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Weekly Update 9.23.16

Best way to start with the weekly update is to give you a report on the gun show last weekend.  Sales and attendance were slow but the time for conversation was great.  Temperatures were in the 70’s, sunny and just plain gorgeous September weather in Northern Minnesota.  Not too many folks wanted to be indoors, self included.  I really love the time to get to talk to people when you’re not rushed and trying to take care of 3 or 4 customers and maintain a focused conversation.

It was interesting talking with one of the local farmer/ranchers that dropped by and spent quite a bit of time looking over the used knives.  He told me he uses his knives hard and usually loses at least one a year making it hard to justify dropping $100+ on a new knife.  After picking out a couple of ‘seconds’ I had for sale, we spent some time talking.

I’d guess he was probably in his early 70’s and we shared similar thoughts on the new knife trends.  He was much more interested in how the knife performs and looks weren’t really a huge concern to him.  Minor gaps, poor grinds and such just didn’t bother him…. if the knife took an edge and held it was the main concern.  This seems to be pretty common in this part of the country.  I talk to far more users then died in the wool collectors of the new production knives.

This past week I took some time and perused some of the discussion boards and it wasn’t surprising to note that other then a few of the bushcraft discussions, the focus of the discussions centered around cosmetics.  What is really interesting are the number of discussions about new releases centered entirely around the cosmetics without a single mention of the actual function.

We all say we want a good looking knife that is well built and functions as promised.  But when you get right down to it, I think it’s obvious that the majority of knives sold today are bought/sold to be admired and not used.  While this isn’t a criticism of anyone, it’s just a reflection on what’s important to more and more to online consumers.

There really wasn’t anything new in the way of ‘new’ knives that came through this past week.  I did get an opportunity to add some more of the Trestle Pine Knives to the store and will continue adding more as time goes on.  Next week we’ll also see a couple of releases from Queen coming through.

The other knife news is the recent purchase of a nice group of mint condition Case knives.  Their are around 35 very nice 6318 stockmen in some relatively rare models.  A couple of them went into the store yesterday and again, I’ll try to keep adding more as time allows.  I also traded for a couple of older GEC’s at the show and will get them up as well.  This morning I added a couple of Tuna Valleys and a few Granddaddy Barlow’s I acquired.

One of the show attendees also offered a really nice collection of 40+ Western Knives to me for sale.  Not sure if we can get together on price, but it’s a really high quality collection covering everything from fixed blades to the knife/hatchet sets.  Most of the pieces are in pristine condition, a few with the original boxes.  Nice stuff.  We’re getting together in late October to see if we can make it happen.



GEC Stag 72 Update

I went through my GEC Stag 72 order pretty quickly.  Just wanted to let you know I’ll have more in stock by the weekend or more likely, the first of the week.  That’s both the Natural and Burnt Stag that will be coming in.

This run of knives had some really nice stag, particularly the Burnt Stag.  A few pieces were reminiscent of some of the stag we saw back in 2008-9.  Nice fat matching panels.

GEC Northfield 721116LB Burnt Stag
GEC Northfield 721116LB Burnt Stag


Weekly Update 8.26.16 ~ Shipping Delay!

Just a reminder there will be a shipping delay for the next few days.   I won’t be shipping any orders starting Saturday 8.27.16 through 9.1.16. (Actually, I plan to resume shipping on the first of September.)  Also won’t be answering the phone.  IF your tail’s on fire and you absolutely have to talk with me…..EMAIL!!!!  That’s about the only chance you’ll get a response from me and that’s not a guarantee.  I plan on spending as much time as possible out of wi-fi range.

Reason for the shipping delay?, time for the annual field trip to the land of Trestle  Pine Knives!!!  In the past 40+ years I haven’t missed this trip more then a couple of times and it’s become a tradition I look forward to like a kid at Christmas.  Not only is it a great time to revisit lakes and trails we’ve traversed countless times, but it gives me a chance to sit by the fire and unwind.

