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Queen appears to be embracing CPM154!

This past week I had a number of new Schatt & Morgan knives come through and Queen appears to be embracing CPM154 as a ‘regular’ blade steel.  I say hooray!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the 154 series steels and my latest experiences with the Trestle Pine Grand Portage and second release of the Superior have reinforced my feelings.  It’s a relatively easy steel to work (especially compared to D2), takes an almost surgical edge (with minimal effort) and holds that edge incredibly well.  I’m also convinced after using the Trestle Pine Superior with a 154CM and the latest in CPM154 that the CPM series is a better steel.  Better in the sense I think it holds an edge even better then the CM series and is virtually the same when it comes to sharpening.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent steels out there and 1095 is one of the great standby’s.  My personal feeling is the slightly higher price for the 154 series is really easy to justify if you use your knife on any sort of a regular basis and sharpen on an irregular basis.  With the stain resistance of the 154 combined with the toughness of the steel compared to 1095 or even 440C….not much comparison.

So what did Queen release this week I’m so fond of?  A series of 99 Schatt & Morgans with CPM154 drop point blades.  NICE knife.

Schatt & Morgan 99 Torched Stag CPM154 Drop Point Blade4

It fits the hand well with a reasonably sized blade.  Not a big workhorse, but in this day and age, not everyone needs a huge knife.  I’m particularly fond of the nail nick being so close to the tip.  There’s a barely discernible easy open notch which makes for a slim profile in your pocket and easy access when you’re ready to deploy the blade.

99 S&M Reverse Worm Groove

Other handle options include American Elk and Reverse Worm Groove Jigged Bone.  It’s just a really nice sized pocket knife that is executed excellently.  When you look at the price and compare it to the competition with 1095, this is a bargain.

A couple of other nice releases is, first, a Schatt & Morgan #100 Sunfish Whittler in Black Maple or Smooth White Bone.

S&M #100 Sunfish Whittler

Then there are the #203MU Queen City Cigar Muskrats

Queen City #203MU Cigar Muskrat

The Queen City 203TR Cigar Trapper...

Queen City #203TR Cigar Trapper

And the #204 Queen City Sow Belly.

Queen City #204 Sow Belly

There is one more release I’ve yet to get to and that is the #301 Schatt & Morgan Stockman in Reverse Worm Groove.  Had a few other things to take care of first, but I’ll get those up next week.

It’s just been a lot of fun seeing new products coming out of Queen the past few months.  The quality is greatly improved from a year ago and there willingness to work with unique handle materials and upscale steels should be greatly appreciated by anyone wanting a high end knife at a very reasonable price.

There are more new things to come from them in the future and I look forward to seeing them!


Weekly Update 12.17.15

The Weekly Update still comes out just once a week but it sure doesn’t feel like a whole week has slid by!

The GEC #15 Navy knife came through and sold out in just over an hour.  Not a surprise.  Based on store sales the last quarter, the collector market is alive and well.

The FrogLube was added to the store recently and a few customers have taken me up on the free sample offer.  Not surprisingly, the feedback from the ones that have tried it has been very positive.  I also have been reading articles on the web trying to find negative feedback and so far, almost all of the comments have been pretty positive.  If you’ve got a sticky blade, I’d highly recommend trying it.

I’m really anxious to hear from our friend Dave.  I sent him a sample of the FrogLube and while he told me he was already pretty committed to another super premium lube, he went ahead and tried the FrogLube anyway.  Knowing Dave as I do, he’s not the kinda of guy that gets his head easily turned by the latest, newest innovation.  He tried it on a couple of knives this week and so far his reaction has been just short of amazement.  The proof will be in once he’s had a chance to see how well it holds up and I’m hoping he shares his assessment.

The other notable product release was the Limited Edition Schatt & Morgan #69 Barlows that came through with CPM154 blades.  Queen confirmed that these are the first Schatt & Morgans ever produced with CPM154 blades and I think it’s really promising for future releases.   I put these out at a Christmas promotional price that won’t be repeated and when these are gone….. they’re gone.

Schatt & Morgan 69 with a CPM154 Blade
Schatt & Morgan 69 with a CPM154 Blade

I use my knives and don’t have any safe queens or beauty queens to show off.  I like a pretty face as well as anyone, but when ya get right down to it, I wanna know if she can carry her end of the canoe.  For my personal use, I want a knife with a blade that’s high quality and capable of performing at 110%.  I’m a big fan of the Fallkniven’s with their VG10, Cobalt and powdered gold steels.  D2 is a hands down favorite of mine in carbon steels and I promise you’ll see CPM154 on a future Trestle Pine Knives project.

In little more than a week, another Christmas is is behind us.  This has been one incredibly short year!  I plan to get a post up next week ( not sure if there’ll be a weekly update ), but a little advance warning, I’m closing down for a few days next week and all shipping will be suspended as of  6:00 AM Wednesday, December 23 until after Christmas.  Also, don’t forget to leave a ‘comment’ before Christmas Eve if you’d like to be included in the Christmas drawing for one of the upcoming Trestle Pine Knives Barlows.  To enter,  Leave your comment to this post:  http://tsakblog.com/2015/12/08/christmas-giveaway/

Schatt & Morgan CPM154 Barlows

I was lucky to pick up a very short run of Schatt & Morgan CPM154 Barlows.  To the best of my knowledge, I got all of the knives in this run.  They’re not only a great looking little knife, but they’re actually pretty unique.

So what’s the big deal?  Well, first they have some knock out stag on them.  Second, there’s an assortment of Clip, Sheepsfoot and Spear blades and finally, they were built with CPM154 blades.  As a Christmas special, I’m offering these at a bargain basement price for a knife of this quality.  They were built in a limited quantity so fair warning….. when they’re gone, they are gone.

DSC_0733 DSC_0659 DSC_0705 DSC_0669

The CPM154 blades are a really big deal as far as I’m concerned.  I’m a big fan of 154CM which is very comparable to ATS34 but in reality, a better choice and only a bit more expensive.  When you jump up to the CPM154, while it’s not only more expensive yet, you just took a leap to another level of steel quality.   More expensive then either the ATS or 154CM, it’s absolutely a top shelf steel.

The edge retention and chip resistance of the original 154CM was excellent, the CPM series is even better.  The characteristics of the powdered steels results in a more uniform steel and while it’s tougher then the original 154CM, it’s actually supposed to be slightly easier to grind and polish.  These little CPM154 Barlows are gonna be one tough little knife!

I find it really interesting and encouraging to see a company like Queen using the high end steels in their traditional knives.  This is one of the reasons I started Trestle Pine Knives, to combine traditional with modern, to bring  old and new together.  I hope we see Queen do more of the same.