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No Shipping Next Week

Today, Friday 8/17 will be the last day I will be shipping any orders out until next Friday, 8/24/18.  I’m closing down operations for a week to make a field trip to the Northlands.  No fun and games, understand, just some serious field testing of a couple of items in the store.  If I sell it in the store, I like to make sure it works.

Some time back I had a conversation with a guy and we got to laughing about some of the video ‘reviews’ online.  Its the ‘new’ releases that got us laughing.  Two minutes of video showing the package that came from the post office followed by a minute and a half unwrapping it.  THEN there’s the obligatory rolling the knife around the camera lens showing the knife from all angles until vertigo sets in for the viewer.

Probably nothing wrong with that type of review but it doesn’t do much for me.  I prefer to know how the knife works in the field.  There are some great field test videos on line.  Probably one of the best I recall was on the Fallkniven A1 that the guy put through the destruction test.  In fact, just google “Fallkniven A1 Destruction Test“.   There are about 6 different videos and it shows just how tough that knife is under incredibly extreme conditions.  I don’t plan on doing any videos but I do like to snap a few photo’s to give folks an idea how things work in the field.

But I digress.  Even though I won’t be shipping until next Friday, the store will remain open to accept orders.  I try to check emails once a day (if I’ve got cell service) but won’t be answering the phone.