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Gun Show this Weekend

Almost forgot to mention the Gun Show this weekend at the National Guard Armory in Fergus Falls, MN!!  This is always a good Gun Show and I hope some of the locals can drop by for a visit.

It’s a good weekend for a Gun Show as the weather definitely hasn’t been Fall ‘like’.  Thursday morning we woke up to a 3″ coating of new snow.  Parts of North Dakota had up to 17″.  This is way to early for measurable snow, even up here.

This past week I also picked up a nice group of knives in a couple of collections.  I have the Gun Show this weekend and a hunting trip later next week so it’s going to be a while before I can get any of them up.  There are also some more #14 Boys knives on their way from GEC that I’ll get listed in the next few days.

Again, hope to see a few of you in Fergus Falls this weekend!!


Show Follow Up and iKC Discussion

The gun show last weekend comes in with mixed reviews.  Weather was ideal and maybe that’s what held the crowd down.  Unfortunately, the Armory had a number of overhead lights burned out making things so dark and shadowy it was nearly impossible to see the items on some of the tables.  I got creative and went to the local hardware store and picked up a couple of shop lights that I hung on the wall.  Not what you expect to have to do at a show.

Hanging the lights up made all the difference in the world.  I ended having a pretty good show and sold a fair number of knives, books, Frog Lube and Ballistol.    Both the Frog Lube and Ballistol are excellent products and once people start using it they tend to stick with it. I’m always surprised at the number of people at the shows telling me they can’t find either product locally so they look me up at the shows.

I talked to Jan Carter from the iKnifeCollector site last week about the lukewarm interest in knife giveaways and the decline in discussion activity.  Not just on the iKC site, but in the knife world in general.  About a year ago I noticed a decline in interest in the Wounded Warrior Project auctions and knife giveaways that I had as well.  There was also a decline in discussion or input from others on the TSA Blog as well.

Interestingly enough, while the auction and discussion activity fell off, the number of blog followers and daily hits have consistently gone up.   It seems like people want to read about what’s going on but don’t seem as interested in participating in meaningful discussion.

I think there’s also been a change in attitude about winning a knife you may not really be that interested in.  Let’s face it, if you’re into collecting Randall’s you probably don’t really care if you win a new Buck 110.  In my case sometimes this just means another item that goes into the ‘what do I do with this’ drawer.

It’s been interesting to read what some of the respondents have been saying on the iKC site and even if you don’t want to comment.  Check them out at:  iKC discussion.

Delayed Shipping and a Gun Show Coming Up

There were a couple more notes I meant to add to yesterdays update regarding delayed shipping and the upcoming Fergus Falls, MN Gun Show.

I’m going to be out most of next week so there will be a brief suspension of shipping.  First, i’m going to spend a few days in the northwoods enjoying the fall colors and just kicking back.  It’s not often I get to go up in October and am really looking forward to it.  Summers are special in that part of the world and Fall can be gorgeous.

As soon as I return, I start packing things for the Gun Show in Fergus Falls the weekend of 10/21 thru 10/22.   THE SHOW IS 10/14 THRU 10/15!! There will be one day to unpack from camping and get things sorted out for the show.  The show is at the National Guard Armory and I’ll have 4 tables of necessities you can’t live without.  Randy, Muskrat, Jim and all the rest of you I hope you can drop by.

It was a quiet week for new knife arrivals with GEC shut down for the week.  They’ll be back to work next week and I anticipate they’ll be working on the Churchills with a few knives going out next week.

The main addition to the store this past week were the Hess fixed blades.  Don and Andy Hess are getting busier then ever and extended delays between placing and receiving orders is becoming the norm.  Its a great line at a terrific price and more people that spend time in the outdoors are finding out about them every day.

I finished cutting the wood slabs for the Trestle Pine Gunflint just over a week ago.  That was shipped and should be just waiting to be applied to the knives.  With any luck we should see the finished knives in the near future.   The new curly maple is great looking and i can’t wait to see it on the knives.  Another wood that was a shocker to me is the Hawaiian Mango.  Wait till you see it!

