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Product Updates GEC, FrogLube, Ballistol

I had a couple of product updates I wanted to pass on this morning.  The first is the recent Northfield Bull Moose in Antique Amber Jigged Bone that came in yesterday.

#81 Bull Moose Amber Jigged Bone

The color of the bone on this one just rally caught my eye.  It has a nice, soft, traditional used bone look to it.  Great looking knife.  There are a couple more Northfield’s to come, in fact, I’m anticipating another later today.

A couple other product updates concern the Ballistol and FrogLube.  I apologize that I ran out of the 4 oz liquid FrogLube and 4 oz liquid and 6 oz aerosol Ballistol.  I sell quite a bit of both products at gun shows and end up forgetting to delete it from the online inventory.  Several of you have tried to place orders and I’m glad to let you know it’s either in stock or on it’s way.  The Ballistol order came in yesterday and the FrogLube should be back in stock later this week or the first of next.

It’s interesting that at the local shows I have people look me up to buy the Ballistol in particular.  The FrogLube is a little more widely available but the shooters say they have a hard time finding the Ballistol.  Both are outstanding products and once folks try them, they tend to continue using them.

Personally, I like using the Ballistol for cleaning both guns and knives.  It’s great for flushing out dirty pivots on folding knives, especially older knives in need of a good cleaning.  I use it as a lubricant for some of my guns, but I really like the FrogLube for my knife blades and firearm internal parts.  The great thing is both products are environmentally friendly and won’t harm leather and wood products.

Tell ya what.  If you’ve never used the Ballistol I’ll gladly give you a free sample of their wipes with your next online store order.  Just put a note in the comment section to include a Free Ballsitol Sample.  I’ll extend this offer through the end of the week. 11.12.17.


Weekly Update 1.29.16 FrogLube Test and GEC 47’s

The FrogLube test is over,  GEC 47’s continue to arrive and we should see the Vipers start to arrive in a matter of days.  One note on the Vipers is there’s going to be a delay in the new Brown Snakeskin acrylic Tidioutes.  There’s been a delay in shipping on the handle material so it sounds like it will be a while before that one’s available.

Knife sales continue strong.  I’ve added a few knives to the storefront picked up from collections and will keep trying to add more.  Yesterday I completed the purchase of an incredibly nice lot of older GEC’s including some Sunfish and early Burnt and Genuine Stag 23’s.  Have patience, I’ll get them in the store when they arrive.

I received confirmation this week that it’s going to be late February before the Trestle Pine Knives Barlow will ship.  Late January was the initial target date, but….. that’s the way it goes sometimes.  On a positive note, I received some of the Trestle Pine Buddy’s that I had made using some of the Double Dyed Box Elder, Black Ash Burl and Koa wood that will be used on the upcoming Barlow.  This at last gives you a bit of a preview of things to come!

Trestle Pine Buddy Double Dyed Box Elder, Black Ash and Koa Wood
Trestle Pine Buddy Double Dyed Box Elder, Black Ash and Koa Wood

We’ve had incredibly nice weather up here with the exception of a few subzero days.  Everything considered, it’s been a fantastic winter.  Which leads me to the conclusion of the FrogLube test.

This morning, I checked on the Queen Country Cousin that’s been laying on my picnic table, exposed to the elements since December 14.

Queen Country Cousin forgotten and neglected.
Queen Country Cousin forgotten and neglected.

If you’ve followed the conversation, I treated the blade with FrogLube back in mid December and left the knife stuck in the snow on my picnic table.  I checked on the knife a couple of times, wiped the blade with my fingers and laid it back outside.


After 6 weeks in the snow and wet, not much for signs of metal deterioration.  If you look at the base of the blade, you can see just a slight bit oxidation starting to occur.


But amazingly, when I wiped it off with a dry cloth, most of the oxidation was superficial and cleaned up quite well.


The only other signs of ‘deterioration’ was a bit of discoloration on the brass surfaces.  I’m not sure that’s even worth mentioning as brass loves to tarnish with just a fingerprint that doesn’t get wiped off.


