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Queen, Trestle Pine Topper, Weekend Wrapup 8.11.17

Last weekend was the highlight of the summer and it was great!  The weather was about as perfect as you could ask for.  A brief shower over the weekend gave everyone a chance to take a break and play some indoor games but otherwise, the fish felt the pressure.

And at the end of the day…..

I got a note from Ken last evening and it sounds like the Queen show was a booming success.  Over 300 people going on the tour and a steady stream of people in the store all day.

Last week I brought in more of the #01 Swayback Jacks.  The first group sold quickly and I decided to bring more back in.

01 Swayback Jack

Another arrival was a unique Trestle Pine Topper.  There were extra frames and a handful of Wharncliffe CPM154 Blades from my previous order.  Ryan suggested putting the extra Wharncliffe’s in the Topper frame and I’m glad they did!  I like the looks of this well enough to consider having a full run made with the Wharncliffe.  Maybe a single blade?

Trestle Pine Topper

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the Wharncliffe’s I received yet.  As I said, there are only a handful of them and I know one will be going in my pocket.

For the fine folks in Germany, an order of the Topper’s are on their way to Sven Kinast at Messerdepot.  I’m anxious to here what you think of them.  I know the Superiors were very well received and hope the Topper will be as well.

As I was writing this, I got some pix from Ken this AM.  The show opens at noon today.  The tables were sold out and they ended up adding tables trying to accommodate everyone.  Outstanding!!

Just 10 minutes to opening time guys!!

Queen Cutlery Show 8.11.17



Mosaic Pins Photo & Trestle Pine Knives in Germany

I wanted to post a new photo of the Mosaic Pins used on the recent release of the Trestle Pine Buddy.  Not being a photographer, my photo’s rarely turn out as intended and the previous Mosaic Pins photo was a case in point.  This will give you a little better idea how they look.

Trestle Pine Buddy “Mosaic Pins”

In real life they look incredibly nice on the different woods.  In all honesty, I was shamed into getting a new picture up after getting a couple of photo’s from Sven at Messerdepot in Solingen, Germany.  He received his order or Trestle Pines for his shop and forwarded a couple of pictures he shot.  Think I should consider hiring him to do my photo’s!!!

Trestle Pine Grand Portage Circassian Walnut
Trestle Pine Portage Old Growth Oak
Trestle Pine Superior Blue Box Elder Burl