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TSA Knives is no longer a Distributor for Tuna Valley Cutlery

Just wanted everyone to know that I’m no longer carrying the Tuna Valley line and wanted to explain why before the rumor mill got cranked up. 

First off, Ryan’s got a great concept that I think has a lot of potential and he’s working on some really great projects.  I did very well with the original releases (which sold out quickly) and have no doubt Ryan and Courtney will do well in the future.

So why’d I drop the line?

From the day I started TSA Knives, if you read the blog with any regularity, you know I’ve never been a collector and have always been more interested in selling knives that are gonna get used more than looked at.  While the Tuna Valley’s would make great ‘users’, some of them are just too darned pretty to use gutting a critter and then roll around in a pack.

Right now I’ve got over 1600
GEC’s in the store, probably another 150 that I’m gonna get
listed….some day, and more on the way. 
Some of you are also aware that the knife
business isn’t the only ‘job’ I have. 
In other words, I’ve got my hands full.  While anyone can sell knives, I’ve always believed if I can’t spend the time I should promoting a line, I’m not really doing a good job.

So I made the decision to focus on what I’ve been doing and try to do it a little better (and more of it).  Many thanks to all of you that have purchased Tuna Valley knives from me and going forward, you should contact Courtney Daniels at: 

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