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Weekly Update 4.20.18

This weekly update bears good news for the Northland.  It is finally WARMING UP!!!!!  Without a doubt, this has been one long cold winter and right now 50 degrees feels pretty damned good with promises of better weather yet next week.  Exactly what we need to melt some ice.

I listed a few Queen/Schatt & Morgan odds and ends this week.  On of the ‘finds’ is an incredibly well executed 5 blade Sway Belly Prototype.

Schatt & Morgan Sow Belly

I believe these were released in 2010.  I’m not sure what the covers were but the Proto is smooth brown bone.  Really a nice knife.

There’s another incredibly rare GEC that I came up with as well.  It’s a Tidioute 362208 that includes a handwritten note of provenance signed by Ken.  It’s been tucked in the safe for several years and I thought I might share it with you.  Not quite sure what I’m going to do with it but it’s a shame to have it sit in the safe.

It’s always interesting to see what got tucked away and forgotten.  Somewhere I think I’ve still got a copy of David Anthony’s Book on Great Eastern Cutlery signed by both Ken and Bill.  That’s another hard to find collectible.  Not sure how many got signed by BOTH Ken and Bill but I know it was only a handful.

I’ll remind everyone over the weekend that the deadline for entering the Ice Out Contest is rapidly approaching.  You’ve got until midnite CST this Monday, April 23 to get in.  There’s no charge to enter, you don’t have to be a customer, no secret handshake or code words required, overseas entries welcome!  You don’t get put on a mailing list and if ya don’t enter ya can’t win.  That simple.

Weekend Gun Show Report

It was another drop dead gorgeous weekend that was meant to be spent outdoors, not indoors!  Warm and sunny was the order of the days following Thanksgiving and it was felt at the weekend Gun Show.

Even with the reduced number of attendees, it wasn’t a total blowout and actually, knife sales were pretty good.  I had a really pleasant guy set up next to me with a table full of $10-20 knives who did quite good as well.  The lower priced knives were selling well for him and used knives made up most of the activity on my tables.

I spoke with a number of gun dealer friends who said that gun sales were rather subdued.  The consensus seemed to be that the elections were over and everyone was breathing a collective sigh of relief.  The urgency to ‘buy now’ has let up a bit.  It’s going to be interesting going into the new year to see if that trend continues.

Best part of the show was presenting a brother and sister, around 9-11 years old with their first hunting knives, courtesy of Ken Daniels and Queen Cutlery.  They were at the show with their grandfather and I engaged them in a discussion about knives, shooting, hunting and such.  Both were shooters and the older brother had a pocket knife but no hunter yet.  I’m not sure if they were more surprised to get the knives or their grandfather.  Thanks again Ken, that’s the highlight of the shows I attend and it sure sets a great example for Queen Cutlery.

A couple of new Schatt & Morgan knives arrived today including  the pictured Reverse Gunstock and #1L Lock Back.

Schatt & Morgan #1L
Schatt & Morgan #1L
Reverse Gun Stock Blue Bone
#50 Reverse Gun Stock Blue Bone
#50 Reverse Gun Stock, Black Saw Cut
#50 Reverse Gun Stock, Black Saw Cut

Beyond that, I’ll try to get a few more knives listed and hopefully, we’ll see the Wood Beer Scouts in this week!