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New 15 Boys Knife Added to Pre-Orders

This morning I added the Red Linen Micarta and Black Linen Micarta Boys Knife with the clip blade to the early Pre-order page.  These were a last minute production addition GEC announced last week.

Interest in the Boys Knife has been very high and a couple of the handle options are sold out for early orders.  I try to hold back a few to make sure any shortages occur due to flaws or other issues.  SO…. with any luck there may be a few (very few) available once they come in.

Delivery date on the 15’s is still set at late June into July.  At that time pre-orders will be invoiced for the balance due and shipped as soon as payment is received.

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GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives

Received the details (as they are) on the GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives this AM.  Most of the handle material colors are yet to be selected.  The info I have was that they’re anticipating a June ship date.  That’s not chiseled in stone but it gives us an idea.

The Boys Knives and Beer Scouts will be a rerun of the previous knives.  The big news is probably that the Navy Knife will be offered in 440C.  This is one of the first 440C’s to come out of GEC in some time.  I know the demand is there!

I’ve set up a Pre-Order page again as it seems to work really well for everyone.  $10 deposit holds your knife and you’ve got 72 hours after you’re notified they’re in stock to consummate the transaction.  Otherwise, you lose your $10 and I get a couple decent cigars!

Be sure to pay attention and be aware that the pictures on the Pre-Order page are NOT actual pictures of the knives.  I plugged them in as fillers and that is all!  So don’t email me and tell that I’m showing a picture of an acrylic but the description says Jigged Bone.

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#15 Boys Knife Nife Brite & Red Jig Bone in stock

The second half of the #15 Boys Knife run arrived this AM.  I now have the Nife Brite (in both single & 2 blade versions) and Red Jig Bone (single blade only).  The 2 blade Red Jig Bone should be coming in shortly.

I still have a couple of the Gabon Ebony in both single and 2 blade in stock as well as a lone single blade Antique Yellow Jig Bone.