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Don’t forget to bid on the Wounded Warrior Auction

Just a quick reminder that the Wounded Warrior Auction ends tomorrow (Saturday, August 23) at 7:00PM CST.  The current bid stands at $210 which is a bargain price for a great looking knife and truly a rare one at that!

To place a bid, go to:  Wounded Warrior Auction  and leave a reply with your bid amount.  This is a fantastic organization that does a great job helping our returning Wounded Warriors transition to a normal life just a little easier.

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GEC Knife at work!

Every now and then I get these stories about how great the fishing is, how big they were, the big one that got away and so on.  Well, once in a while someone is able to provide proof that their fish tale is real.  This is one of those situations.

Early this spring the ‘muskrat’ showed up at a local gunshow and we did some trading and he ended up with the GEC knife pictured below.  At the time I wasn’t 100% sure how it’d get use but by the pix, he found an excellent application.

ks flath3ead june 14Every year he, his wife and daughters head south to do some Cat fishing and it seems like every year they do fantastic.   I can’t quite imagine what it feels like to get one of these underwater bulldozers on the other end of your fishing line heading the opposite direction.  It’s got to be a thrill.


Those are definitely some fine Cat’s that came out of a Kansas body of water.  No directions came with the pictures as to how to get there!!

The fine art of dressing a Catfish involves bleeding them out prior to filleting them.  As with any large mammal, allowing the blood to drain out will result in a much whiter and more appetizing looking finished product.  So what they do is hang the fish and cut through the tail and let them bleed out.


Obviously, “muskrat’s” pretty darned happy with the performance of his new knife!  Many thanks for sharing the pix and we’ll all be waiting for that upcoming fish fry!!!

Dave, “Muskrat” just forwarded this one for posting.