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Weekly Update 2.05.16

It’s been another relatively quiet week for new releases.  The older GEC’s I’ve been adding to the storefront have been moving out and there are some beauties in the lot!  The Vipers continue to trickle in and I should have more to add later today or tomorrow.

Make a note to check out Fox Auction Company located in Mason City, Iowa.  Specifically check the upcoming auction for the Keith Eagen estate February 19-21.  The military and fixed blade knives and swords are going to be available for bid online and it appears there are some real gems.  With any luck, I hope to make it down to the auction and check out some of the other items as well.

There are few things in life I can actually control and shipping costs are definitely out of my control.  The USPS has had several price increases in the past 6 months and they’ve really hit the overseas shipments hard.  This morning I posted a pair of knives going to Sweden that weighed a total of 9 ounces.  The actual postage cost came to $21.83 US.  Had the package weighed an ounce less (8 ounces) the cost would have been $12.83.  In fact, had that knife weighed just 2 ounces it still would have cost $12.83 for postage.

I sell a lot of products to overseas customers and I know how expensive it is to buy goods from the US.  With import taxes, duty, local taxes, shipping, exchange rates, etc, the cost of a product can easily go up 30-40% and more.  There are other methods of shipping available but the Post Office is still the most economical and reliable.  I don’t like charging any more for shipping then you like paying it, but ……..