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Trestle Pine Knives, Queen News & Updates

Confirmation came in this morning that the most recent release of the Trestle Pine Superior shipped today.  I’m hoping by mid week next week I’ll have them in hand and start getting them listed.  There are a few minor changes on this release.  The most noticeable will be the brass bolsters and more important (but less obvious) will be the CPM154 blade.

This morning I received the Schatt & Morgan #98 Sleeveboard Whittler in Black Maple and Worm Groove.  That’s not a fracture in the Maple handle but  nice stripe of grain.  These have a very user friendly pull that I’d probably rate at around a 4.

98 S&M Sleeve Board Whittler

The next are some 48 Carpenter’s Whittlers in Elk and Blue Pic Bone.  Nice knife with a much heavier pull.  These have robust springs that result in a pull closer to an 8.  Great work knife.

48 Carpenters Whittler

And the last is a 2 Blade Maroon Bone 69 Barlow.

69 Barlow

Jeff has done a great job at Queen improving the grind on recent releases.   It’s hard not to notice that the edges are much better then in the past.  They’re coming out of the box ready to use (unless your a bit anal like myself and can’t use a knife without putting your own touch on the blade).

I haven’t posted these in the store yet, but wanted to share some pix with you.  Hopefully later today I’ll get them listed.

A quick follow up to my ongoing experiment with the Kydex.  I’m not going into any great detail as there are a load of great how to videos online using Kydex.  All I’ll tell you is that it’s cheap to get set up (under $50) for a few sheets of Kydex, some rivets and screws and a ‘press’.

I heat the Kydex in the oven at around 300 degrees to get it soft to work with.  Two 12″ pieces of plywood hinged together, some high density foam make up the press.  Add a couple of wood clamps and you’re good to go!!  A small heat gun works great to make final forming adjustments.

This is my first project and it’s not done yet.  I need to shape the edges with a sander then attach a belt loop.

The purpose of the screw is for attachment of a firesteel loop.  That’s another project I hope to get to…..soon.  The sheath fits snug enough that I can tip things upside down and shake the hell out of it without unsheathing the knife.

It’s a fun, simple project that won’t stress most anyone’s skill level.  As soon as things slow up a bit, I’m anxious to get back to it and work on a couple other ideas.