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Maintain Wood Handles, New Listings and 25 GEC’s

Every now and then someone will ask me what they should do to maintain the wood handles on the Trestle Pine Knives.  It’s actually pretty simple.

A few of the woods I use on the Trestle Pine Knives are not stabilized due to the amount of natural oil in the wood.  Bolivian Rosewood is a good example.  Before we go any further, understand that even though a wood handle may be stabilized, it’s still possible for it to absorb small amounts of moisture.

Personally, I’ve used everything from wood treatments available at the local hardware store to Olive Oil.  I settled on olive oil for years as it was always available in the kitchen cupboard and I used it on our kitchen knives, wood cutting boards, etc.

When I started carrying the Frog Lube, I switched over to it as I was using it to oil the blades and metal surfaces anyway.  Frog Lube is great stuff and I’ve found it works extremely well on both the wood and metal.  Plus, it smells good!

In the picture below you can see the ‘white’ spots that are showing as open pores in the dried wood.

Dried Handle

In the following picture, I have applied a very light coat of Frog Lube to the Bare End half of the handle and let it sit for about an hour before buffing it with an old piece of bath towel. Whether you use Olive Oil or Frog Lube, give it the wood a chance to absorb it before wiping off any excess.  You can see the pores are filled and the luster restored.   Pretty simple.

This morning I finally got the Schatt & Morgan #01 Swayback Jacks listed.  These are really nice knives and the “Marvel Wood” is particularly interesting.

S&M #01 Swayback Jack with Marvel Wood Handle

I wasn’t going to bring in any of the GEC 25’s coming through as I kind of had the sense there was a bit of buyer fatigue with the 15’s and 25’s.  My mistake.  Last week I started getting requests for reservations so decided to bring a few in.  GEC had started to cut back on SFO’s and then turned the full run of Northfields over as an SFO.  Interesting.  The Tidioute’s will be the ONLY one’s available through the normal distributor network.

And just a quick wrap up, we had another minor local crime outbreak last week I thought I’d share with you.  We like to think we live in a pretty safe area of the country but even at that, ‘stuff’ happens.  Maybe it’ time we petitioned our local LE to crack down a little harder to stop this kind of crime.  In the mean time, buy your locals guys and gals in Blue a cup of coffee.  Believe me, they deserve it dealing with stuff like this.  In the mean time if you come across a deal on a hot fidget spinner or a wrangled chicken…….. never mind.

Cold Weather, Crime Wave & 2016 Queen Catalog

The 2016 Queen Product Catalog was released last week and there are some great looking products coming up.  One item I knew was coming and I personally like is the Blue Bone.  This is a ‘distressed’ blue so don’t be looking for a perfectly matched solid blue.  It’s a great looking handle material and the variation in color adds to the look.  The prototype Barlow’s I received had the MOP keystone shields which won’t be present on the production run knives.

One surprise was no production knives in the CPM154 steel or 154CM.  After seeing some of the short run/proto knives last year, I had myself convinced we might see a series offered in the high tech steels.  The nice thing is it allows Queen to mix things up once in a while and use the CPM or CM as a specialty steel we’ll only seen on a few knives.  No doubt it doesn’t matter to a lot of collectors as it does bump up the price but if you use your knife heavily, gotta love that steel!

We finally got some winter weather this weekend in the form of coooold temps.  How cold? Well here’s what we saw first thing Saturday morning.

DSC_0894I’ll admit it did warm up to around -8F during the day, but it was a bit brisk in the morning!  No one’s really complaining as we’ve had one of the mildest winters I can recall.

With the cold weather and winter we suffer from a malady up here commonly referred to as ‘cabin fever’.  It’s that restless, I gotta get out of the house before I go crazy feeling you get after being cooped up due to lousy cold weather.

On the positive side, we try to cure it with activities like ice fishing, snowmobile races and motorcycle races on the ice regardless of the temperatures.  Our Winter Carnival starts up in February with all kinds of craziness including golf on the lake, folks jumping through a hole in the ice into the freezing cold lake water.  Great distractions and it does make the winter go by a little faster.

One of the  negative aspects to the cabin fever syndrome is the increase in crime.  While we don’t live in a major metropolitan area, don’t kid yourself, we do have a criminal element to be dealt with.  I caught these two reports in the Sunday paper police blotter and thought they were worth sharing.

Police Report
Police Report

Granted, that may not qualify as a crime, it does make you realize how alert we are this time of year to potential criminal activity.  The really serious issue was in the following report.  You have to understand, there are some items of personal property we value greater then others this time of year.  To attack / vandalize someone’s fish house in the dead of winter is….well, …. it’s a bit like cattle rustling in the old west.  It’s just not tolerated.