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A new addition: Blind Horse Knives!

A couple of you knew I’ve been waiting for my first group of knives to come in from Blind Horse Knives…and they’re finally here!

Just a really brief background for those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Blind Horse Knives are made by a couple of talented fellas out in Ohio.  Their statement about their knives is pretty straightforward:  “Designed to be working knives”.  From the reading I’ve done about the knives and my first impression actually handling them confirms their intent as accurate.

These aren’t highly finished, highly polished knives intended to spend their lives as safe queens.  As soon as you pick one up you get the feeling it’s made to be put to work.  Most of their Micarta handles are what I’d call left in the rough.  There’s a texture that’s immediately felt and you can even see the grinding marks left on the rivets.

A high percentage of their blades fall into that 2-3″ range which is a very practical length for a bushcraft knife.  I’m one of those individuals that can get lured into thinking I need a long blade when a shorter blade will easily do the job!  AND , the shorter blade is a lot more convenient to carry.

I did bring in a couple of the Large Tiger Knapp pattern which is designed as a neck knife and comes with a kydex sheath.

It’s about as utilitarian as you can get.  A very slim package that’s comfortable in your hand.

Most of the blades I brought in are 01 steel hardened to 57-59 RC.  The grind on the blades varies from a traditional Hollow Grind, to a Flat and a Scandi Grind.  Prices are very reasonable from slightly over $50 for the Large Tiger Knapp to around $130 for one of the larger models with a Scandi Grind.  (The Scandi Grind does add slightly to the cost)

I added a brief Youtube video that’ll give you a better idea of some of the different patterns I brought in.  You can check it out at:  Blind Horse Knife Review  The knives will be available for sale in the store later tomorrow.

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