The knife has been in the house for about an hour and I’ve thoroughly wiped it off with a dry cloth and my fingers.  You can still feel the presence of the FrogLube on the blade which I find unbelievable.  Every time I’ve checked the knife out, I made a point of wiping the blade dry, using my fingers and a cloth yet there’s still a very obvious protective coating of  FrogLube.

I’ve only put a few rounds through one of my 9mm’s that I Frogged but the cleanup was easier then ever and after cleaning, you could feel the FrogLube presence on it as well.  Pretty neat that you can use the same cleaning product that you use as a lube.  Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different CLP’s but I’m convinced, FrogLube is one of the best products I’ve ever used.

FrogLube Test Update 1.14.16

Time for a FrogLube Test update.  It’s been 4 weeks since I treated a Queen Country Cousin with a D2 blade and left it outside on my picnic table.


December 14, 2015
December 14, 2015

Per the FrogLube instructions, I degreased the blade and removed all of the original petroleum based lubes, warmed the knife slightly with a hair dryer and applied a single coat of FrogLube.  Since I left it outside, we’ve had temps above freezing, below zero, fog, snow, sunshine and everything in between.  I checked it out 2 weeks ago to see if there were any signs of rust or corrosion and wiped the blade off with my fingers.

January 7, 2016
December 30, 2015

Everything looked good so I laid it back in the snow and left it there for 2 more weeks.  This morning, I ‘dug’ it out and here’s what it looks like.

It's in there somewhere
It’s in there somewhere
January 14, 2016
January 14, 2016
Frozen in pretty solid
Frozen in pretty solid

And here’s what it looks like after a month in the elements.  Remember, you’re looking at a D2 Carbon steel blade, not a stainless steel.  It’s been laying in about as damp an environment as you can imagine.

After a month in the snow.
After a month in the snow.




There was a bit of light staining on the tang where it appears I didn’t get any lube and a spot at the base of the blade just above the grind and to the right of the tang stamp.


Most of the spot rubbed off with just finger pressure as did most of the staining near the pivot.


When I wipe down the blade with my fingers, I can still feel the presence of the FrogLube.  It’s not a greasy or oily feel, but more like a metal surface that’s been waxed.

Being a long time fan of D2 steel, the combination of the steel with a treatment of FrogLube seems to be a pretty tough combination to beat for protection.  I was already convinced of the FrogLube cleaning and lube properties, and this seems to prove its claim as an effective all around CLP.

I think it was John and/or Syd made comments that it seemed a bit expensive until they realized how little you used.   Dave and I discussed the cost as well and we agreed for the amount used, it’s a bargain.  The knife pictured was treated with a grand total of 2 drops of the liquid.  I’m not sharp enough to  break down the actual cost to treat a single knife, but it’s pretty darned cheap considering the amount used and the results.

The Trestle Pine Buddy I use (1095 blade) got the FrogLube treatment but I haven’t used the knife recently.  That’s my camping knife and I’m anxious to see how the FrogLube holds up after a couple days in the outdoors, cutting, cleaning fish and constant moisture exposure.  The real test of any protectant is how well it’ll continue to protect after the blade is actually used for extensive cutting.  For now, I’m impressed.

You know what…. let’s throw it back out in the snow a little longer with the blade partially opened.  Just for the record, no more FrogLube, I wiped the knife down with both a dry cloth and my fingers.

1.14.16  Back in the Snow!
1.14.16 Back in the Snow!

FrogLube Test Update

Not sure how many of you remember these pictures of the start of the FrogLube Test from December 14, 1015.  …..  This is a much abused Queen Country Cousin that’s been used hard and put away wet more then a few times.  The blade steel is D2 which I’ll admit is more stain/rust resistant than 1095, but none the less, will rust.

