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Show Follow Up and iKC Discussion

The gun show last weekend comes in with mixed reviews.  Weather was ideal and maybe that’s what held the crowd down.  Unfortunately, the Armory had a number of overhead lights burned out making things so dark and shadowy it was nearly impossible to see the items on some of the tables.  I got creative and went to the local hardware store and picked up a couple of shop lights that I hung on the wall.  Not what you expect to have to do at a show.

Hanging the lights up made all the difference in the world.  I ended having a pretty good show and sold a fair number of knives, books, Frog Lube and Ballistol.    Both the Frog Lube and Ballistol are excellent products and once people start using it they tend to stick with it. I’m always surprised at the number of people at the shows telling me they can’t find either product locally so they look me up at the shows.

I talked to Jan Carter from the iKnifeCollector site last week about the lukewarm interest in knife giveaways and the decline in discussion activity.  Not just on the iKC site, but in the knife world in general.  About a year ago I noticed a decline in interest in the Wounded Warrior Project auctions and knife giveaways that I had as well.  There was also a decline in discussion or input from others on the TSA Blog as well.

Interestingly enough, while the auction and discussion activity fell off, the number of blog followers and daily hits have consistently gone up.   It seems like people want to read about what’s going on but don’t seem as interested in participating in meaningful discussion.

I think there’s also been a change in attitude about winning a knife you may not really be that interested in.  Let’s face it, if you’re into collecting Randall’s you probably don’t really care if you win a new Buck 110.  In my case sometimes this just means another item that goes into the ‘what do I do with this’ drawer.

It’s been interesting to read what some of the respondents have been saying on the iKC site and even if you don’t want to comment.  Check them out at:  iKC discussion.

Hess Knives Giveaway on the iKC site!!

If you haven’t wandered over to the iKC site, do it.  I donated one of Hess Knives Small Capers as a prize to someone that comes up with some good ideas for mod’s that might enhance the knife.  You’ll have to check the rules and regs, but it’s pretty simple process to enter and your ideas would be much appreciated.   I’ve kicked around some ideas about the possibility of an SFO and was looking for some input.  Figured the crew at iKC might have some ideas.  Check it out!

Visit the iKC site

I’m assuming all of you are familiar with the iKC website by now.   If you’re not, check it out.  Jan’s been a good friend going back to the early days of TSA Knives and does a bang up job of keeping things under control since she took over the iKnife Collector site.  Every now and then we’ll collaborate on a scheme and stay in contact as to what’s going on.

While I tend to use the TSAK Blog to air my own opinions, the iKC site is a bit more democratic encouraging actual ‘discussion’.  Not that I don’t encourage conversation or at least try to.

At any rate, I’ve added a link at the top of the blog to take you right over to iKC.   So if you stop here first, when you’re done, click on the link and visit the iKC crew!!