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97 Large Coke Bottle Update

I talked to GEC briefly on Friday and want to pass along a few notes. regarding the upcoming 97 Large Coke Bottle. 

The quantities of this knife appear to be large with almost 4000 presold by GEC to dealers.  Due to the size of the run there is a possibility, (Read that again….a ‘Possibility‘) that GEC may eliminate one of the handle options for both the Tidioute and the Northfield. 

This is the type of thing that can drive us all nuts.  GEC demands dealers make a “FIRM” commitment for quantities no later then 7AM Monday morning for delivery next March.  But we’re not sure what they’re going to build.  And we don’t have the bone color determined yet.  AND we won’t know the cost until the day they ship next March.  AND we’re pretty sure there won’t be any SFO’s.  AND it’s getting highly unlikely there will be any stag. 

In summation, I’ve got a couple hundred knives ordered but am not 100% certain what I’m going to be getting.  I’m also taking early reservations based on the same premise.  I’ll tell you in advance I appreciate your understanding.

I have to admit its amazing GEC knives have reached this level of popularity.  Dealers and customers alike are willing to place orders without knowing all the specs, the cost or availability of a product.   GEC has every single knife sold before a single blade is cut.  Most of the knives will never see the inside of a pocket meaning warranty issues are virtually zero.  Believe, I’m not being critical of GEC.  On the contrary, this would be any businessman’s dream come true.   

If you haven’t placed a reservation yet and would like to, go to this blog post and fill out the reservation form.  Be sure to check the boxes next to the knives you’re interested in.

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GEC Early Reserve: New Pattern #97

I have an Early Reserve form at the bottom of this post if your interested in the new pattern #977.  I just received an email this morning that GEC announced a new knife will be released March of 2019.  The knife will be a pattern #97 Large Coke Bottle.

At 4.75″ OAL Closed, this will be one of the biggest offerings (0ther then the Whaler/Sunfish Series) we’ve seen from GEC.  The #65 Ben Hogan came in at 4.5″ and I believe that’s the closest contender.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen GEC come out with a knife anywhere near this size and it’s going to be interesting what the reaction will be.

Here are the specs as of this moment.  As in the past, it’s early enough in the process to anticipate there could be changes as we get closer to the March release date:


  • Jigged Bone – color to be determined
  • Jigged Brazilian Cherry Wood (Beaver Tail)
  • Maroon Linen Micarta


  • Smooth Yellow Rose
  • Gabon Ebony Wood
  • Possible Stag

I’m going to open the pattern #97 to early orders with a couple of changes.

  1. No deposit required
  2. PLEASE register in the store to expedite the order process
  3. If you have cancelled out of reserved products in the past, you fall to the bottom of the list.  In other words, if I end up getting shipped ‘short’, you may fall off the list.
  4. I will NOT be taking early orders for the stag.  This knife will require a big chunk of stag and GEC is already offering up a caveat that they will be allocated.  The number of names drawn with the option to purchase a Stag #97 will  be determined by the number of Stag #97’s available.

Be sure that to establish an account in the storefront if you don’t already have one.  Also be sure your shipping and billing addresses are up to date.  That speeds up the process and eliminates the need for me to manually enter your order info when the knives become available.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Early Reservation Request
Select the Items you wish to reserve. You will be notified and invoiced when the items become available which. Scheduled arrival is March 2019,