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TSA Knives Blog Turns 10

I just realized this week that the very first TSA Knives Blog was published March 25, 2008.  That, my friends, is very hard to believe.

The Blog started out to be a format to encourage interest and discussion of the then relatively new Great Eastern Cutlery knives.  In late 2006 or early 2007 I had started to buy GEC knives from JRE Industries who at the time was acting as a distributor.  The knives were obviously head and shoulders above most of the competition and later in 2007 I got hooked up directly with GEC.

Prior to the blog I had published a newsletter that was a subscription type of publication.  Interest in it steadily grew but it went out in the form of an email and was limited in scope as far as discussion or sharing info between subscribers.  Facebook was really in it’s infancy yet and blogs, discussion groups and Twitter seemed to be the route to go.

My  experience with the discussion groups wasn’t very satisfying and they had a tendency to get down right mean spirited at times.  A handful of individuals usually monopolized the conversation and woe unto those who didn’t agree with them.  I dabbled with Twitter but it wasn’t effective if you had anything to say other then…” the new release is in“.   I very briefly experimented with Facebook but the more I understood it, the less I liked it.  Blogging was the answer for me and continues to be.

The format allows me to say what I want without a filter.  If I don’t like something I can say it.  If I decide to go off on a tangent about politics or hunting, so be it.  I try to stay on task and keep it primarily to discussing knives but if something comes up I have strong feelings about….hang on, we’re going for a  side trip.

A huge disappoint for me was the loss of some of the early photo’s I had posted to the blog.  Back in April of 2014 there was a move to a new server and I found out when the change was made the photos were not moved and were ultimately lost.  I had done several reviews of new knives and posted photos that I would love to recover.

Over the 10 years I’ve tried to stick by the pledge that the blog is a place for an honest discussion about knives.  I tend to call ’em like I see ’em.  If I see something that I really like or am impressed with, I say it.  If I don’t like something, I’m not shy about expressing my feelings.  If I’m wrong, I don’t mind being corrected but am irritated when I make a mistake and no one calls me out on it.

I’ve tried to be fair with manufacturers but I won’t let it pass if I think they screwed up.  My passion really kicked in during the Ivory Grading Controversy.  The blog has been the perfect format to let the consumer know that they have a voice with the manufacturers, particularly GEC.  I know for fact the powers to be at GEC and previously at Queen read the blog regularly.  When there was more discussion taking place here and when I ran the occasional survey, they saw it.  There was more then one occasion your/our input influenced what was going on.  And when the manufacturer responds, I’ll gladly acknowledge it.  Another GEC Improvement and  GEC 42 Frontier Bone

Overall, it’s been a fun 10 years of blogging.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts once or twice a week and apologize for those times I wander off the reservation.  Understand though, I can be passionate at times and if there’s something that’s got me going, you’re probably gonna hear about it.  Thanks for your readership and I’ll try to keep it interesting.  So hang on and here’s to the next 10!! ( I hope)