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Queen appears to be embracing CPM154!

This past week I had a number of new Schatt & Morgan knives come through and Queen appears to be embracing CPM154 as a ‘regular’ blade steel.  I say hooray!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the 154 series steels and my latest experiences with the Trestle Pine Grand Portage and second release of the Superior have reinforced my feelings.  It’s a relatively easy steel to work (especially compared to D2), takes an almost surgical edge (with minimal effort) and holds that edge incredibly well.  I’m also convinced after using the Trestle Pine Superior with a 154CM and the latest in CPM154 that the CPM series is a better steel.  Better in the sense I think it holds an edge even better then the CM series and is virtually the same when it comes to sharpening.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent steels out there and 1095 is one of the great standby’s.  My personal feeling is the slightly higher price for the 154 series is really easy to justify if you use your knife on any sort of a regular basis and sharpen on an irregular basis.  With the stain resistance of the 154 combined with the toughness of the steel compared to 1095 or even 440C….not much comparison.

So what did Queen release this week I’m so fond of?  A series of 99 Schatt & Morgans with CPM154 drop point blades.  NICE knife.

Schatt & Morgan 99 Torched Stag CPM154 Drop Point Blade4

It fits the hand well with a reasonably sized blade.  Not a big workhorse, but in this day and age, not everyone needs a huge knife.  I’m particularly fond of the nail nick being so close to the tip.  There’s a barely discernible easy open notch which makes for a slim profile in your pocket and easy access when you’re ready to deploy the blade.

99 S&M Reverse Worm Groove

Other handle options include American Elk and Reverse Worm Groove Jigged Bone.  It’s just a really nice sized pocket knife that is executed excellently.  When you look at the price and compare it to the competition with 1095, this is a bargain.

A couple of other nice releases is, first, a Schatt & Morgan #100 Sunfish Whittler in Black Maple or Smooth White Bone.

S&M #100 Sunfish Whittler

Then there are the #203MU Queen City Cigar Muskrats

Queen City #203MU Cigar Muskrat

The Queen City 203TR Cigar Trapper...

Queen City #203TR Cigar Trapper

And the #204 Queen City Sow Belly.

Queen City #204 Sow Belly

There is one more release I’ve yet to get to and that is the #301 Schatt & Morgan Stockman in Reverse Worm Groove.  Had a few other things to take care of first, but I’ll get those up next week.

It’s just been a lot of fun seeing new products coming out of Queen the past few months.  The quality is greatly improved from a year ago and there willingness to work with unique handle materials and upscale steels should be greatly appreciated by anyone wanting a high end knife at a very reasonable price.

There are more new things to come from them in the future and I look forward to seeing them!


Gun Show & New Product Update

The gun show last weekend was a bit subdued as a result of a few more days of prime fall weather and a big football game (Vikings ~ Eagles) that was a flop on the part of both teams!!  I did sell a few knives but the highlight was presenting a young lady with her first Queen hunting knife.

Ken Daniels had given me a few knives to hand out to some kids at the shows to get them interested in knives and collecting.  When this young girl (probably 11-12 yrs old) stopped by with her dad, I asked her if she collected knives or was a hunter.  She said she did hunt but wasn’t a knife collector and then she reached in her jeans pocket and showed me her folding lock back she carried.  We chatted for a few minutes before I asked her if she’d like a hunting knife.  Her eyes lit up and she had a grin on her face a mile wide when I handed over one of the Queen hunters.  Man that’s a lot of fun, thanks Ken!

Speaking of Queen, another pile of knives were on the doorstep Monday.  I finished listing them this morning and here’s the lineup.  There are more options available in the store but this is a good overview.

S&M 43 1/2 Half Whittler Golden Spalted Maple
S&M 43 1/2 Half Whittler Golden Spalted Maple
Queen Work Horse #11 Utility
Queen Work Horse #11 Utility
Queen City 32 Half Congress Black Diamond
Queen City 32 Half Congress Black Diamond
S&M 331 Cigar Muskrat Whiskey Catalina
S&M 331 Cigar Muskrat Whiskey Catalina
S&M 43 1/2 Half Whittler Stag
S&M 43 1/2 Half Whittler Stag

Also listed in the store was the next release of the 153216CL Boy’s knives in OD Green Micarta.  These will continue to trickle in over the next few weeks and it appears I’ll have extras available for sale.

Queen City 32 Congress

A box arrived today with some of the new Queen City 32 Congress knives.  I haven’t fallen victim to the ‘I’ve gotta try one of these out‘ for quite a while, but I have to make an exception with this one.

Queen City #32 Congress
Queen City #32 Congress

I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for the Congress pattern and the handle material is a real eye catcher on the Queen City.


It’s a robust knife with a great blade selection.  (and by the way, half stops x 4) The  Sheepsfoot and Coping blade combination is perfect.  I used to do a little carving and those two blades are a must have in my opinion for carving.  I also like the ease of sharpening those straight blade edges.  Which brings up a point.  These need sharpening.

