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Subscribe to the TSA Knives Blog

If you want to subscribe to the TSA Knives blog and get notifications when new entries are posted, you can sign up in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page.

Also, try the new “Search” window under the little magnifying glass in the upper right part of the screen.  It is MUCH more user friendly and effective then the old sites search option.  Type in two or three keywords.  Try “drop point barlow” for example.  Every week or two I’ll have a request for info about a knife and it’s amazing how often info can be found on the blog.

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Welcome to the new home of the TSAK Blog!

I hope everyone’s gotten the message that the location of the blog has changed.  There’s a new web address if you haven’t updated your bookmarks:

I believe I moved all of the posts from the old blog over here BUT, unfortunately, the comments couldn’t be moved.  That’s really sad because there were some comments that were actually better then my original posts!  Another very real concern I have is that the pictures could disappear tomorrow when the old blog officially goes down.  I think I have that covered but time will tell!!  I’m still working on moving the videos and again…. I ‘hope’ I can get them over here!!!

It was actually rather fun going back through the posts and rereading a few of them.  Probably the most memorable post is that very first one from March 25, 2008.  Prior to that I had maintained a newsletter on a separate web page with updates and commentary on the newest and latest GEC knives, kind of like a blog.  I’d started that back in 2007 and wish that I had archived some of the content as it was pretty primitive to put it mildly!  There were very few blogs (relatively speaking) back then and I’ll take credit as having one of the very first covering GEC knives almost exclusively.  This whole exercise brought back a lot of memories and made me realize there are a few things I used to do regularly that I should get back in the habit of doing… such as testing knives!

I’m gonna be tweaking this site to try and get it as user friendly as possible so get used to seeing an occasional change every now and then.   It’s just a matter of getting the time to really sit down and try different formats, etc and just finding the right combination.

In the mean time, kick back and relax.  Don’t take umbrage if I get critical or make fun of your favorite (fill in the blank).  Humor me if I tend to take off on the occasional tangent to vent over some minor issue.  Understand that from time to time I’m gonna take a shot at a manufacturer if I disagree or don’t like what they’re doing.   While I’m usually relatively polite in my criticism,  I’ll admit that once in a while I can tend to get a bit …..shall we say, ..blunt?

So in the tradition established over 7 years ago… let us begin afresh!  Welcome to the new home of the old TSAK blog!

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Comment on Change coming to the blog

Most likely, if the wheels fall of the cart it’ll happen before the 25th!!! 

IF you get a chance and are so inclined….. go to…  That’s gonna be the new home of the TSA Knives blog.   In the next few days I’ll be changing the links in the store to direct folks to the new location. One downside is that you’re gonna have to ‘re-register’ to post on the blog.  On the plus side, it’s supposed to relieve a few issues I’ve had wherein a couple of people have been blocked (Not Blacklisted).

What can I tell ya.  At my age, change sucks…. but I guess that’s irrelevant isn’t it?