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GEC #13 & #38 Production Spec Updates

A few notes to answer a lot of questions regarding the GEC #13 & #38 knives….

I’ve been asked if the #13 is a single or two spring knife and will they be laser engraved.  The Whittler and the Speaker Jack will both be two spring knives.  The Single blade Clerk will be…a single spring.   The single blade Clerk will have the laser engraving as shown in the GEC mock up.  Handle colors haven’t been determined yet. They’re being doled out to distributors on an allocation basis so I’m not taking any reservations as I have no idea how many I’ll get.


The #38 isn’t on any schedule yet.  No production date set yet, no handle colors, no idea when to anticipate them.  Maybe late spring????  The drawing GEC put up was meant to sample the interest and while I don’t doubt it’ll go into production at some point, there are other things coming first.

A couple things to look forward to in the near future are more of the #53’s in different configurations as well as another run of 48’s.  GEC put out an informal survey to distributors and it sounds like there was somewhat of a consensus that those were of interest.  Personally, I would have liked to have seen some more Vipers and some of the big frame 45’s and 46’s.   And even better, how bout more of that Texas Camp Knife in larger quantities!