I’ll also get the chance to look at some knives objectively and discuss them with my wife’s nephew.  He’s not as deeply into knives to the extent I am which is good as he’ll ask ‘dumb’ questions that I might not normally give much thought to.  Dumb questions like…. is CPM steel that much better then CM?  Well of course we all know the answer to that, right?  Or maybe,…. why aren’t all blades made from Stainless Steel instead of Carbon Steel.  Get it?  I really enjoy these thought provoking exchanges and never fail to end up learning a lot about my own perceptions and beliefs.

There’s been another flurry of requests to pre-order Beer Scouts and everyone seems to be asking WHEN are they coming!!  All of the knives I allocated for early orders have been spoken for, but I ordered extras of all the handle materials to make available through the storefront. I talked to Chris earlier this week and as I said before, it appears that October will be the best guess for shipping.  We’ll also most likely see the Boy’s Knives first and the Beer’s Scouts will follow.  This is due in part to availability of the handle material.  There are no pictures available of the handle material yet but watch the GEC website.

As far as anything new by the end of the year from GEC… not a clue.  They are so deeply committed to the SFO’s that I think the odds of anything really ‘new’ before year end is pretty slim.  (For the last two years I’ve heard they would put more emphasis on ‘regular run’ knives available to everyone, but I think we can put that one to bed.)  When we talked about possible upcoming knives, I was amazed to hear they might consider running a GEC Barlow as a regular run item.  From what I hear from some of you EDC customers, we’re all kind of barlow’d out.

If you’ve got any ideas what you’d like to see, speak up!  GEC is glad to get input from their customers.  I know they read this blog and the other board discussions regularly.  In the past year or so the excitement on the discussion boards has dwindled to the point that they seem to focus on one pattern.  Some of you have fallen by the wayside with disinterest, but if that’s the case, find your voice and speak up.  If these manufacturers don’t hear anything else from their customer base, they tend to assume everyone is satisfied with what they’re building.

My suggestions included another Whaler, how about some Camp Knives in adequate quantities?  There seems to be a reluctance to make many knives that break that $80-90 price point and that’s too bad.

A suggestion I made was to get away from the time worn Ebony and rather flat Rosewood and step it up to some higher end woods.  I know they can’t/won’t work with some of the highly figured burls and Spalted woods, but at the rate the recent Queen Spalted Tear Drops and Trestle Pine exotics sold out, there’s definitely a demand for higher end woods.

While I’m on the subject of new releases, I got a peak behind the curtain of what we might see coming from Queen in the next weeks.  No absolute promises on these, but it’s better then a 2:1 bet in the very near future we’ll see….

  • 99 Keystones, 1095 Wharncliffe: Burnt Orange, Dark Red, Dark Brown, Stag
  • 06 Teardrop 2 1095 2 blade: Reverse Worm Groove, Iron Wood
  • 66 F&W Clip Long Pull D2: Reverse Worm Groove, Rogers Brown Jig Bone, Curly Maple, Walnut
  • #16 Keystone, ATS34 Clip/Wharncliff: Stag, Amber Italian Bone, Blue Jigged Bone, Rogers Jigged Bone, Elk(yes!)

Understand that things can change, but most of these will be short run knives in the sub-30 piece range.  Queen is really making an effort to get a variety of products out on a regular basis.  The quality I’ve witnessed on recent releases has been excellent.

So for now…. that’s about it.  I have to finish packing my kit and wish you all could come along.  Gonna be a quick trip, but it’s always a good one!!!


Grizzly Cut Bone 72 GEC’s Arrived

The Grizzly Cut Bone 72 GEC’s arrived this morning.  Nice looking knives.

GEC 721116LB Grizzly Cut Bone Lock Back
GEC 721116LB Grizzly Cut Bone Lock Back

I believe the Rosewood are in transit and should arrive Monday.  In the storefront I’ve just listed one of the knives with a stock photo as the knives are virtually identical in appearance.  As of this posting there should be a good supply available so if you wish to purchase more then one, there should be plenty available.

