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S&M John Henry & More Good News

Good weekend for buying and some new knife additions from Queen arrived today.  The BIG news from Queen is the Schatt & Morgan John Henry.  And I mean big in every sense of the word.


At 5.5″ closed, weighing almost 6 ounces, this is one big ‘pocket’ knife.  Blade steel is 1095 and the Stag is outstanding.  Only 30 were made in Stag.

Schatt & Morgan John Henry
Schatt & Morgan John Henry

The second John Henry is finished with Dark Curly Maple and again, the handle material is really nice.

S&M John Henry Dark Curly Maple
S&M John Henry Dark Curly Maple

The other good news was finally closing the deal on a pair of collections of 50+ knives.  Included in the two is an assortment of the recently released GEC 15’s and a few of the 74’s as well.  Better yet are the group of older GEC’s and an excellent collection of Cotton Samplers.

The Cotton Samplers include GEC’s, the GEC Krack a Jacks, Schatt & Morgan, Northwoods and some Tuna Valley’s.  A number of these were very limited run knives and the stags are all top quality.

It’s probably going to be late this week or even the first of next week before I get them in.  My guess is it’ll be after the 4th of July holiday before I get to sort things out and get any listed.  I’m really anxious to see what all is in the lots!!!

I feel lucky to have been able to pick up some really choice pieces from collections, but I’m always looking for more.  If you have a collection you’re thinking of parting with or know of anyone breaking up their collection, I’d really appreciate a chance to make an offer.  It’s easier to bid on a larger lot then two or three knives, but….. always interested in whatever you might have.