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Beer Scouts & Frog Lube notes

Most of you are aware the Beer Barrel Oak Beer Scouts arrived last week.  I was curious to see what they looked like.  My concern was that it might be a dark, muddy looking oak.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the more attractive ‘basic’ wood handles GEC has offered in a while.

GEC Beer Barrel Oak, Beer Scout
GEC Beer Barrel Oak, Beer Scout

It’s a nicely colored wood with some well defined grain.  Actually, it’s probably one of my favorite handle options.  I have a good supply of them on hand.

I’ve had a couple of inquiries recently about Frog Lube and how to use it.  It’s pretty straight forward, but the most effective application is as follows.

Using a mild non-oil based solvent, such as Slip 2000’s 725 Gun Cleaner/Degreaser, a mild mixture of dish soap and water, acetone, etc.  My only caution is to avoid getting some of the more aggressive solvents on the handle material.  I prefer the Slip 2000 or a bit of dish soap in water as these are about as user friendly as you can get.  Cleaning all of the petroleum based oil off from the metal allows better adherence of the Frog Lube to the surface.  It’s worth the time and effort.

I recommend warming the metal slight with a hair dryer or letting the knife lay in a warm or sunny area.  Once the metal feels a bit warmer then room temperature, simply wipe a light coat of Frog Lube over the entire metal surface.  Allow it to dry for a half hour and wipe off any excess lube.  A nice feature of the Frog Lube is if you get it on a wood, bone or horn handle…no problem.

Once you’ve done the initial ‘cleanup’, any further reapplication is just a matter of wiping the surface with a light coat of Frog Lube.  Just like you’d do with a petroleum based oil.  You’ll be glad you took the extra step of cleaning the oil off from the blade to begin with as it’ll allow for much better adherence of the Frog Lube.

I’ve been using it for about a year now and am still convinced it’s one of the best CLP type products I’ve used.  I’m on my original bottle and I use a LOT of it on my guns and knives!

The question might arise, does this mean I’ve abandoned my use of the Ballistol?  Nope!  I really like the Ballistol for cleaning and flushing hard to reach spots.  It’s a thinner consistency then the Frog Lube and flows better.  If I get a knife that feels gritty when I open it, the Ballistol does a great job of penetrating and flushing away any gunk.  I also find it works great for a bore scrubber if you’re a shooter.

Both the Ballistol and the Frog Lube are environmentally friendly.  If you don’t like the smell of some of the lubes out there, try the Frog Lube.  Works great, smells minty.


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Beer Scouts and Such

Maroon Linen Beer Scouts arrived this week,

Beer Scout Maroon Micarta
Beer Scout Maroon Micarta

and we should have the Golden Ale Beer Scouts in the next day or two.  The last will be the Beer Barrel Oak and then it’s back to SFO’s.  From a conversation earlier this week,  my understanding is that once the Beer Scouts are done, the only regular run items through the end of February will be the upcoming 74’s and 71’s.

I’m still slowly working on the collection I’ve been listing and have over half of them left to list.  There are some really nice knives left and the response to the one’s listed has been great.  The older knives are hard to beat and some of that early stag was outstanding.  From a collector’s standpoint, the fact that most of them came in really short runs (many less then 25) makes some of them hard to find.

The week was full of activity starting with my Great Nephew’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor and ending the week with our first snow.

November 18 Snow Storm
November 18 First Snow

When winter comes, we go from brilliant color….


to monochrome….


Not really a ‘storm’ but there were folks not to far away that got smacked pretty good with 10″+ with high winds.  There’s only been about 5″ of wet, heavy snow at our house.  It’s always nice to get an inch or two that melt away before it starts to build up for the winter and I hope this is gone in a week or so.  It was coming sooner or later but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept!

Thinking ahead a bit, there’s a gun show coming up at the National Guard Armory in Moorhead, MN on Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving day, November 25 and 26.  The show opens at 4 PM on Friday until 8 PM Friday evening and runs from 8 AM Saturday until 4 PM Saturday afternoon.  Only three years old, this has been an excellent show with a good cross section of vendors and attendees.  Hope to see some of you there!

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Beer Scout & Boys Knife Colors

Got a note from Chris this afternoon and they’ve settled on the wood, bone, micarta, acrylic colors for both the Boys Knives and the Beer Scouts.   Here ya go!

#15 Beer Scout
Golden Ale Jig Bone
Maroon Micarta
Draft Beer Acrylic
Beer Barrel Oak

#15 Boys Knife

Antique Yellow Jig Bone
Gabon Ebony
OD Green Linen Micarta
Nifebrite Acrylic

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GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives

Received the details (as they are) on the GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives this AM.  Most of the handle material colors are yet to be selected.  The info I have was that they’re anticipating a June ship date.  That’s not chiseled in stone but it gives us an idea.

The Boys Knives and Beer Scouts will be a rerun of the previous knives.  The big news is probably that the Navy Knife will be offered in 440C.  This is one of the first 440C’s to come out of GEC in some time.  I know the demand is there!

I’ve set up a Pre-Order page again as it seems to work really well for everyone.  $10 deposit holds your knife and you’ve got 72 hours after you’re notified they’re in stock to consummate the transaction.  Otherwise, you lose your $10 and I get a couple decent cigars!

Be sure to pay attention and be aware that the pictures on the Pre-Order page are NOT actual pictures of the knives.  I plugged them in as fillers and that is all!  So don’t email me and tell that I’m showing a picture of an acrylic but the description says Jigged Bone.