Gun Show follow up

Another good gun show this past weekend.  Great to get to visit with several of you and appreciated the feedback on the Trestle Pine’s.  John had asked me to shoot  a photo to see how I set up at a show.  I had 4 tables and this is about  1 & 2/3 tables.

There are books in the fore ground (under the camera) and more odds and ends on the other aisle.  The back end of the Expedition is pretty well filled up with a few more boxes on the front seat.  Packing to go isn’t so bad but I never look forward to unpacking!!!

As I said, the knife sales were good but from talking to several active gun dealers it sounds like gun sales are slowing up and prices are stabilizing and falling some.  The older collectible guns are holding up pretty good but the new stuff is a little soft.

Thanks to Ken Daniels I made a couple of young lads happy with free hunting knives.  I’m guessing they were around 10 or 11 and when I started talking to them I think they thought they were in trouble.  After a little chatting and the mention of a free hunting knife it was all smiles and high fives.  Ken, your program for the Kiddo’s is a fantastic way to get these kids interested in knives.  Thanks for making it possible!!!  Sure is a lot more to life than money!

I looked out the kitchen window this morning and thought our resident Eagle had flown in with a small northern pike for breakfast.  When I looked again I realized it was an Osprey not an Eagle.  We don’t Osprey’s hanging around the back door very often and I hope they stick around.

We also have a murder of crows that take up residency out front every spring always ready to harass the Eagle.  The crows will stick around and usually clean up any dropped bits of fish or critter that hit the ground.  It was interesting to see they didn’t discriminate when the Osprey came in.

Beyond the show and the wildlife, I’m just waiting for more knives to arrive.  I’m not sure what order the GEC 54’s are being run, but there are a bunch of SFO’s and if they take priority, it’ll be a while before the ‘regular’ run comes through.  Just a reminder, I’m not taking any reservations on these as they’re another allocated item and have no guarantees on how many will come my way.

I’m waiting on the wood to come through for the Trestle Pine Topper.  The plan was to have them run mid-May and that’s closing in real fast.  Haven’t heard when the SAK’s are coming in but again, hope to see them in the near future as well.  Hurry up and wait seems to be the theme this week.

Gun Show this Weekend 4.28.17

Kind of a short update this week, but I wanted to remind folks that there is a gun show this weekend in Detroit Lakes, MN at the National Guard Armory.  Show hours are 9-5 Saturday and 9-3 on Sunday.  This is always a popular show locally and I really hope anyone in driving distance can make it in.

I’ll have 4 tables and an assortment of knives on hand.  Typically, I have quite a few knives on hand that aren’t listed in the store that are reserved for the shows.  This time around I have a few Buck 110 & 112 auto’s that just came in.  There will also be some Queen Prototype fixed blades, a couple of Lon Humphrey’s, Microtech’s and a few other odds and ends.  Always try to keep things interesting!!

As promised, I started listing some of the knives this week that I recently acquired in a number of small collections .  It’s an interesting mix of old and new GEC’s and there are more to be listed next week.  I also came across a stash of around 20 GEC Prototypes going back to 2008.

I’m getting more calls from collectors that do most of their buying and searching for older GEC’s primarily through Ebay.  With the prices on Ebay going through the stratosphere, a couple of these customers have bought 8-10 knives at a time and immediately flipped them on Ebay at pretty incredible returns.  One of the recurring questions is how do they search my website for specific knives.  Use the “search” option.

To make it simple, try using the most brief of terms or read the advanced search directions.  A great example is the Schatt & Morgan 71 Express.  Just type the search term “Express” in the window and it will return the 71 Express’ knives.  If you don’t get the result you want, expand your search criteria a word at a time, i.e. “71 Express”, etc.  Be sure to use the “quote” marks to enclose all of the search terms.

I’m going to cut it off for now and finish getting things packed up for the show.  We set up this afternoon and the show runs from 9-5 tomorrow (Saturday) and 9-3 Sunday.  Muskrat, Randy, Mike, John…hope to see you guys over the weekend.  Bring cash!!!

