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Great Eastern #43 Oregon Trapper Arrived Today

I just listed the first of the #43 Oregon Trappers this afternoon and thought I’d share a quick first impression.  In brief, I like it!

Tidiuote #431118 Oregon Trapper Frontier Bone Proto

The #73 was one of the very first knives GEC introduced back in 2006 and the #43 Oregon Trapper is a grown up version of it.

#73 (Left) and #43 (Right)

It feels great in my hand giving me just a bit more handle to hang onto without the bulk of the big brother #23.  Holding both the #73 and #43 in your hand really makes you realize these two knives are very similar.

#43 L and #73 R

I’ve been a fan of the 73’s since the beginning but the #43 would be an easy replacement.  The weight of the Frontier Bone is approximately 3.7 ounces making it a very comfortable EDC pocket knife.  Running just a 1/4″ longer then the #73 doesn’t sound like much but the slight increase in size feels good in hand.

The #43 Oregon Trapper caught my interest when GEC first announced it’s upcoming release and I’m not disappointed.  I predicted this was going to be a winner and am even more confident now that I’ve handled one.