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London to Surpass New York Murder Rate? By Knife?

An interesting article out of the UK is predicting that London could surpass the New York murder rate.  Not surprisingly, due to the very restrictive UK gun laws, the weapon of choice appears to be knives.  Since the first of the year 70% of the murders in London were the result of stabbings.

Apparently London has seen an increase in violent crime committed by youth similar to what we’ve seen happen in the US.  The weapon of choice in London appears to be a knife while in the US it’s a gun.  In the US we struggle with the debate for more gun control to magically lower the murder rate.  But looking at the statistics you quickly realize that people determined to commit murder and mayhem will get it done with whatever’s at hand.  Guns, knives, bombs, cars, baseball bats, golf clubs….fists.  Banning the tool/method doesn’t change the mind set of the evil.

The UK has relatively restrictive knife laws compared to the US.   It’s going to be interesting going forward to see if more restrictive laws are proposed in London (in particular) in an attempt to address the increase in stabbings.  Frankly I’ll be surprised if new laws aren’t proposed as that’s typically the easy way to address and emotional issue.  It’s the old adage, “we have to do something” to show we care.

I know there are a lot of ‘knife’ people in the US that don’t really care about gun laws and just don’t feel like they have a dog in that fight.  In fact, some don’t get concerned about new knife laws assuming they’re immune from increased pressure from the vocal minority for new laws. Too often the vocal minority is made up of those magical thinkers who believe there’s an easy path to world peace, unity and universal brotherly love through these new laws.  Good Luck.

Too many of us are either in denial or too damned lazy to write a letter or make a call to our legislators when issues are under consideration that could affect us.  Even more folks don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Someday you’re going to wake up and ask what happened to my gun / knife / driving / privacy / constitutional rights.  A tip of my hat goes to the brave group of students in Florida that recently had a walkout to show support for the Second Amendment.

I belong to the NRA because I believe in their overall mission but just as importantly, to keep myself informed.  Through their email messages I’m kept current on new legislation being proposed at both a State and National level.  They provide contact information with these emails making it incredibly easy to contact the right people to express my opinion.

There are organizations that focus on knives such as The American Knife And Tool Institute.  Another is  Knife Rights.  Even if you don’t join one of these organizations, use them to stay informed.  Both have great websites and are a fantastic resource for all kinds of information.

It’s so easy to let the world slide by and convince yourself that your opinion doesn’t matter.  No one pays attention to the ‘little guy’.  If you don’t speak up, you’re right.  It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that no one will pay attention to your silence.  Every time I hear the statistics that 90% of the population supports a new law, the first thing that comes to mind is they didn’t ask me.  The second thing is I’d like to see the actual questions and how they are phrased and in what context.  If a poll were held asking if I’d like all the money I could spend in my lifetime, the quick response would be yes!  If it meant I was going to die the next day, I’d probably rethink my answer.

The whole reason I decided to bring attention to the London crime stats is to encourage you to pay attention to the direction this takes the knife laws in the UK and potentially the rest of the world.  The world has gotten smaller and what happens half way around the world today isn’t as distant as it used to be.