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Cancelling TSA Knives Facebook Account

This will be one of the last TSAK Blog posts that will be fed to Facebook.  I’ve decided to cancel my personal and business Facebook accounts.

The primary reasons are the ongoing data breaches and privacy violations that accompany so many social media sites.  It’s gotten to the point people have slowly accepted the fact their privacy isn’t that important.  Guess I’m old school and unwilling to accept that.

Since I started the store and blog I’ve made an attempt to protect my customers data while trying to maintain at least a modicum of personal privacy.  I don’t collect or maintain customer information and don’t have any secret handshakes or email lists.  From day one I offered the opportunity to ‘create an account’ to expedite placing future orders but it’s certainly not necessary to make a purchase if you opt out.  I don’t maintain any mailing lists or keep credit card info ‘on file’ ( to the chagrin of many).

I know it’s lousy marketing but I refuse to mine my customer base to promote additional orders.  When I say that, I mean I don’t use Google or Facebook to push ads to potential customers.  Why?  It irritates the hell out of me to have these ads pop up on every web page I visit trying to sell me something.  There are times it seems like 50% of some web pages contain targeted ads rather then the content I’m looking for.  Without a doubt there are those of you that feel the same.  I don’t want to participate.  If it were possible to block all ads from my browsing, I’d be willing to pay generously.

While I know there are a fair number of you that follow my Facebook page, don’t despair.  You can catch the blog in full at  without news-feeds or advertisements.  No sign in unless you want to leave a  comment.  I didn’t want to require a password for that but the blog got inundated with spam so it was necessary to protect the integrity of the blog.

Hope to see you right here at !!