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Looking for these GEC Knives….3/08/2012

Here’s the list to date.  I tried to update it before I posted it.  If you’ve have any of these and are interested in parting with them, drop me an email at: and I will forward your email address to the interested party.  You guys/gals put the deal together. 

Ignore the A, B, C, on the left side of the list.  Just my way of keeping track of who’s looking for what and maintaining some privacy for all parties involved. 

A 561 Lacewood
B Nfld 488110 Snakewood
C GEC 235208 Ox Horn
D GEC 2007 #73EC Black Micarta
D Northfield 362209 Primitive Bone
D GEC 72 Clip 2011 American Elk
E Northfield 735111 Primitive Bone
G Northfield 735108L Smooth Red Buffalo
G Northfield 735108L Black Buffalo Horn
H GEC #50 or #60? Bronco Charlie
H Any 72 Wharncliffe Any Bone
I GEC #73 Rodger’s Green Tea
I GEC #23 Horsecut Amber
K Northfield #54 Black Buffalo Horn
K Tidioute #54 Moose Appaloosa Bone
L Northfield #54W Primitive Bone
L Northfield  54 Big Jack Primitive Bone
L Northfield #54W Antique Amber
L 62 Red Garnet Bone
L 62 Red Buffalo Horn
L 62 Black Buffalo Horn
L 62 Black Lip Pearl
L 53 Patriot Acrylic
L 23L Spiral Cut Red Buffalo Horn
L 73 Smooth Red Buffalo
M ’06 Nfld 73 Bark Moss Green
M ’06 GEC 73 Rogers Green Tea
M ’06 Nfld 23  Brick Red Bone
M ’06 Nfld 23 Smooth Red Bone
M ’06 Tid 23 Bocote Wood
M ’06 GEC 23 Horsecut Amber
M ’06 GEC 23 Casein Open House Special
N  253208  Patriot Acrylic

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Update to the ‘looking for’ list

I added a couple of knives and took a few off from the “Looking for” list.  There were actually quite a few of the knives from the original requests that got located and I just had a couple more folks ask me to add a couple others to the list.  If you want to try to help someone find a knife go to: “Looking for these knives” .  If you see something you have and would like to sell, trade, give it away, drop me an email and I’ll pass it along to the ‘looker’.