GEC #15 & #74 Short Runs

I’ve been inundated with emails the last 24 hours requesting to be put on a reserve list for the short run #15’s coming through as well as the upcoming #74.  Sorry, but I didn’t have a clue yesterday what these even were.  Emailed GEC late last nite and found out this AM they’re a very short issue of knives that are being spread out on an allotment basis.

These won’t be going up for reserve based on the very limited quantity I’ll be getting, but it’s going to be on a first come first served basis.  Not sure when they’re shipping but they absolutely will not be coming in this week.

Weekly Update 4.15.16

I started digging around in some boxes of knives I’ve been accumulating and came across a real gem.  It’s a Schatt & Morgan 042262 Slim Coke Bottle that’s been embellished by Michael Prater.

Michael Prater Painted Pony
Michael Prater Painted Pony
Top of Blades
Top of Blades
Back Spring
Back Spring

Those of you familiar with Prater’s work , you know he just can’t leave any metal surfaces untouched.  Great looking knife and as with much of his work, truly unique!

The GEC Texas Camp Knives were a booming success.  There may be a couple of stragglers coming yet but I know I got very few of them.

GEC #98 Texas Camp Knife
GEC #98 Texas Camp Knife

There weren’t nearly enough of these to go around.  No doubt the upcoming Whittler’s and Cattle Knives are going to be just as popular.  I haven’t taken any reservations for these as I have no idea how many are going to be available other then it won’t be nearly enough!

I filled a few holes in the Fallkniven inventory this week.  That little Fallkniven U2 has been popular and remains one of my all time favorites.  It’s lightweight, compact and tough as nails.  The blade steel they use is incredible stuff for anyone wanting/needing a finely honed edge that stands up to hard use.

Otherwise….. Spring is officially here.  The wood ducks have settled into an old oak tree in the backyard.  We heard the first loons flying over the lake yesterday afternoon and the cardinals are so noisy they’re almost annoying.  (Not really)


Trestle Pine Portage and GEC Update

Couple of things to cover on the Portage and GEC this morning.

I was asked if the wood on the handles is still from the Old Growth recovered logs?  Yes.  The Oak, Maple, Yellow Birch and Ash are Old Growth wood from logs recovered from deep cold water lakes and rivers in Canada and the Northern US.

Do I have more of the Premium/Exotic woods that I’ll be listing?  Some.  I’ll be listing some Black Ash Burl (not old growth) and a couple more Circassian Walnut (not old growth) this morning.  There are a couple other surprises I’ll be adding in the next few days as well.

Have I quit answering the phone?  Yes and no.  I ignored the phone a good part of the day yesterday trying to get as many knives listed as time permitted.  As soon as the knives hit the storefront I got a steady stream of calls and a good share never got answered.  A couple folks were irritated they couldn’t get through to place a phone order and by they got hold of me, the knife they wanted had sold.  Sorry.

I know some of you don’t like to use your credit card online and that’s fine.  Rather than call, place the order online and select the payment option for a check or money order.  That reserves your knife and you can drop me an email and we can arrange a phone call to get your credit card info.  Spring is a busy time of the year and I don’t always carry the phone with me.

When is GEC shipping the new 98’s and can I reserve one?  I don’t have a clue when they’re shipping them and I’m not taking reservations on them.  It’s going to be a knife that will be split ‘evenly’ (????) among the distributors and no one seems to know how many will be available to split.  Interestingly, all of the SFO’s are being built for non-stocking dealers or clubs.

That pretty much covers things for now!  I’ll get a few more knives listed today and we’ll hopefully see the balance of the 18’s come through in the near future.

Surprise Release from GEC and 47 Vipers

Just spent a few minutes on the phone with GEC this AM and got a little info on a new surprise release they’re bringing out.  Plans are to have them ship between the Vipers and the upcoming canine series.

The #98 is going to be a BIG knife at 4+” in length.  A couple of different configurations will be offered in a variety of handles.


I believe there’s a third style we may see as well in the form of a camp knife.