My expectations are typically pretty low when it comes to out of the box sharpness on most new traditional folders.  The Queen City 32 Congress has 1095 steel blades which are easily sharpened but it sure would be nice to see them a bit sharper out of the box.

Engraved Liners
Engraved Liners

That being said, it’s a big, robust knife.  A nice detail are the engraved liners which offer up a bit of class on a serious working tool.  The Propeller shield is also a nice detail.


It’s big enough to be comfortable in small or large hands.  There’s plenty of handle to hang onto without feeling overly bulky.  I like the fact the handle is large enough to fill the hand making extended use a lot more comfortable.

dsc_4516 dsc_4517

The only other comment is while it feels good in the hand, it’s fairly heavy in the pocket.  Weighing around 4.8 ounces, you know if it’s in your pocket.  There’s always a trade-off.  But let’s be honest, it’s a heavy duty work knife and you can’t expect it to fall into the lightweight class as a carry knife.

If you need a heavy duty work knife and like 1095 steel, give the Queen City 32 Congress a second look.  It’s a lot of knife with a great blade combo.


Queen City Yankee Muskrat Review

Steve D was the recent winner of one of the Queen City Yankee Muskrat knives and promised to do a review on said knife.  Here’ his impression of the knife:

First off, thanks to Greg Holmes of TSA Knives for offering this knife in the giveaway drawing, which I was thrilled to win! I was actually planning on buying this particular knife, as I have always been fond of the full sized muskrats with square bolsters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The first thing I noticed was the OUTSTANDING quality of the frame & handles on this knife. Especially when considering the retail price of $59.95. I was expecting a few gaps perhaps, between the springs and/or the handles & bolsters. Not so with this particular knife anyway. The color & jigging of the bone is visually striking & offers a pleasing grip, with no sharp or harsh edges anywhere. Queen did an excellent job on hafting this knife, and it is just about the same quality as the average GEC knife, with a glassy smooth finish along the bottom of the knife, and perfect transitions & seams throughout. I score the frame of this knife a 9 out of 10, but only because it has a glued in shield, which is perfectly fit and flush, and no excess glue to be seen anywhere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I really like the shape of these muskrat clip blades better than most others, due to the nice deep forward belly along the cutting edge, instead of the overly shallow/skinny blades found on many muskrats. The blades on this knife will simply last longer in addition to being excellent for slicing & skinning. The 1095 carbon steel makes them very easy to take a keen razor edge. Because this is priced to be a user, the main blade grinds are not perfect, but I have seen much worse on other blade grinds. Queen equipped this knife with stainless steel back springs, which is a real plus for a true working knife. You won’t ever have to worry about these springs rusting inside the knife due to using it around a wet environment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The walk & talk of the blades are not “butter smooth”…… but the action, blade lock-up and snap closed is strong. These blades will not fold up very easily on accident. The walk & talk is about what I would expect from such a knife priced as a true “user”, so I have no real complaints there, and I’m glad that is has these strong dependable stainless springs. If there is one thing I cannot stand, is wimpy springs on a slip joint. The pull weight is about a 7 on both blades……..far from being a nail breaker, but very snappy & strong.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Both blades came with a slight blade rapping issue, but sharpening the knife solved the problem, and I also tend to hang onto my blades & assist them closed versus allowing blades to snap shut. The great custom knife maker Tony Bose actually closes his own personal knives this way, and not allowing them to simply snap shut. Many folks may not know this, but by NOT allowing your blades to snap shut at full force will definitely preserve your beautiful bone handles, as they can start developing cracks at the pins due to vibration from years of snapping blades shut. Just a little lesson from us “old school” guys and something to consider for all your classic slip joint knives. As another example, when visiting a knife show, it has always been advised for a person to close blades gently on knives you are simply sampling and not buying from any of the sellers at the tables.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This muskrat is 3 7/8″ long closed……..not 4″……..but that’s no deal breaker, it is a perfect size for EDC, and if you’ve never tried a true serpentine handled muskrat folks, you don’t know what your missing. These muskrats have the best ergonomics of ANY 2 blade or multi-bladed slip joint ever made. The handle shape is amazing, strong & comfortable, and unlike all other knife patterns, you can NOT feel the opposing blade that is shut in the knife handle when using the other blade. Try any quality made serpentine muskrat, and I challenge you NOT to fall in love with this pattern. And when your out in the field using it, if the first blade dulls, no problem, you have a 2nd identical full sized blade to switch over to. You can get twice the work done before re-sharpening or touching up your edges. Because of this feature, BOTH of your blades will actually enjoy extended life. All the above reasons are why the Yankee Muskrat is one of my all-time favorite slip joints. All these young guys who complain about “feeling the other blades in a multi-bladed slip joint knife” have not tried a muskrat!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           To sum it all up for this offering by Queen City, if you plan on actually USING this knife, I say it is a real winner, especially for near half the price of a comparable GEC knife. If you like GEC knives, like I do, but are afraid to put them to hard use, due to the higher price and “being so nice”……THIS KNIFE IS FOR YOU!!! You are getting a knife that has such a gorgeous frame & handles, like that of a high-end collector, yet it is geared towards the user market. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a flawless GEC for example, I rate this Queen City Yankee Muskrat a solid 7.5………and when considering its low price……….I give it an 8.5 for overall strength, usability and value. And that ain’t bad at all. Thanks Greg!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Steve D-

