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Impressive Display of GEC 42 Lockback Traders

Here’s another photo I wanted to share.  VERY impressive collection of GEC 42 Lockbacks.

“Hi Greg,

I told you I’d send a photo of the 421114LBs when I got a display case big enough to hold all 52 of them.  A 2′ X 2′ and not much room to spare.  Any how the photo is attached and most all of the knives came trough you, so thanks again.”  …….no thanks necessary.  Thank you for sharing!!!

GEC 42 Lockback Traders

GEC 42 Frontier Bone

The GEC 42 Frontier Bone arrived this AM and are in the store.  Once again, GEC did a great job putting nicely balanced slabs one these knives.  The thickness is uniform with no thin edges.

GEC 42 Frontier Bone
GEC 42 Frontier Bone
GEC 42 Frontier Bone
GEC 42 Frontier Bone

I’m glad to see more consistency in the handle material thickness.  In the past I’ve been critical of the quality of the stag and the uneven panels on some of the releases .  For a number of months, I think either accidentally or intentionally, they’ve addressed the issue.   Either way, I’m glad to see the change!

First of the 42LB Missouri Trader run has arrived

Got back from a few days in the woods to a box full of the GEC 42LB Missouri Trader knives.  These have always been a popular pattern and up until the Viper was released, was easily one of the most popular knives of the Great Eastern lineup.

The first group of 42LB Missouri Traders include the following hand materials.

Indian Paintbrush, Blood Stone Acrylic, Bocote, Yellow Rose, OD Green
Indian Paintbrush,   Blood Stone Acrylic,    Bocote,    Yellow Rose,    OD Green

The Bocote Wood in particular is just outstanding.  We still have a bunch of knives to come through yet but the first batch looks great.