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A Quick Look at the New S&M #3 EXP Mountain Man

In the last couple of days, I’ve had the opportunity to take a look at the new S&M #3 EXP Mountain Man.  While I’ve had no practical experience actually using one, I have taken the time to give it a good lookin’ at.

The #3 EXP’s I received included a number of one of a kind and very low run pieces.  Here’s a group of 4 that I believe were the only ones made that now reside in a pretty impressive and complete collection of #3EXP and #71’s.

Four Rare Handle Options for the #3EXP Mountain Man

There were also more Shockwood handles like the Silver Shockwood pictured below.  As I’ve said before, the Shockwood is really a great looking handle material particularly on a larger knife like the Mountain Man and the John Henry Auto’s.

Silver Shockwood

For the first time, there is also a jigged bone handle which I hope we’ll see more of in the future.

Worm Groove Jigged Bone

When you compare the original John Henry 71 Express with the #3 EXP Mountain Man, the size difference is pretty obvious.  I always felt the Mountain Man was a pretty big knife, but handling it alongside the John Henry…. it feels pretty slim and trim.  In fact, it feels very comfortable in hand.

#3 EXP (L) and #71 John Henry (R)

The locking mechanism on both knives is identical in design and function.  The release button is situated as such to make both of these knives a right handed knife.  For the southpaw, either will be awkward to use at best.

Release Button

The only comfortable way to deploy the blade is by holding the knife in your right hand …

using the tip of your right index finger to depress the release.

The force required to depress the release is noticeably less the that required on the 71 John Henry.  Smaller blade, smaller (shorter) spring, less effort.

Once released, the blade swings open with authority.  If you’ve handled the 71 John Henry you know there’s a fair amount of torque created when that big blade swings open.  The #3 EXP is much more civilized upon opening.  There’s plenty of spring tension to open the blade and lock it up securely all the while letting you feel secure you’ve got control of things.  The blade design is in keeping with the original Mountain Man.  A reasonable length clip blade made of 1095 steel.

The fit and finish of the #3 Mountain Man is in my estimation better then the #71 John Henry.  I get the feeling that the Mountain Man was an opportunity to refine some of the same/similar processes used to build the John Henry.  Even the later runs of the John Henry were more refined then the first run and it seems like the #3 takes it a step further.  Over all, nicely done.

From the feel of the knife in hand and fundamental similarity to the Mountain Man can only lead me to believe it would make an excellent full size work knife.  I’m not accustomed to using a larger knife in my day to day routine and while I don’t envision carrying a #3 EXP, if I had a need, I see no reason why I wouldn’t!

Weekly Update 4.21.17

It’s been quiet the last half of the week, but a brief weekly update is still in order.

The GEC 48’s continued to come through with the first of the two blade models coming in mid week.  I believe the two blade stags are either in transit or close to being shipped.  Next up are the #54’s with a whole bunch of SFO’s in the lot.

Queen’s 1/2 Whittlers, Swing Guards and 26 Whittlers rounded out the latest from Queen this week.  The 26’s are a really nice small to mid size knife that would make an excellent EDC.

#26 Stockman Whittler

I do have some news for the Schatt & Morgan 71 Express Auto collectors.  We’ll shortly see another short run coming through with some new handle materials.  Last I knew, it will include Smooth Yellow Bone, Burlesque Stag and Pearl Shock Wood.  The Burlesque Stag is an imitation stag that I’ve been told is a really great looking handle material.  The original Red Shock Wood was well received and based on the coloration we saw, I am assuming the Pearl could be a knockout.

I’m waiting on the wood for the Trestle Pine Topper.  At this time I’m still anticipating a mid to late May release.  As we get closer to Blade, it gets a little more difficult to predict if everything will go ‘as planned’.  Everyone has priorities that don’t parallel mine (which I’ve never understood).  I’ve got my fingers crossed and hopefully all will go as planned.

I was informed this morning that the Trestle Pine Buddy’s will be going to production in the next couple of weeks and anticipate an early to mid-May on those coming in.  Blades will be 1095 with exotic wood handles and Mosaic pins.  Should be a great looking EDC knife.