Queen Cutlery 2015 New Releases

I was privileged to get ahold of pair of knives from Queen Cutlery this week that are yet to be released and thought I’d share a few details with you.  The following are a pair of Queen Cutlery 2015 new releases.  Understand I don’t have all the details yet and these are pre-production models.  We should see a 2015 lineup showing up on the Queen website in the next week or two with more info but here’s a teaser.

Schatt & Morgan Jack and Queen City
Schatt & Morgan Jack and Queen City

I don’t have model numbers yet and in fact the Queen City on the right doesn’t even have tang stamps, so for now I’ll just call them large English Jacks.


This gives you a little perspective as to how big these two are.  The top knife is a Queen City that will have the traditional Queen City 1095 steel.  It’s just shy of 5″ close and measures 8.875″ OAL open.  Surprisingly,  in spite of it’s length, being just a 1/2″ wide at the thickest point helps keep the weight at 4.2 oz which I don’t think is bad for a knife this size.  The Schatt & Morgan is roughly the same dimensions with an ATS34 blade, but the second blade and thicker body brings the weight up to 6.3 oz.  Still not bad for knife this size.

DSCN2363Both knives are heavy duty work knives that feel good in the hand with the heft and strength to handle anything up to dressing out a deer.  Half-stops are standard on each and I’d rate the spring tension at a smooth functioning 7.  Much more user friendly then the springs in a GEC #23 with a nice positive half-stop and very solid lockup.  I’ve always felt Queen did a great job balancing spring tension to pattern size and these two are great examples of just that.

I might consider some sort of sheath for belt carry particularly if you plan on carrying the two blade jack on a regular basis due to the weight.  Otherwise, the rounded butt and bolster are pocket friendly and shouldn’t pose any problem digging into your leg if your wearing jeans or cutting up a pocket lining.

Another  item that I’m REALLY happy about….  My understanding is there may be some changes coming on some of the Queen tang stamps and blade steels may be indicated on the tang.  I have never understood why builders of premium knives would omit the type of steel the blade was made of, particularly the premium steels.  To simply say the blade is stainless steel doesn’t tell anyone a thing.  The difference between 420SS and ATS or some of the super powders is huge and I’d think you’d want to shout the fact from the top of the mountain if you’re using a premium steel.

My feeling was always if a manufacturer doesn’t want to mark the blade steel…. are they hiding something.  The consumers today are a lot more savvy then they were 20 years ago and understand the differences in a quality steel and are usually willing to pay for it.  Most of the premium knives and even some of the ‘commodity’ knives are marked.  Congrats to Queen for making the change as well.

I’ll pass on any other new items in their lineup as I can.  In the next few days I want to go over these two a  little closer but wanted to share what I had with you now!!

S&M Sheffield Jack And New Queen City Copperhead

Nice pair of new releases arrived today from Queen Cutlery including a Queen City Copperhead with gorgeous Rosewood handles and a really neat S&M Sheffield Jack from the Keystone line that’s finished in Stag with BG42 Stainless blades.

The S&M Sheffield Jack is a great looking traditional pattern .  The upgrade to the BG42 Steel and Stag handle doesn’t hurt matters either!

S&M Sheffield Jack with Genuine Stag Handle
S&M Sheffield Jack with Genuine Stag Handle
S&M Sheffield Jack
S&M Sheffield Jack

A rather unique feature of this knife is the blade steel.  This is the first I can remember that Queen used BG42 Stainless blade steel in a current release.  That’s a super tough steel that is often associated with the manufacture of ‘ball bearings’.  The little I know about the steel is that’s a hard for the manufacturer to work with, is superior (in most minds) to SV30 and holds an incredible edge.  Combine that with a great old pattern and some nice looking stag, limit the production to 100 pieces and the S&M Sheffield Jack is a winner for just under $100!

The Queen City Copperhead is just a great looking knife as well as a popular pattern.

Queen City 41 Copperhead with Rosewood
Queen City 41 Copperhead with Rosewood

Queen ran just 100 of these as well and I picked up a fairly large quantity of them.   I’ve only listed one ‘stock’ photo in the store but the knives I looked at so far all have really nice looking Rosewood handles.  Also, the Queen City line features 1095 steel and the price is right at just $59.95!