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I don’t know about the rest of you but in this neck of the woods, we are looking at 4th of July weather for Memorial Day weekend.  Typically this weekend also marks the opening of the tourist season (aka, summer) with cool, breezy, wet weather being the norm.  This year we’re expecting a hot sunny weekend with temperatures in the upper 80’s to low 90’s.  We need some of the rain you guys in the SE are getting but we’re not going to complain this weekend!!  It’s going to be a perfect weekend to take a moment to remember those lost in combat.

Thanks to Great Eastern’s generous donation of the Limited Run GEC Pins and those of you that have purchased them, I was able to drop a check in the mail for over $500 to the Wounded Warriors this morning.  That’s fantastic!  With Memorial Day coming up in just a couple of days I can’t think of a better way to commemorate the day.  Thank you all!!

These are a great looking set of all the regular production run buttons GEC has released.  Customer feedback has really been positive make a great centerpiece for any GEC collection.  Rare chance to pick up all of them in one shot.

GEC Limited Edition 30 Pin Set


The Wounded Warrior Project does an excellent job helping our wounded military and its great to do a little to help the cause.  My wife works at the local VA Hospital and every day sees the difficulties so many of these Vets face.  I encourage all of you to do what you can to help.  There are lots of great organizations that provide all kinds of services for our veterans and the WWP just happens to be my favorite.

Hopefully, today I’ll add a few more Whalers to the storefront.  I’m not taking early orders or reservations on these so don’t ask.  There were more then the usual number of early orders that weren’t picked up for one reason or another.  First I deal with the issue of cancelling multi knife orders to assure everyone gets ‘a’ knife and now I have knives that weren’t picked up leaving unsold/unclaimed knives.  Next, I’m gonna have some people pissed off that they didn’t get first chance at the ‘leftovers’.  You can’t win, so I’m not gonna try!!  First come first served.

This week another order of Hess Knives came in and I really want to get them in the store.  I want to put one of the Bird & Trout knives through it’s paces.  Over the years I’ve handled a number of the various B&T’s but never kept or used one for any length of time.  Time for that to change.  We’re getting ready to take another Dakota hunting trip in June and this looks like it might be a dandy knife for preparing lunch.

Hess Bird & Trout Leather Handle

It was sad to hear of the passing of another dealer in the knife retail world.  Derrick Bohn, owner of Knives Ship Free passed away unexpectedly this week and will  leave a void in the knife world for many.  In the recent past we’ve lost Bob Andrews, Terry Ray and now Derrick.   All three of these gentleman were involved in a business they enjoyed right up to their last day on earth, which isn’t a bad thing.  Greet every day as if it’s your last.  For some of us it may be.


Weekly Update 5.26.17 Memorial Day Weekend

Monday is Memorial Day and in my book, the official first day of Summer in lake country.   It’s the day/weekend that people up here open their cabins for the summer and celebrate the end of winter.

I had an outstanding piece pass through my hands this week in the form of a #71 John Henry Express Mammoth Ivory, 1 of 5.  Gorgeous knife.  Here’s a part of an email I received from the customer:  “All I can say is wow.Best fit and finish yet.Great in operation and the ivory is just amazing.”  I agree.

John Henry 71 Express Mammoth Ivory

I was also lucky to have a few more very rare 71 Express’ in my possession.  The three below are either one of kind or  very limited run.

L-R Veined Micarta, Chocolate Micarta, Moon Glow Micarta

The Veined Micarta and Chocolate Micarta are one of a kind knives and the Moon Glow is one of just 10.  It’s been fun helping a collector build a complete collection!

Word has also been released that the new Schatt & Morgan #3EXP Mountain Man Auto’s are two weeks out from delivery.  Most folks that saw the #71 were really excited to hear about the Mountain Man Auto.  The size is perfect for a ‘working class’ auto and it looks like it going to be a popular knife.

I was also happy to take delivery of another group of Schatt & Morgan Factory Sample knives.  Almost all of the Factory Samples are one of a kind or limited to two or three pieces.  Queen has been releasing these with COA’s which is really nice to help establish a bit of provenance.

One of the great looking knives to come in was the Schatt & Morgan #99 Special Whittler in Amber Bone.  Really hope we get to see more of this handle color.  The coloration is one of the first “amber bone” that really makes you think of a piece of Amber when you see it.

Schatt & Morgan #99 Special Whittler Amber Bone

There were several of the GEC Tidioute 38 Specials arrive this week.   I believe the Tidoute’s are completed and the Northfield’s should be coming next.

GEC Tidioute 38 Special Mexican Bocote Wood

The latest word on the Trestle Pine Topper is that delivery has been pushed back a week until mid June.  That’s fine as there is a lot to be done between now and the middle of June.  One of the changes I’ll be making with the Topper is switching from a box or pouch to a round tube.  I’ve had people request a box instead of the pouch for the Grand Portage and last Superior run.  They liked the label I used on the original boxes.  In addition, the tubes are tougher then nails and ship well.