This past week I realized it had been almost 3 weeks since I last touched up the blade on my Superior.  It’s still cutting fine, but I like a razor edge if I can.  I’ve been really impressed with the CPM154 and can’t recommend the CPM steels enough.  My concern had been that since we typically see the 154’s in bushcraft type knives, maybe a traditional folder would have a blade to thin to resist chipping.  Not a problem.

There are so many fabulous blade steels out there today it’s hard to believe.  The great thing is that many have been developed specifically for knifemakers.  After reading all the glowing reports about the S30V, I can’t wait to try it out on the Topper.


Ice Out, More Weasels and a New Trestle Pine Knife 3.31.17

The Ice Out is progressing.  There’s more open water along the edge of the lake and a few shallow areas opening up.  This was taken last evening.  Maybe sometime this weekend????  You folks living in the south can’t appreciate how much us northerners look forward to this time of year in lakes country.

More of the GEC Weasels came in today.  Specifically, the Blueberry Jigged Bone and Sambar Stag.  I think that finishes up the single blades.

There were a lot new knives that came in from Queen earlier in the week including the Factory Samples.  I believe there are a couple more new Queens coming through next week.  The John Henry 71 Express Auto fans will be glad to know there are a couple more handle options coming in the near future.  I’m not sure its set in stone yet, but I’ve heard we may see a bone or acrylic in the next run.  The second bit of good news concerning the John Henry Express is a price reduction on the Stag version.  Always glad to pass on savings when I can.

This week I finalized the details on the next Trestle Pine Knife, release scheduled for late May.  Specs have been settled on and the handle material ordered.  I’m a little crowded for time today, but next week I’ll fill in the blanks.  For now, I’ll tell you it’s going to be a Gunstock pattern called the “Topper” with a traditional clip blade.

As I said, I’m a little pressed for time today.  Actually, there’s a cup of coffee and a cigar with my name on them waiting for me on the deck.  Gotta run!!!  Have a good weekend.


Gun Show Update What was selling…

This past weekend was the Fergus Falls Gun Show and it was a good one!  The weather was nice and people were out of the house and spending money.  It was really nice to see some of you blog followers able to make it by.

One of the main attractions was the ability to get a look at the Schatt & Morgan 71 Express knife.  Everyone that looked at it agreed it was an impressive piece of hardware.  The Red Shock Wood got a lot of attention and I hope we see the Shock Wood used on more patterns.  Very unique.

Schatt & Morgan 71 Express Red Shock Wood

I sold more knives than usual and was really pleased with the reaction to the latest release of the Trestle Pine Superior with the CPM154 blade.  Most people liked the look of the Brass bolsters as it really sets off the wood.  The guys that had never handled the knife liked the feel of the knife with the wharncliffe blade rather then the traditional clip point.  Looks different but feels great.  As one guy said, the wharncliffe ‘feels’ like it’s putting a lot more blade in the same size knife.

Trestle Pine Superior Black Ash Burl

Older Copperhead (L) and First Run Superior (R)

My best seller was the Trestle Pine Buddy.  I’ve had these at other shows but for some reason, I had more lookers and buyers of them at this show then usual.  It’s a great size and a practical knife for most outdoor chores.

Trestle Pine Buddy

The higher end figured woods were the most popular.  Going into spring I’m going to have more of the Trestle Pine Buddy’s finished and I think the exotic woods will be the focus.  On the initial run I had a few made with Mosaic pins highlighting the highly figured woods.  Those were very popular and I may go that route on the next run as well.

Black Gold Boxelder Burl

I enjoy the opportunity to talk to consumers at the shows and get their honest feedback.  Rather then the one sided sided online sniping about quality or selection, I get the opportunity to actually engage the disgruntled and discuss their concerns.  In the past few months it’s been fun to physically place one of the recent Queen knives in a customers hands and have them check the quality.  Prime examples are my Trestle Pine Superior’s, the Mammoth Ivory Executive Jacks AND the recent 3T Mountain Man.  Since Jeff came on board at Queen the quality has been steadily improving.  The aforementioned Executive Jacks are a great example.  Some of the finest blade polishing, centering and overall fit and finish you could ask for.  Glad to see it happening!

