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GEC 14 And A Little Knife History

I received the Rust Red GEC 14 shipment this week.  We’ve seen numerous iterations of the GEC 14 before and based on the huge quantity of them that GEC sold through SFO’s, they’re obviously really popular with collectors.  It’s a neat little knife but it just doesn’t excite me.  The problem is the size.

GEC 14 Lick Creek
GEC 14 Rust Red Jigged Bone

I understand the moniker is “Boys Knife” and that’s the perfect name.   For someone with a smaller hand it’s a great choice.  When I pick it up, I can almost lose it in my somewhat large hand.

GEC 14 Boys Knife
GEC #14 Boys Knife

To use it for anything other then occasionally opening an envelope or cutting tape, it’s just not comfortable for me to use.  It falls nicely into your pocket and isn’t much more obtrusive there than a key ring with a couple of keys.  For me to use it for some serious cutting verges on dangerous.

GEC 14 Boys Knife

If I try to get a serious purchase on that short, slim handle, it’s pretty easy for me to end up with my index finger in the ‘danger zone’.  Like the 25 Barlow, it’s a great collectible but not something I would choose for an EDC unless I used my knife primarily in the office.  Cutting heavy cord, pruning a shrub, trimming dry wall, wire stripping… not my first choice.

Over the years in this business I’ve been lucky enough to meet a handful of people with a vast knowledge of the knife industry in general.  The wonderful thing is, a few of them have been kind enough to gently tell me (from time to time) that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.   I’m not particularly shy about sharing my opinions on things and incredibly, I’m not always right.  In the past, I’ve encouraged readers to correct me if I’m wrong or if you just disagree with me.  I value that kind of input.

I had a conversation recently with one of these ‘educators’ with a vast knowledge of the knife industry.  His background in cutlery covers building knives as a cutler, collecting, repairing, historical knowledge, etc.  He has some great contacts in the knife world and access to all kinds of historical ‘stuff’.  Over the years he’s shared photo’s with me that I’ve posted on the blog and been more then forthcoming with info on ‘oddities’ I’ve come across.  Something we have in common is an interest and appreciation for the old stuff and how it used to be done.

Right after GEC came out with their #44 Gunstock pattern he forwarded a picture of some old Cattaraugus parts and drill jigs that have a familiar look.  While we can’t precisely date their vintage, best guess is probably 1920’s-1930’s.  Really nice looking old jigged bone.  It would be fun to have a photo of a finished knife to see what the final product looked like.

Cattaraugus Gunstock (?) Parts Circa early 1900’s.

We’ll see what the future holds, but the hope is from time to time I can make it a point to share more of the info he’s passed onto me.  The photo’s are always fun to look at but they’re even better when someone can give us some background as to what we’re looking at.


New Additions to the Store

I’ve been adding some new additions to the storefront from a couple of collections and I wanted to let you get a flavor for some of the knives in the group.  This Tuna Valley Lock Back Trapper has probably some of the nicest popcorn stag I’ve seen in several years.

Tuna Valley Lock Back Trapper
Tuna Valley Lock Back Trapper

There were also a couple of GEC Cotton Sampler Proto’s that were added as well.  Just one of the Krack a Jack Cotton Samplers was added but I do have several more that I’ll put in later this week.

Finally, there should be a few single blade #14 Boys Knives available in the store after the reservations were filled.  These have been coming in, in small batches and I believe I got the last of the 14 single blades today.  Along with them were a few of the Nifebrite two blades (which were sent out to fill pre-orders).

14 Lick Creek Pre-Order pages setup

I just finished putting up pages to pre-order the 14 Lick Creek GEC knives.  This round we know up front what the handle option colors are going to be which helps everyone out.

14 Lick Creek Boys Knife
14 Lick Creek Boys Knife

I don’t know what the anticipated ship date is but based on the 98 Camp Knives and all of the 15 Boys Knives coming through, I’d expect we’re probably out a couple of months.  My bet would be sometime in June.

Schatt & Morgan Stag Canoe and GEC Ebony Wood Boys Knives

Finally got around to listing the latest short run released by Queen Cutlery.  They’ve made a limited run of 100 pieces of their 64 Canoe finished in some exceptionally nice looking Stag.  Nicely finished knife coming in under a hundred bucks.


GEC shipped out some more of the One Armed Opening Boys Knives finished in Ebony (?) Wood.

DSCN0075I have a question mark as I’ve not run across Ebony this predominantly brown in color.  Typically, I might mention the Ebony is Black with light streaks of Brown.  On this lot… more like Brown with some stripes of Black.


Another curiosity I came across is a couple of the knives came with buttons inside the tube and can be pinned to a cap or lapel.   Only a couple of knives had them so not sure if this is just an over-site that they weren’t included with all of the 15’s or if GEC is randomly including them.  IF you need/want/expected one with your 15 and didn’t get one, contact GEC.



#15A GEC One Arm Opening Knives Start to Arrive

We saw a series of the One Arm Opening Knives a while back from GEC and this is their latest release.  More handle materials are coming and there’s both a single and two blade option available in 1095 steel.

IMG_0280The concept is pretty simple.  Just catch the tip of the blade on a solid surface and pry it open.


Surprisingly, all of the one arm opening knives I’ve handled from both GEC and Queen are actually pretty pocket friendly.  When I first saw and felt the relatively sharp tip I assumed it could be a real pocket snagger.  Actually…. not so much.

It’s an interesting pattern that probably has the most appeal to the collector, but nonetheless, it does have a certain practicality about it.  Based on the #15 Boys Knife frame, the specs are consistent with the knives that have come before it.

  • OAL Closed: 3 1/2″
  • Blade length Bolster to Tip:  2 11/16
  • 1095 Blades and SS Liners
  • 1.8 Oz (Single Blade)