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#15A GEC One Arm Opening Knives Start to Arrive

We saw a series of the One Arm Opening Knives a while back from GEC and this is their latest release.  More handle materials are coming and there’s both a single and two blade option available in 1095 steel.

IMG_0280The concept is pretty simple.  Just catch the tip of the blade on a solid surface and pry it open.


Surprisingly, all of the one arm opening knives I’ve handled from both GEC and Queen are actually pretty pocket friendly.  When I first saw and felt the relatively sharp tip I assumed it could be a real pocket snagger.  Actually…. not so much.

It’s an interesting pattern that probably has the most appeal to the collector, but nonetheless, it does have a certain practicality about it.  Based on the #15 Boys Knife frame, the specs are consistent with the knives that have come before it.

  • OAL Closed: 3 1/2″
  • Blade length Bolster to Tip:  2 11/16
  • 1095 Blades and SS Liners
  • 1.8 Oz (Single Blade)