Gun Show, S&M Toothpicks, Collections Acquired

Lots to cover this morning!  First, let me remind everyone of the gun show to be held at the Detroit Lakes, MN National Guard Armory Saturday April 29 and Friday April 30.  Show hours are from 9 till 5 Sat and 9 til 3 on Sunday.  I’ve got four tables reserved and plan on bringing in an assortment of knives and miscellaneous ‘stuff’.

Over the weekend a box arrived from Queen containing some #20 Schatt & Morgan Toothpicks.  Queen has been using more wood on their handles of late and are really coming up with some great looking ones. Pictured below are (top to bottom) Oak, Golden Maple and Desert Ironwood.  An interesting point is the “1 of 30” etch on the Oak that is missing on the other two.  My understanding is these are all part of a run of 30 each.

Just before I sat down to write this, the Northfield two blade Sweet Pickle Jig Bone Weasels arrived.  I believe that’s the end of the run of 48’s.

488217 Sweet Pickle Jigged Bone

The last note for the morning is I’ve accumulated around 30-40 knives from several small collections and will try to start listing some of them today.  It’s a pretty eclectic group with a little bit of everything from GEC.  There’s Ancient Kauri Wood, Genuine Stag, Primitive Bone, Natural Stag and so on.  Interesting group of older knives.


Gun Show Update What was selling…

This past weekend was the Fergus Falls Gun Show and it was a good one!  The weather was nice and people were out of the house and spending money.  It was really nice to see some of you blog followers able to make it by.

One of the main attractions was the ability to get a look at the Schatt & Morgan 71 Express knife.  Everyone that looked at it agreed it was an impressive piece of hardware.  The Red Shock Wood got a lot of attention and I hope we see the Shock Wood used on more patterns.  Very unique.

Schatt & Morgan 71 Express Red Shock Wood

I sold more knives than usual and was really pleased with the reaction to the latest release of the Trestle Pine Superior with the CPM154 blade.  Most people liked the look of the Brass bolsters as it really sets off the wood.  The guys that had never handled the knife liked the feel of the knife with the wharncliffe blade rather then the traditional clip point.  Looks different but feels great.  As one guy said, the wharncliffe ‘feels’ like it’s putting a lot more blade in the same size knife.

Trestle Pine Superior Black Ash Burl

Older Copperhead (L) and First Run Superior (R)

My best seller was the Trestle Pine Buddy.  I’ve had these at other shows but for some reason, I had more lookers and buyers of them at this show then usual.  It’s a great size and a practical knife for most outdoor chores.

Trestle Pine Buddy

The higher end figured woods were the most popular.  Going into spring I’m going to have more of the Trestle Pine Buddy’s finished and I think the exotic woods will be the focus.  On the initial run I had a few made with Mosaic pins highlighting the highly figured woods.  Those were very popular and I may go that route on the next run as well.

Black Gold Boxelder Burl

I enjoy the opportunity to talk to consumers at the shows and get their honest feedback.  Rather then the one sided sided online sniping about quality or selection, I get the opportunity to actually engage the disgruntled and discuss their concerns.  In the past few months it’s been fun to physically place one of the recent Queen knives in a customers hands and have them check the quality.  Prime examples are my Trestle Pine Superior’s, the Mammoth Ivory Executive Jacks AND the recent 3T Mountain Man.  Since Jeff came on board at Queen the quality has been steadily improving.  The aforementioned Executive Jacks are a great example.  Some of the finest blade polishing, centering and overall fit and finish you could ask for.  Glad to see it happening!

I’m reaching the point where I find the shows a lot more fun then the online sales.  That ability to show and tell is such a powerful tool to get a point across.  Recently a Great Eastern knife came back with a blade tip sitting ever so slightly to high.  The customer had his shorts in a knot and felt it was sub par for a knife in that price range and demanded a refund.  In a face to face situation, you can explain the issue, a few quick passes with a stone the problem’s resolved and everyone goes home happy.

The next local show is coming up in late April at the Detroit Lakes, MN Armory.  I wish more of you were within driving distance.  There’s a lot we could learn from each other!!!




Weekend Gun Show Report

It was another drop dead gorgeous weekend that was meant to be spent outdoors, not indoors!  Warm and sunny was the order of the days following Thanksgiving and it was felt at the weekend Gun Show.