From the few details I gathered, these will be available in relatively limited numbers.  One of the first questions I asked was would they come with a sheath or would a sheath be available to purchase separately.  At this point, it’s my understanding there is not, but hopefully will be considered.  I’m not sure if GEC is assuming these will be purchased primarily as a collectible but if they’re thinking of it as an EDC knife, I hope someone drops one in their pocket and carries it around for a few days before they start shipping!

The first of the Vipers came in this week and the pre-orders have shipped.  The Viper has always been a popular pattern and these are moving out quickly.  I had ordered more then double the usual quantities and am quickly finding out I didn’t order enough!  Green Bottle Glass Jigged Bone was the first one out of the chute and it’s a great color.

47 Viper Bottle Green
47 Viper Bottle Green

We should see a steady stream of the Vipers continue to come through for the next week or so.  I’ve left the pre-order pages up as there are still some knives available for early ordering.  In addition, I’ve limited the quantity of pre-order knives to cover any shortage in shipments and allow for a few knives to list in the store.

Weekly Update 1.29.16 FrogLube Test and GEC 47’s

The FrogLube test is over,  GEC 47’s continue to arrive and we should see the Vipers start to arrive in a matter of days.  One note on the Vipers is there’s going to be a delay in the new Brown Snakeskin acrylic Tidioutes.  There’s been a delay in shipping on the handle material so it sounds like it will be a while before that one’s available.

Knife sales continue strong.  I’ve added a few knives to the storefront picked up from collections and will keep trying to add more.  Yesterday I completed the purchase of an incredibly nice lot of older GEC’s including some Sunfish and early Burnt and Genuine Stag 23’s.  Have patience, I’ll get them in the store when they arrive.

I received confirmation this week that it’s going to be late February before the Trestle Pine Knives Barlow will ship.  Late January was the initial target date, but….. that’s the way it goes sometimes.  On a positive note, I received some of the Trestle Pine Buddy’s that I had made using some of the Double Dyed Box Elder, Black Ash Burl and Koa wood that will be used on the upcoming Barlow.  This at last gives you a bit of a preview of things to come!

Trestle Pine Buddy Double Dyed Box Elder, Black Ash and Koa Wood
Trestle Pine Buddy Double Dyed Box Elder, Black Ash and Koa Wood

We’ve had incredibly nice weather up here with the exception of a few subzero days.  Everything considered, it’s been a fantastic winter.  Which leads me to the conclusion of the FrogLube test.

This morning, I checked on the Queen Country Cousin that’s been laying on my picnic table, exposed to the elements since December 14.

Queen Country Cousin forgotten and neglected.
Queen Country Cousin forgotten and neglected.

If you’ve followed the conversation, I treated the blade with FrogLube back in mid December and left the knife stuck in the snow on my picnic table.  I checked on the knife a couple of times, wiped the blade with my fingers and laid it back outside.


After 6 weeks in the snow and wet, not much for signs of metal deterioration.  If you look at the base of the blade, you can see just a slight bit oxidation starting to occur.


But amazingly, when I wiped it off with a dry cloth, most of the oxidation was superficial and cleaned up quite well.


The only other signs of ‘deterioration’ was a bit of discoloration on the brass surfaces.  I’m not sure that’s even worth mentioning as brass loves to tarnish with just a fingerprint that doesn’t get wiped off.


The knife has been in the house for about an hour and I’ve thoroughly wiped it off with a dry cloth and my fingers.  You can still feel the presence of the FrogLube on the blade which I find unbelievable.  Every time I’ve checked the knife out, I made a point of wiping the blade dry, using my fingers and a cloth yet there’s still a very obvious protective coating of  FrogLube.

I’ve only put a few rounds through one of my 9mm’s that I Frogged but the cleanup was easier then ever and after cleaning, you could feel the FrogLube presence on it as well.  Pretty neat that you can use the same cleaning product that you use as a lube.  Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different CLP’s but I’m convinced, FrogLube is one of the best products I’ve ever used.