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99 Wall Street finished Now the Farm and Field

I think the final installment of the 99 Wall Street knives arrived today.  There were more of the Smooth Autumn Gold and some Burnt Stag Northfields, both with Wharncliffe and Spear Blades.  So I think we had 3 blade choices with 2 different trademarks and 3 or 4 handle choices each!  Whew!!  That’s a lot of choices.

Have to say the Burnt Stag knives I received were really, really nice.  GEC’s stag can be inconsistent but this is one of their better efforts.  Gnarly but not overly bulky for a knife this size.

99 Wall Street Burnt Stag
99 Wall Street Burnt Stag

The 99 Wall Street has been a popular pattern and I have a feeling we could see more of these in the future.  The size is great for what I’ll call a midsize lockback.  Easy to carry and big enough for 90% of what most of us carry a knife for!

Next run is going to be the Farm Tool series with the Delrin and Micarta handles.  I haven’t been real impressed with the lower end line, so I didn’t order any.  IF you’re interested, I have a feeling there will be quite a few available and would be glad to order one in for you.


Bill Ruple Trapper and GEC Wall Street

Yesterday I added another group of the GEC Wall Street knives with the Northfield trademark.  Most of these were Burnt and Natural Stag handles with spear or clip blades.  There were a few of the Smooth Autumn Gold Clip blades as well.  I think we’re down to waiting on the Wharncliffe blades and that should wind up the Wall Street series.

The exciting news is the upcoming Stag and Buffalo Horn Bill Ruple Trapper from Queen.  First, I’m happy to have snagged a few more of the Stag handled models.  The initial run of the Bill Ruple Trapper in Stag back in August blew out immediately for most everyone.  Queen just finished up the run with another 12-15 knives and I’m happy to have gotten part of that run.  I should see them the end of this week or the first of next.  I do have a couple of people that are on the reserve list already, but should have a couple available for sale in the stag.

The second Bill Ruple Trapper I’m anxiously waiting on is the Buffalo Horn.  My understanding is we’re about 2 weeks away from seeing them come through.  The Buffalo Horn and Stag should make a great looking set.

Quick Look at the GEC 99 Wall Street

First of the GEC 99 Wall Street knives arrived this morning.

GEC 99 Wall Street
GEC 99 Wall Street

A word of caution is don’t ask for a 99 Lockback without designating if you’re looking for the Farm & Field or the Wall Street version.   While there both similar in their origin and size, they aren’t the same knife by any stretch of the imagination.

https://i1.wp.com/greateasterncutlery.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/992113lb-black-delrin1.jpg?resize=285%2C185  https://i1.wp.com/greateasterncutlery.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/991114LB-Gabon-Ebony1-700x456.jpg?resize=286%2C187

For starters, the GEC 99 Wall Street has finished bolster and end caps.  Organic handle materials, 1095 blade, no lanyard tube, brass liners and a higher price tag.  If you need a utility knife, the Farm & Field is perfect.  For a little more class, the Wall Street should fit the bill.

Here’s the specs and then I’ll get to some observations.  Overall length is 3.5″ with a 3″ blade from 1095 Carbon Steel.  Height is just shy of 3/4″ and just under 1/2″ thick.  Weight is around 2.5 ounces.  Overall, a slim, trim lockback.

The very first thing I noticed was that slim feel in the hand.

GEC 99 Wall StreetGEC 99 Wall Street

The second thing I felt was the square butt biting into my hand.

GEC 99 Wall Street

While I like the knife overall, I can’t say as I’d want to use it for any extended cutting.  The Farm & Field version with the Delrin handles has the option of being easily modified to round those sharp corners with your Dremel tool of belt sander.

Here you can see the 99 Wall Street sandwiched between a Stag #72 and an OD Green #42.  As you can see the rounded butts on the #72 and the #99 make for a much more comfortable working ‘tool’.  The GEC 99 Wall Street takes the award for having the most ‘class’.  As far as price goes, all three knives are within a few dollars of each for similar handle materials.

#72 Stag, #99 Wall Street Ebony, #42 OD Green
#72 Stag, #99 Wall Street Ebony, #42 OD Green

While it’s not a big issue for most folks, I found that about half of the knives I received had the blades pinched pretty tight to eliminate any side play.  As a result, it wasn’t unusual to find the blades need a little help to fully close.  There’s always a few ‘experts’ that consider this an issue, but if you use the knife for a while, you’ll find the problem resolves itself and the blade fit is as good as ever.

GEC 99 Wall Street

I have a feeling the Wharncliffe and the Northfield versions will be incredibly popular.  If you want a slimmer knife that’s classy looking, there’s a lot to like in the GEC 99 Wall Street.  It’s a great ‘in between’ knife for the folks that liked the 42 and 72.