DSC_0637 DSC_0636 DSC_0635

I put this well used EDC knife outside in the edge of my picnic table on December 14, 2015 after I’d treated it with FrogLube.  Per the recommendations, I cleaned the blade with a degreaser, warmed the blade and applied a very light coat of the FrogLube allowing it to dry for about 1/2 hour before leaving it outside. That was nearly 2 weeks ago.

In the mean time, we’ve had rain, snow, fog, warm, cold, sun, clouds and  everything in between for weather.  This morning I decided it was time to see how much damage (if any had occurred).


Three or four times while the knife was outside, I wiped the blades with my fingers to see if you could still feel the presents of any lube on the blade.  While the blade wasn’t oily, the blade had a smooth, slick feel to it like it had been waxed.

Here’s what it looks like today.

DSC_0791 DSC_0790

There’s still a smooth, dry waxed feeling on the blade and no sign of any rust or staining on the blade.  The only sign of any metal deterioration is behind the tang at the pivot, which I didn’t lube.  All I did was wipe down the exposed blade.


While I’ll admit this FrogLube Test isn’t scientific nor was a control of any kind used for comparison, I’m pretty impressed.  Two weeks stuck in a table top in the elements with no sign of rusting is pretty damned good in my estimation.

To continue the test, I’m going to lay it down on the table, in the snow and we’ll see how things look in a few more weeks or months.  I’m not going to reapply any more of the FrogLube and all I’ve done is wipe down the blade with a dry cloth.  In fact, I’m tempted to leave it out there until Spring just to see what happens.  At the very least, we’ll get to see just how tough Queen’s D2 is!

So here we go!  Let’s see what a little more time will do to things!!


FrogLube is in the TSA Knives Store

Took a little longer than I thought, but the FrogLube is in the TSA Knives store.  I took the opportunity to apply it to a couple of my own knives and guns.  First impression is very positive.

My first piece of advice is to take the time to remove the existing lubricant from you knife or weapon.  The reason this important is to allow the FrogLube to actually penetrate the metal.  If there’s a coat of petroleum base lube on your blade, the FrogLube is going to have a tough time getting through and won’t be nearly as effective.  FrogLube makes a really nice, minty smelling non-toxic de-greaser or you can use any effective cleaner/degreaser.

After I cleaned things up, I grabbed the wife’s hair dryer and warmed the metal surfaces just enough that I could feel a temperature difference from the air temp.  You don’t have to get things screaming hot and I sure don’t encourage it!!!  I wiped on a small amount of the FrogLube Extreme and allowed it to sit for a few minutes before I wiped off the excess.  It left a dry, slick surface that feels almost like it’s been waxed, not greasy or oily.

What was really apparent is it doesn’t take a lot of lube.  Just a drop will spread over the surface using your finger or a small patch.  FrogLube also has a resealable pack of 5 pre-lubed patches  that should be more then adequate to treat a whole pile of knives.

As a  bit of an unscientific test, I treated the blade of an old EDC knife and stuck it in the picnic table in the back yard.  I wiped the excess off the blade and I’ve wiped the blade off a couple more times with my bare fingers to make sure there’s not a thick coat of FrogLube on the blade.


I’ll leave it out there for a few days and see what happens.  It’s been wet. humid and we’ve got snow coming in tomorrow nite, so let’s see how it goes.


Weekly Update 12.11.15

Time for another Weekly Update and it’s been another active week!!  More GEC 25’s trickled in.  Some really nice Limited Production single blade S&M Gunstocks with 154CM blades, plus the linerlock Queen Trappers and small Sleeveboards.  Of course there is the addition of FrogLube, the Christmas Giveaway kicked off and pre-orders of the Viper has been strong.

Regarding the Vipers and the pre-order status.  I’ve increased my order twice with Chris and wish I could get more.  While the TSA Knives pre-order page shows they are out of stock, I’ve tried to build in a cushion in the event I get shipped short or any knives need to be returned.  I won’t take any more orders for them, but I’m hopeful there will be a few pieces available for store inventory when they arrive.  Last I checked you can still pre-order the Northfield and Tidioute Bone as well as the Tidioute Rosewood.

