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New 15 Boys Knife Added to Pre-Orders

This morning I added the Red Linen Micarta and Black Linen Micarta Boys Knife with the clip blade to the early Pre-order page.  These were a last minute production addition GEC announced last week.

Interest in the Boys Knife has been very high and a couple of the handle options are sold out for early orders.  I try to hold back a few to make sure any shortages occur due to flaws or other issues.  SO…. with any luck there may be a few (very few) available once they come in.

Delivery date on the 15’s is still set at late June into July.  At that time pre-orders will be invoiced for the balance due and shipped as soon as payment is received.

GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives

Received the details (as they are) on the GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives this AM.  Most of the handle material colors are yet to be selected.  The info I have was that they’re anticipating a June ship date.  That’s not chiseled in stone but it gives us an idea.

The Boys Knives and Beer Scouts will be a rerun of the previous knives.  The big news is probably that the Navy Knife will be offered in 440C.  This is one of the first 440C’s to come out of GEC in some time.  I know the demand is there!

I’ve set up a Pre-Order page again as it seems to work really well for everyone.  $10 deposit holds your knife and you’ve got 72 hours after you’re notified they’re in stock to consummate the transaction.  Otherwise, you lose your $10 and I get a couple decent cigars!

Be sure to pay attention and be aware that the pictures on the Pre-Order page are NOT actual pictures of the knives.  I plugged them in as fillers and that is all!  So don’t email me and tell that I’m showing a picture of an acrylic but the description says Jigged Bone.

Pre-Order Payments & Overseas Shipping Info

As the 47 Vipers have been coming in I’ve been sending out updated invoices with emails that your Pre-Order knives are in stock.  You’re also going to get a PayPal invoice for the balance due.  A few folks have been particularly slow making payment and are past the 72 hour drop dead payment due date.  This has happened before and was the reason I put the $10 deposit on reservations.  So, with no further ado I give fair warning, my finger is on the ‘place order now’ button for a box of Partagas Robusto’s.  Thank you!!

After I passed on the news about increased overseas shipping costs, a friend from Australia brought to my attention a couple of things I didn’t mention.   Sometimes you make the mistake of assuming everyone has the same information.  Let me explain.

Each item in the storefront has a ‘cost’ assigned for shipping charges.  What’s not explained is that we pro-rate shipping for multiple item orders.  When you overseas customers put several items in your cart, you may get cold chills to see that the postage charges for 2 or 3 smaller knives can come to $30+.   MOST of you go ahead and pay the full invoice and I calculate the actual shipping cost and refund the difference.  I’ll always refund any overcharges.

The second point is with the increased rates, the Post Office has generated what I call slot charges.  In other words, a 1 to 8 oz package ships for a fixed rate and a 9 to 14 oz package ships for another fixed rate.  Sometimes you can get two smaller knives in a package and slide under the 8 oz limit.  In the event you’re ordering a larger, heavier item, you can add another item or two to the invoice without moving into the next price slot.

Anytime I can save you some money on shipping, I’ll be glad to do what I can.  If you ever have any questions about combining shipments or total costs, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

GEC #18 Pre-Booking is Open

I added the GEC #18 Coyote and Beagle knives to the store this morning for Pre-Booking.  As per usual, there are a number of unknowns, but requests have been coming in and my gut feeling is this has the makings of another sell out pattern.


The 18’s appear to be based on the incredibly popular 47 Viper which is due out in the next week or two.  Just under an inch shorter, it should be a really nice sized pocket knife.

My understanding is there will be around 300 Tidioute and Northfield Beagles (2 blade versions) combined and 420 of the Coyotes (single blade).  A little quick math tells me that the Beagles with 2 tang stamps and 4 handle options each will mean no more then roughly 37 of each will be made if there’s an even split.  The Coyotes should yield roughly 50 of each.  That’s not a lot of knives.

Colors of the Bone, Acrylic and Micarta’s have yet to be determined.  Likewise, the prices will be released the day they ship the knives, but hopefully we’ll know colors before.  Best guess is we should see these shipping in April so there’s a fair bit of time before they’ll be rolling out.

The Pre-Booking is the same as what I did with the Vipers.  A $10 deposit must accompany your order.  You will be invoiced for the balance of the actual price as soon as they are in stock and ready to ship.  Once you’re notified your knife is ready to ship, I will invoice you for the balance and you will then have 72 hours to complete the transaction or you understand your reserve deposit will be forfeited.


Pre-Order Thank you!

I’ve been really happy to see so many of you have no problem with the deposit requirement for the Pre-Order option.  The number of early orders took me by surprise and as a result, I increased my GEC order to try and cover more orders.

As a very small token of appreciation, I’m going to throw in a free blade opener when your knives ship.  Many thanks.

New Pre-Order Option Added to the Store

A few years ago I stopped offering a formal pre-order process as it was the source of a number of problems and resulted in more then a few irritated customers.  There were problems with a manufacturer not always delivering what had been ordered, some of the stag in an order was rejected due to quality issues, etc.  Most irritating were customers pre-ordering with multiple distributors and cancelling all but one of their orders after they were notified the knives were in stock.

In the last year it seems the pre-order or pre-booking has gotten to be the trend on new releases, so I’ve decided to try something new in the store and have added a Pre-Order or Pre-Booking category.

Here’s how it’ll work.  If you go to the Pre-Booking category, there will be a listing of the different knives you can pre-order.  Place a pre-order just like a normal order and when you ‘check out’ you’ll be charged $10 which will be credited toward the purchase price when the knives come in.  That puts a hold on the knife for you.

Understand, the $10 deposit is non-refundable with a couple of rare exceptions as follows:

  1. The manufacturer significantly changes the specs on the knife. i.e, they change a bone handle to an acrylic or cancel production of a handle option.
  2. The manufacturer shorts me on the quantity ordered OR I return knives due to quality issues.
  3. You die, I die or the world ends.

I’ll contact you as soon as the knives are in stock and invoice you for the balance due.  You’ll have 72 hours to pay the invoice or the knife goes back into inventory and I’ll use your 10 bucks to buy a good cigar, thank you very much!

I’ve tried to set this up to insure that there are adequate quantities available to cover any pre-orders.  If the storefront allows you to add an item to your cart, you can assume the knife will be available, BUT…… understand, there are circumstances beyond my control. Should there be an issue with shortages, I’ll contact anyone affected as soon as possible.

I won’t list every new release as a lot of them are made in adequate quantities to cover most orders.  In some cases, it’s even been possible to go back and reorder.

We’ll see how this works out for everyone.  I wish I could quote prices on the GEC’s when you pre-book but GEC doesn’t tell us the price until the knives hit the doorstep.  Anyone has any comments, complaints or suggestions, feel free to speak up!