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More Beagles & Cattle Knives

Another bunch of the Beagles and Cattle Knives landed on the doorstep today.  The Beagles are the Tidioute  Red Linen Micarta and Cola Jigged Bone.  Not being a small knife guy, I have to admit they do grow on you!  And a quick reminder, I have more of the Red/White Acrylics coming in later this week.

#18 Beagle Red Linen Micarta
#18 Beagle Red Linen Micarta

I also received some more of the 98 Texas Cattle knives in Kingwood.  Just like the Beagles, the 98 series appeals to a certain group of buyers and the folks buying them really like ’em.

98 Texas Cattle Knife Kingwood
98 Texas Cattle Knife Kingwood

I also had an update on the anticipated ship date for the Trestle Pine Knives ‘Grand Portage’.  Right now it looks like early June which is perfect timing.  It will give us something new to slide into summer with.

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GEC #18 Pre-Booking is Open

I added the GEC #18 Coyote and Beagle knives to the store this morning for Pre-Booking.  As per usual, there are a number of unknowns, but requests have been coming in and my gut feeling is this has the makings of another sell out pattern.


The 18’s appear to be based on the incredibly popular 47 Viper which is due out in the next week or two.  Just under an inch shorter, it should be a really nice sized pocket knife.

My understanding is there will be around 300 Tidioute and Northfield Beagles (2 blade versions) combined and 420 of the Coyotes (single blade).  A little quick math tells me that the Beagles with 2 tang stamps and 4 handle options each will mean no more then roughly 37 of each will be made if there’s an even split.  The Coyotes should yield roughly 50 of each.  That’s not a lot of knives.

Colors of the Bone, Acrylic and Micarta’s have yet to be determined.  Likewise, the prices will be released the day they ship the knives, but hopefully we’ll know colors before.  Best guess is we should see these shipping in April so there’s a fair bit of time before they’ll be rolling out.

The Pre-Booking is the same as what I did with the Vipers.  A $10 deposit must accompany your order.  You will be invoiced for the balance of the actual price as soon as they are in stock and ready to ship.  Once you’re notified your knife is ready to ship, I will invoice you for the balance and you will then have 72 hours to complete the transaction or you understand your reserve deposit will be forfeited.