Even with the reduced number of attendees, it wasn’t a total blowout and actually, knife sales were pretty good.  I had a really pleasant guy set up next to me with a table full of $10-20 knives who did quite good as well.  The lower priced knives were selling well for him and used knives made up most of the activity on my tables.

I spoke with a number of gun dealer friends who said that gun sales were rather subdued.  The consensus seemed to be that the elections were over and everyone was breathing a collective sigh of relief.  The urgency to ‘buy now’ has let up a bit.  It’s going to be interesting going into the new year to see if that trend continues.

Best part of the show was presenting a brother and sister, around 9-11 years old with their first hunting knives, courtesy of Ken Daniels and Queen Cutlery.  They were at the show with their grandfather and I engaged them in a discussion about knives, shooting, hunting and such.  Both were shooters and the older brother had a pocket knife but no hunter yet.  I’m not sure if they were more surprised to get the knives or their grandfather.  Thanks again Ken, that’s the highlight of the shows I attend and it sure sets a great example for Queen Cutlery.

A couple of new Schatt & Morgan knives arrived today including  the pictured Reverse Gunstock and #1L Lock Back.

Schatt & Morgan #1L
Schatt & Morgan #1L
Reverse Gun Stock Blue Bone
#50 Reverse Gun Stock Blue Bone
#50 Reverse Gun Stock, Black Saw Cut
#50 Reverse Gun Stock, Black Saw Cut

Beyond that, I’ll try to get a few more knives listed and hopefully, we’ll see the Wood Beer Scouts in this week!

Thanksgiving Wishes And Early Update

I wanted to extend the best of Thanksgiving Wishes to everyone, albeit a bit early.  There’s a gun show at the National Guard Armory in Moorhead, MN Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, so it’s not going to be possible to get a weekly update in before next week.

This week the GEC Beer Scouts in Golden Ale Jigged bone arrived.  My best guess is we’ll see the wood handles next week and that will finish things up.  From then till the end of the year I think it’ll be fairly quiet.

Golden Ale Beer Scout
Golden Ale Beer Scout

As most of you have noticed, I’ve been getting some of the knives from the collections listed in the store this week.  I believe I’m about half way through them and hope to get the balance listed next week.  There have been some really choice pieces in the lot.


As well as some really hard to find pieces.

GEC 5th Anniversary Whaler
GEC 5th Anniversary Whaler


White Awabi LG Roughneck 1 of 6
White Awabi LG Roughneck 1 of 6


As I said, there’s more to come and it gets better and better!

Hope everyone has a great & safe Thanksgiving!  If you’re within driving distance this weekend, try to drop by the Moorhead Gun Show either Friday 4PM-8PM or Saturday 8AM-4PM.  I look forward to seeing some of you!!

GEC 15 Boys Knives & Upcoming Gun Show

Just a quick note to let you know the GEC 15 Boys Knives started shipping last week and the first round is already out the door.  The first release is finished with Ebony wood.  I pre-booked and have sold out on the Ebony.  HOWEVER, as usual, it appears I may have a couple of people that placed reservations that haven’t paid for their knives yet.  If they don’t pick them up, they’ll go into the storefront.

GEC 15 Boys Knife
GEC 15 Boys Knife

The last info I had from GEC was it’s probably going to take the rest of the month of October to finish the run of 15’s and the Beer Scouts won’t start shipping until sometime in November.

I want to remind everyone in the region that there’s a gun show next weekend, October 22-23 at the Fergus Falls, MN National Guard Armory.   Hours are 9-5PM on Saturday and 9-3PM on Sunday.  It’ll be interesting to see if the upcoming elections have started to influence gun prices or buying activity yet.  If we see the outcome follow the current polls, I think we’ll see another round of consumer driven, hyper-inflated gun prices and ammo shortages.  Good if you’re selling, not so good if you’re buying.

At any rate, hope to see some of you there.  As usual, if there’s anything specific in the inventory you’d like to take a look at, drop me a note.  I plan on bringing in around 200 knives and will have 4 tables of various and sundry ‘items you can’t live without’ so swing by.