!!

So for now, that’s about it.  Hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day Weekend.

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Queen Cutlery Woodsman Lock Back Short Run

Received a notice that Queen has a short run of the new 4L Woodsman Lock Back coming through next week.  I believe they’ve been shipped and I should have them by mid week, next week.

The Woodsman Lock Back is 3.75″ closed, D2  (CORRECTION) 1095 Clip Blade, Brass liners, lined bolsters.  Handle materials and quantities will break down as follows:

  • 50  ~  Jigged Winterbottom Bone ($99.95)
  • 25  ~  Ebony Wood ($99.95)
  • 50  ~  American Elk ($119.95)
  • 25  ~  Blood Wood ($99.95)
  • 50  ~  Cracked Ice Acrylic ($99.95)


Jigged Bone $99.95
Jigged Bone $99.95  NOT D2, ….1095 Steel
Ebony Wood #99.95
Ebony Wood $99.95   NOT D2, ….1095 Steel


American Elk $119.95
American Elk $119.95   NOT D2, ….1095 Steel
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Ballistol Oil, Gun Show Report, Trestle Pine Knives, etc….

The Gun Show this past weekend was a success for some of us and so, so for others.  I had four tables and it seemed like everything was well received.  Lots of book sales and one of the better shows for knife sales in a while.  I picked up a nice collection of Western and a couple Case knives.  I paid a premium, but there was some nice stuff in the lot.

The show was the first time I displayed the Trestle Pine Knife proto fixed blade.  The reaction was very positive and the handle material got everyone’s attention.  Later this week I promise to share more about it but I want to have the time to explain the project in some detail.

I also had an opportunity to talk with a couple of guys about the Ballistol Oil.  Seems there are more people familiar it then I realized but it doesn’t get talked up a lot.  As I had posted before, it’s been years since I used it and I guess, along with a lot of other folks, over time I was taken with all the new lubricants and it kind of got lost in the mix.  What I really forgot is what a great lubricant as well as ‘cleaner’ and preservative it is.  It’s a bio-degradable mineral oil based product, doesn’t gum up and can even used as a bore cleaner.  I’m going to stock it in the store in several different size dispensers as well as packets of wipes for field use.

Monday morning I had a box from Queen arrive with the 69 1/2 Feathered Buffalo Horn as well as some of the 69 single blades.  As of this morning all that’s left are a pair of the 69 1/2’s.  Nice knives!!!

That’s it for now!  Have to finish putting stuff away from the show and sort through my purchases.

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Weekly Wrap Up… 4/17/15

It’s been a busy week!!!  Lotsa stuff going out and more coming in.  The last of the 38 Whittlers came through the first of the week and yesterday the latest Queen/Schatt & Morgan releases came in.

The latest are the Joe Pardue Coffin Folding Hunter in Burnt Stag….

Joe Pardue / Queen Cutlery Reverse Coffin
Joe Pardue / Queen Cutlery Coffin Folding Hunter

And a Stag Schatt & Morgan Keystone Series Reverse Gunstock….

Schatt & Morgan Keystone Reverse Gunstock
Schatt & Morgan Keystone Reverse Gunstock

Next week I’ll be getting ready for the Detroit Lakes, MN Gun Show April 25 & 26 and want to remind anyone within driving distance to swing by if you can.  It’s always a good time.

I see GEC finally got an update on their Production Schedule regarding the upcoming run of 73’s.  I had heard a rumor that the Tidioute Wood was going to be Osage Orange, but nothing solid on that.  Still no info on the bone but here’s what we’ve got so far.

Cody Scout – Single Blade
• Jigged Bone
• Wood
• Linen Micarta

Cody Scout – Single Blade
• Jigged Bone
• Wood
• Linen Micarta


Cody Scout – Single Blade
• Jigged Bone
• Cocobolo Wood
• Burnt Stag
• Natural Stag

Cody Scout Single Blade
• Jigged Bone
• Cocobolo
• Burnt Stag
• Natural Stag

I’m also happy to say that the pieces are finally in place for the project I’ve been working on.  Next week I’ll share a few details with you and fill you in on what’s been going on.  They say all good things take time, so based on that, it should be a verygood” thing!  Hope so anyway!

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Queen Cutlery “Knife Days” get together

I meant to post this a while back and it just dawned on me that this weekend is “Knife Days” in Wilmington, OH.  Sincerely wish I could make it but it’s not gonna happen.  Here’s a link for show info if you can possibly go.  Knife Days, 2015

Another link to check out is: Queen Cutlery.  This short video really does a great job on summing up who and what Queen Cutlery is all about.

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Special Order Sheepsfoot Work Horse Barlow is Coming!!

I got a phone call yesterday from a teacher that has a group of students interested in learning how to carve.  Realizing there are lots of options, he’d looked at some of the Barlows in the store but also realized price was going to be a major issue.  He liked the price of the Work Horse Barlow but the clip blade wasn’t the first, or even second choice of a good carving blade.  A brief conversation led to a phone call and we came up with what appears to be a viable option.

As a result of that conversation and phone call, I’m happy to let you know that Queen is making a special run of the #69 Sheepsfoot Work Horse Barlow for TSA Knives.  It’s not a ‘new’ knife but it’s not in the current Queen catalog and it’s been a while since they’ve built this pattern with a Sheepsfoot blade.

For quite a while now, I’ve been saying that the Work Horse series of knives with the 1095 blades are just a fantastic value.  From what I’ve seen, I don’t think there’s another US manufacturer out there with a a comparable knife that competes at this price point.  They might not have the allure of fancy bolsters, jigged bone handles, polished blades, etc, but when it comes to value….. yup…. they’re a Work Horse.

I’ll let you know when they come in, but at this point, it appears late April will be a good guess.  And even though they aren’t even in production….. I do know the price is $38.95 shipped to US destinations.  If you’d like to pre-book an order go to:  69 Work Horse Sheepsfoot


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More new releases from Queen Cutlery are in stock

The new items from Queen continue to roll in.  Today I added the #03 Small Sleeveboard with Feathered Buffalo Horn.  Great smaller knife perfect to carry in dress slacks.  The Buffalo Horn has really been a popular handle and I have quite a few reservations already for upcoming models.  Always a good sign!

Queen Cutlery #03 Sleeveboard Feathered Buffalo Horn
Queen Cutlery #03 Sleeveboard Feathered Buffalo Horn

Last year the Rail Splitters were a popular seller and this years Rail Splitter with Walnut handles should do just as well.  The Walnut Queen is using has some really nice grain in it and it’s appropriately named with the short broad D2 blades.

Queen Cutlery #63 Railsplitter in Walnut
Queen Cutlery #63 Railsplitter in Walnut


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2015 Queen Catalog is online!

That didn’t take long!  The 2015 Queen Catalog is available online to check out.  Here’s the link to their home page Queen Cutlery and just click on the Check out 2015 Catalog picture.  I’m seeing a number of items I’m interested in checking out.

I really like the looks of the Feathered Buffalo Horn they’ll be offering this year.  For those of you that saw the Ruple Trappers, you know what to expect.  The Woodsman Lock Back is another knife I think might fill the need of the outdoorsman as well as the Bushcrafter series they’re bringing out.  I’m a huge fan of the drop point patterns.

Another one that looks interesting is the limited edition Joe Pardue Coffin Folding Hunter.  It’s just nice to have some new items to look forward to!!!