The Christmas Giveaway has been popular and I appreciate the patience of you that had trouble getting logged in.  A number of months ago I purged a huge group of spammer email addresses and deleted some legitimate accounts purely by accident.  PLUS, if you registered in the past and didn’t participate on the blog discussions, you were probably blocked as well.  There have been a few sending me personal emails asking me to enter them in the giveaway.  Sorry, not the way it works.  I really don’t have time maintain a separate list or put up a comment for everyone.  It’s really simple to leave a comment and you’re not gonna end up on an email list.

This morning I received an email from Chris that there would be a very limited number of the “Navy Knife” (which I assume is the same/similar to the “Sailors Knife” being SFO’d)  built on the #15 frame.  GEC will be building 50 of each handle material to include:

Red Linen Micarta
Cola Jig Bone
Cocobolo Wood
Gabon Ebony Wood

The Jigged Bone will have a stamped Tidioute Shield and the Micarta and Woods will have a smooth hot dog shield.  They’re in production as I’m typing this and should start shipping today or tomorrow.

They’ll be split equally among  the distributors interested in them so no idea what that will ultimately mean I’ll get.  I requested 10 of each, but last I talked to Chris it sounds like I can expect more like 4 of each.  I am NOT taking any reservations for these.  Watch the blog, subscribe to the RSS feed in the storefront to keep current on this one.

I’m really going to try and get the FrogLube listed in the next day or two.  Based on all the hype I’m reading, I’m anxious to give it a try.  There’s an old EDC knife in my drawer that’s going to get Frogged and left in the elements for a few days to see how it works.  We have a little snow and rain coming in, so good time to test it out.  I’ll repeat the offer of a free sample with your next order if you’re interested.  Just include a note in the Special Instruction section of your order that you’d like to try it out.


FrogLube Available at TSA Knives, LLC

Once again, I took the advice of a couple of customers and decided to add FrogLube to the storefront.  I was aware it was out there but hadn’t paid a lot of attention to it.  As usual, I’m always open to trying something new, and this sounds too good NOT to try.

FrogLube » FrogLube Store » FrogLube Products » FrogLube CLP Liquid ...

Both of these guys have been using it on guns for some time and also use the Ballistol.  In fact, one of them stopped by at the last gun show to by a bottle of Ballistol and that’s how the conversation got going.  He uses the Ballistol primarily as a cleaner / lubricant for his black powder rifles but prefers the FrogLube as a Protectant.  The other guy’s using it on his black rifle and  swore it was absolutely the best CLP he’d come across.

There’s some great reference material online and visit their website for more detailed info: FrogLube but in a nutshell, it’s a non-petroleum, bio based, FDA Approved, child safe, non-hazardous, non-flammable…….. Cleaner / Lubricant / Protectant. Whew!

For effective use you want to clean all of the petroleum based lube from your knife/gun and wipe on the FrogLube liquid or paste.  Warming the metal with something like a hairdryer will also allow the FrogLube to actually penetrate the metal.  It is dry to the touch and won’t attract dust.  The interesting thing for firearms use is that the heat from firing the weapon will activate the lubrication properties and prevent carbon buildup.

From the reading I’ve done so far, it appears safe to use on plastics, wood, metal, leather with no ill effects.  Considering it’s also a non-petroleum based product, it shouldn’t leave a funny taste on the apple, cheese and salami you slice up for lunch.  In fact, it has a mildly minty smell that’s really quite pleasant!  I particularly like the fact that it’s a ‘dry’ lube.

I intend to apply it to an EDC knife and put it through a minor torture test to see how it works as a protectant.  There doesn’t seem to be any real complaints about it and I’m anxious to try it out.  I’ll try to get it listed in the store in the next couple of days.

Now, for a limited time, anyone that would like a free sample to give it a try…. include a note in the comments area on your next order and I’ll include a sample.