So in a nutshell, that’s what’s been going on this week.  A lot going on and even more to come!

Remember the promotion going on with the Swiss Army Knives / Wounded Warrior Project.  Purchase a Swiss Army Knife and add a SAK Classic for $5 at the checkout.  That purchase results in a $10 donation for the Wounded Warrior Project.

I doubt I’ll have time to post on Memorial day so I just want to encourage everyone to take a moment to remember all of the service people who gave their lives protecting our freedoms.  If you see a service man/woman, give them a smile and a wave.  Let them know they’re appreciated.

Wounded Warrior Project SAK Memorial Day Promo

Hard to believe Monday is Memorial Day already, but it is.  For a number of years TSA Knives has had some sort of fund raising project on this weekend to assist the Wounded Warrior Project.  In the past it’s usually taken the form of an auction but I decided to try something a little different this year.

Pretty simple actually.  Anyone buying a Swiss Army Knife between now and through Monday, May 29 will have the option to receive one of the SAK Classic’s for just $5 (normally $12.95).

Swiss Army Classic

Get it?  You buy any Swiss Army Knife in the store for regular price and you can add a Classic to your order for just $5.

So how does that benefit the Wounded Warrior Project?  TSA Knives will MATCH your $5 and make a $10 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project for each Classic sold.  Should be a win/win deal for you and the Wounded Warrior Project.

As I said, the Promo starts immediately and runs through Monday.  When you place an order for one of the regular SAK’s you’ll have a button asking if you want to add a Classic to the cart for $5.  Just select yes or no and your good to go!

Weekly Update 5.27.16 Memorial Day Weekend

Hard to believe it’s Memorial Day Weekend already, isn’t it?  I’ll never believe how fast spring and summer slip by.

I’m marking this Memorial Day by sending off a check to the Wounded Warrior Project with monies generated from the sales of the GEC buttons.  Some time back I set them up in the store with the proceeds from their sales going to the WWP.  It’s been a good way to keep a little stream of revenue coming in for the Wounded Warriors and thanks to all of you that have purchased a set.  Since the first of the year, you’ve made it possible to donate almost $500.  Give yourselves a pat on the back!

The Schatt & Morgan Granddaddy Barlows went out about as quick as they came in.  I think as of this writing there’s one left.  It’s a great knife, well done and for the lucky people that got one, a very limited production series.


It’s been fun seeing all the new knives coming out of Queen this year.  The variety coming through in runs of  20 or 30 pieces keeps it interesting as well.  I hope they keep using more of the high end blade steels.  Taking a time proven pattern and upgrading it with modern high-tech steel draws me like a moth to the flame.

Which brings to mind a gratifying comment I got this week about the Trestle Pine Knives.  A long time customer called this week on another matter but had to tell me he couldn’t believe how well his Portage held an edge.  Like most of us, he’s carried a 1095 or 440 steel blade for years and the Portage was his first exposure to 154CM.  I had another friend comment on their appreciation of the fact that Queen seems to be using more of the ATS34 and 154CM instead of the 420 which has been a mainstay for years.  For the collectors, it doesn’t make much difference, but for the remaining few of us that need a good knife, we’re craving more!!!!

With spring in full swing and camping season getting underway, more and more people are getting outside.  As a result, I’ve seen sales of the fixed blades increase.  I added a few more Hess’ last nite but even with those, my Hess inventory currently has a number of holes in it I’ll have to fill.   I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from Hess customers and with good reason.  For the price, there’s just nothing out there to compare.

Caper Cocobolo
Caper Cocobolo

So far, it’s been a fabulous year for knife sales.  The biggest problem is acquiring adequate inventory.  I’ve been lucky to be able to pick up a couple of small collections but it’s not keeping up with demand.  Even though I don’t handle any of the SFO’s from GEC, it appears most are selling out before the knives are delivered.  Pre-booking on the new regular run releases has been incredible.

While the current collector focus seems to have shifted from older knives to new, I’d say the appetite for ‘new’ collectibles is at an all time high and growing.  I can’t begin to imagine how many thousand Barlows have been sold in just the last 18 months.  Watching the secondary market pricing, it’ll be interesting to see how long the current trend lasts.  This trend seems to be you buy 2 or 3 identical knives, sell 1 or 2 at hyper inflated prices recovering your ‘investment’,  keep one for your collection and move on to the next iteration almost like a Ponzi scheme.  Not being a collector, it’s been fascinating to watch.

Never collect purely on speculation of future financial gains.  Collect ‘it’ because you like ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ might be, knives, guns, art, coins, etc.  If the value goes up, great.  If the value goes down, you can still enjoy it.  Collecting and investing aren’t always synonymous.

Take the time to give thanks and remembrance this weekend to those who have gone on before us.  Enjoy the company of friends and family.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!!