I’m reaching the point where I find the shows a lot more fun then the online sales.  That ability to show and tell is such a powerful tool to get a point across.  Recently a Great Eastern knife came back with a blade tip sitting ever so slightly to high.  The customer had his shorts in a knot and felt it was sub par for a knife in that price range and demanded a refund.  In a face to face situation, you can explain the issue, a few quick passes with a stone the problem’s resolved and everyone goes home happy.

The next local show is coming up in late April at the Detroit Lakes, MN Armory.  I wish more of you were within driving distance.  There’s a lot we could learn from each other!!!




Trestle Pine Endorsement! Mammoth Ivory, Express, Stallions

There’s a whole lot going on this week and it’s only Tuesday!!!   We’re talking Mammoth Ivory, 71 Express and 74 Stallions.   Let’s start with the ‘big’ (for me) news.  A ‘major’ endorsement for the Trestle Pine Superior.

Affirmation that you’ve done something right is always great and it’s REALLY great when it comes from someone you respect.  I got it yesterday.  Had a good conversation going with Ken Daniels yesterday and in the course of the conversation we talked about the Trestle Pine Superiors that are in transit.  Ken said they came through looking really good with some terrific woods (and this is coming from a ‘stag’ fanatic).  He followed up the comment by telling me he was in fact carrying one of the Superiors for an EDC knife and really liked it.  It fit his hand well, liked the easy access to the tall blade and the blade was great for just about any task at hand.  Understand, this wasn’t a paid endorsement (but to be 100% honest with you…. I’m not sure Ken paid for the knife either).

This meant a lot to me not only that it came from Ken, but because the blade/handle combination was received with some skepticism.  It strayed to far from the ‘traditional’ folder design.  A wharncliffe blade in a Copperhead frame?  Old growth wood handles?? Using a 154 series blade instead of 1095 or 440C!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Totally unconventional.  Well, that first release sold out in just a few weeks and most folks loved it.  The next run should be arriving later today or tomorrow.

Next good news is a special run of 40 #99 Executive Jacks with a 1095 Wharncliffe blade finished in Mammoth Ivory is coming in.  I’ve wanted to see more premium handle material on anything for quite a while and was glad this deal came together.  With luck, they’ll start coming through next week.

The next run of  John Henry 71 Express knives is tentatively scheduled to start shipping mid February.  Interest is running high and I know the Black G10 is close to sold out already.

And the last update is in regards to the GEC 74 Stallions.  These have proven to be wildly popular and are selling out quickly.  I increased my orders twice on several handle options and still find it’s not enough.  The Green and Yellow Rose have so far been the runaway most popular but I’m willing to bet the Northfield Jigged Bone is going to be the biggest hit.  Great looking jigging pattern.


S&M 71 Express Update

The first release of S&M 71 Express knives sold out fast, but there is another run in the works!  First, let me share some production info on the first run.

Initially, there were supposed to be a relatively even mix of the Maple and Ironwood.  A number of the Maple handles were lost in production and as a result, there weren’t many built.  I’m going to guess around 25-30.  The stag came out as a bit of an afterthought with just 23 of them built.   I ran out of stag very quickly and am hoping to snag a couple more if at all possible.  No promises.  And speaking of stag, I’ve now heard from two sources that stag is becoming difficult to get once again.

I talked to Ryan yesterday and the next release of the 71 Express will total around 265 pieces.  Should be seeing these in February.  Breakdown of handle materials are proposed as follows:

  • 50  Ironwood
  • 50 Leopard Wood
  • 50 Black G10
  • 50 Red Shockwood
  • 40 Red Acrylic
  • 25 Black G10

I’ve set up a page for early orders and based on the first run, don’t wait if you’re interested.  Another note when you’re ordering is make sure you use a street address for delivery and NOT a box number.  These are shipped UPS and box numbers don’t cut it.  You’ll also notice the current price does include US Shipping.