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GONE!!! We have a Winner

John H is the First Place winner of the 2018 Ice Out Contest with a date of 5/1 at 4:00PM, Congrats!  Second Place Winner goes to Syd with a guess of 4/29 at 11:20AM.  John will receive a Trestle Pine Topper with a Black Ash Burl handle and S30V clip blade and Syd a Victorinox Classic and Tinker.

John couldn’t have come much closer to hitting the nail directly on the head.   Yesterday our temp came close to 80 degrees with more wind.  This morning it’s 37F.   The lake was ice free in the early morning hours of 5/1 and as of 10AM CST, this is all that’s left.

I have to give John some credit because I know he spends some time and effort into making his prediction.  To be very honest with you, I live on the lake and I didn’t expect this ice to be gone for at least another week.  At any rate, its been fun, congrats to both John and Syd.  Many thanks to those of you that gave it a shot.  And I couldn’t be happier to see the ice GONE for another season!!!

Going, going….

Yesterday’s high winds took an incredible bite out of the ice.  This years Ice Out Contest has been an interesting one to watch from the shoreline.  I live on a smaller lake about 2 miles long and roughly 1/2-3/4 mile wide.  But since it’s a deep lake at around 65′ max depth we tend to be one of the later lakes to open up.  Not this year.

The wind came down the length of the lake and within a matter of hours it had broken up the ice andpushed it to the far north end of the lake.  We sat on our deck yesterday afternoon watching the ice which had to have been moving 2 or 3 miles an hour as it slid up the lake.  They have ice to melt on the north end but our shoreline is open.

Now, I base the Ice Out contest on Detroit Lake which is considerable larger in surface area and a lot shallower.  Detroit typically opens at least a week before we do.  As of this morning I would guess about 1/4 – 1/3 of Detroit is still ice bound but giving up fast.

You’ll notice toward the top of the photo there’s a huge slab of floating slushy ice.

Along the shore, ice is piling up and stacking on top of ice that isn’t moving.  Just a matter of time.

On the north shore of Detroit,  ice is piling up but it shouldn’t hit the Holiday Inn dining room.  There’s about 20-30 feet of grass to cross first.

I’m going out later today to check it again.  While it’s too soon to call it, at this point it looks like John H has a better then fair chance at winning with 5/1 – 4PM being his guess.  This is followed by Paul S with a 5/5 date.  We’ve got a steady wind again today, temps in the 70’s  and a good chance of rain tonite.  Tomorrow should tell the tale!

Ice Out update 3/16/15

Quick reminder that you only have a few more days to enter into the Ice Out Contest.  To enter and for more details go to:  2015 Annual Ice Out Contest  Last week was a record setting week for high temps and it had a major impact on the ice melt situation.

IMG_20150315_102457557These are chunks of ice tearing up the shoreline.  During the winter the ice will crack and water will freeze in that crack causing the surface area of ice to increase (and it has to go somewhere!)  As we move into spring it can get particularly bad with daytime temps above freezing and overnite temps causing new ice to form.  Add some stiff winds to move that ice slab around and you can see some pretty dramatic walls of ice pile up.

IMG_20150315_102454236Time for this guy to start thinking about moving his dock and lift to higher ground!  We’re actually pretty lucky right around town as there are a number of lakes in our area with ice piling up 10-15′ high.

On a positive note, the warm weather brought a few golfers out to hit a few balls around the lake in front of our house.  Spring is in the air!!!

Golfers on the Ice
Golfers on the Ice

2015 Annual Ice Out Contest!!!!

Holy cow!  Things are changing fast in the North Country and if I don’t get this Annual Ice Out Contest rolling NOW, it’s gonna be too late.

For those that haven’t been reading the blog too long, I’ve had an Ice Out Contest for the last couple of years to give anyone in the world a chance to guess when we’ll officially see the ice go off the lakes in this part of Northern Minnesota.  We’re easily entertained up here and it just seems like a good way to break the doldrums and get everyone in a spring mood.  The blogs and chat boards have been incredibly quiet so I hope this can breath a little life back into folks.

There’s always been a prize and of course, the official title of Master Iceologist bestowed on the winner.  Last year Tom P was pronounced the winner with David second place runner up.  To give you a tip on how and when this happens, here’s a link to last years posts:  2014 Ice Out Contest.

Last year the ice out date was April 23.  We’re going to beat that date by a good margin this year if this weather pattern continues.  Temps this week are supposed to be in the 50’s with no cold streak in the foreseeable future.  There are a few foolhardy fisherman still venturing on the ice in vehicles, but that’s coming to an end quickly.

So here’s the deal……You have just a 2 weeks to make your best guess.  Anyone is welcome to enter including non-customers.  Overseas customers are encouraged to join in.

  • No entries will be accepted after Midnite CST, Sunday, March 22.
  • You need to post a TIME and DATE that you think the ice will be off the lake
  • In the rare case of two identical guesses, the earliest submission takes the lead
  • ONE entry per participant
  • To Enter, simply leave a comment to this post with your guess

So what do you win???  How about one of the new Schatt & Morgan 32171 Quart Barlows.

Schatt & Morgan Quart Barlow Stag
Schatt & Morgan Quart Barlow Stag

DSCN3104This is a big Barlow (just under 5″ closed) with ATS 34 Blades and Burnt Stag handles.  Great looking knife and for the price….. pretty tough to go wrong.  As usual, I put up an update every now and then to let you know how things are progressing.  So, let the game(s) begin!!!!