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One of a kind Hand Carved Camel Bone GEC 72

I received the GEC 72 Lockback finished with Hand Carved Camel Bone I won in the  Great Eastern raffle for the Wounded Warrior Project.  GREAT looking knife!

721114LB Hand Carved Camel Bone #02

The blade is etched Factory Test.



DSCN0458As the label indicates, this is Serial #2 of 1.  Maybe a little explanation is in order???  When GEC makes a run of serialized knives, they retain serial #01, so the first knife released to distributors in a series will be #02.  On the occasion they run a special one of a kind like this, they typically skip #01 and start the numbering with #02.

Next week I’ll get an auction set up on the blog and we’ll see if we can raise a few more dollars for the Wounded Warriors by auctioning off this piece.  It’s really nice looking handle material on one of GEC’s most popular patterns.