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14 Boy’s Knives are Dribbling In

I got my first shipment of the 14 Boy’s Knives today.  I have no idea how they are running them, but I don’t think I got a full shipment on any of them.  My understanding is the rest are either in process or in transit.

This afternoon I started shipping/billing for part of them and finally gave up due to the fact some folks have multiple knives ordered in different handle materials,  Rather then try to bill for one knife and have more show up in a day or two, I decided to wait until my orders are closer to being filled.

I will say it’s a cute little knife and will no doubt appeal to anyone preferring a small pocket knife.

All I can say is your patience is appreciated and I’ll move forward as soon as I can.  Chris is off for a while due to a death in the family so I understand things aren’t going as smooth as normal.

Weekly Update 5.20.16

Last weekend I picked up a great collection of 30+ older GEC’s.  There are some ’06’s, 07’s 08’s and a few newer pieces.  Most of the knives are 73’s with a couple of the 23 Bull Locks.  Really a nice group for you guys that collect the older knives.  They’ll start going into the store later this fore noon.  Check the “Recently Added” category for an update to what’s been added to the storefront.

With all the interest in the newer SFO’s that double and triple in price days after they sell out, these older knives are getting harder to find as well.  I know my inventory has shrunk dramatically from close to 2000 GEC’s to around 500 in just the past year or so.  While I try to keep the prices as reasonable as possible, the selling price is obviously driven by the cost  of acquisition and the older knives have gone up.

Here’s a bit of a tease for you.  This is a 2007 Northfield 73 Factory Test Production Run knife serial #48.  They only made 6 of these with Green Boker Jigged Bone.

2007 Northfield 73 FTPR Boker Green Jigged Bone
2007 Northfield 73 FTPR Boker Green Jigged Bone

Notice anything else unique?  Check the tube labels.  I love finding stuff like this!  Almost makes me want to start collecting.



I want to remind everyone that the news out of GEC is that the series of 15 Boy’s knives, Beer Scouts, etc will most likely be a Fall delivery.  It sounded like October but nothing chiseled in stone.

I had a note yesterday and the Trestle Pine Knives “Grand Portage” is still on track for an early June delivery.  There’s a good chance I’ll have a picture next week to give everyone a peek.  Appreciate all of the early interest and promise to get the photo up ASAP.