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Whaler info!!!! And a 2011 Rendezvous Raffle Knife

It ain’t much, but it’s something……  The latest on the Whaler is that it’ll be 4 3/8″ OAL closed and be a Swell Center.  (An older, more mature version of French Kate later in life???)

There will also be a Rendezvous Raffle Knife which will be Whaler finished in a one of a kind handle material.  What the material will be hasn’t been announced yet, but I understand it will be a nice looking piece.  Tickets are $2 each and you can get them from Chris at GEC.  Send her a check with your name, address, phone, etc or give her a call and she’ll take a credit card for purchases over $20.  The procedes will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Wounded Warrior Auction ~ Bid here 538311 Kauri Wood RARE!!

I wanted to get this Wounded Warrior Project auction in before Memorial Day.   This is a rare Great Eastern knife and a real find for anyone interested in the 53 Stockman.  To the best of my knowledge, only 4 of the Northfield 538311’s were made with the Ancient Kauri Wood.  This is one of them.  Very good looking and extremely hard to find!

All of the proceeds above the $120 opening bid will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  To bid, simply reply to this post with your bid.  Bidding will end at mid-nite, CST on Sunday, May 29th. 

I encourage everyone to visit the Wounded Warrior Project website to see the good things that these donations are used for.

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GEC is a MAJOR Donor (again!!) in the Flood / Tornado Auction!

Once again Great Eastern Cutlery (at the suggestion of Christine Tucker)
has stepped forward (without any hesitation or outside encouragement to
do so), to help folks in a tough situation.  GEC has generously donated
two of the upcoming Lacewood handled Factory Test Production Run knives
to be auctioned here to raise money for the Flood and Tornado victims
in the southern states. 

Apparently, within minutes of my blog post regarding an auction I’d
planned to raise money for the victims, Chris was on the phone to Ken
and it was agreed they wanted to participate in the effort.  And they’re
doing so in a big way.  In case you’ve forgotten or didn’t know, last
year GEC donated knives for Wounded Warrior Project Auctions and GEC has
already donated the Sunfish Black Buffalo Horn Sunfish for an upcoming
Wounded Warrior Project Auction.  They’re always ready to step up to the
plate without even being askedThese are the kind of folks I like to do business with!!!!  Thanks in advance.

I’ll be putting up more details as to when, what and how the auctions
will take place as soon as the knives come in, which should be very
soon.  There will be a number of very limited run knives offered for

Again I ask all of you to start spreading the word as I hope we can
raise as much cash as possible to help out.  And please make sure
everyone you talk to knows what kind of people are making Great Eastern

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Auction Time! Let’s help the flood and tornado victims!!!

There are going to be some really short run knives coming through and I’m gonna handle these a little different than I have in the past. 

The folks down south have taken some horrible losses from tornadoes and
floods this spring.  I know John has been helping out in the Tuscaloosa
area and even though the rest of us might not be able to physically
help, here’s an opportunity.

A 56 3 Blade AND a 56EO Weaver will be coming out in Lacewood.  There will only be approximately 12 each of these made and they’ll be marked Factory Test Production Run.  There will also be some #62 2 Blades in White Pearl LG+ and Stag (approximately 8 of each).  I’ve asked for all I can get of all of these knives and know I’ll be lucky to get more than a couple of each at best

I’m going to put the knives I get up for auction.  The auctions will last for 3 or 4 days and the bid amount above the regular selling price will be donated to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.  The auction winners can designate to which organization they’d prefer the donation be sent.  So if one of the knives has a normal sell price of $90 and it sells at auction for $150, $60 will be donated for that sale.  TSA Knives will also donate $10 for each of the knives sold.

I’ll give everyone a heads-up a week in advance of when the auctions kickoff.  Start spreading the word and let’s try to raise some money for these folks!!!

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GEC is DONATING the Dogleg Prototype For the “Wounded Warrior Project” Auction Knife!!!

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that the Wounded Warrior Project auction knife is going to be the Dogleg Prototype

About a week ago I talked to Chris at Great Eastern and told her I was going to have another auction for the Wounded Warrior Project.  I wasn’t asking for a ‘freebie’, but only suggestions for a nice auction knife.  After a little discussion, Chris suggested she talk to Ken and see if it’d be possible to get a prototype to auction off.  When she called back and said it was a ‘go’, I was thrilled.  When I found out that Great Eastern was DONATING the Dogleg Prototype, I was pleased beyond words.  I would have been happy just to have had the opportunity to buy it and put it up for auction but this is really a generous gesture. 

The details aren’t complete yet, but at this point it appears the Prototype will most likely be an acrylic, color to be determined.  The Proto will be the only knife produced with the Prototype etch and the first one off the line.  A fantastic collectible that a most of us never get a shot at and the money raised will be going for a great cause. 

For now, stay tuned for more details.  Once I’m sure what the handle material will be, I’ll post the info.  Also, I’ll try to get photos as soon as the knife is made.  Pass the word to your friends and fellow collectors.  Chat it up on the boards and make sure everyone knows what kind of folks are operating and working at GEC!!!  There will be a few more items included with the knife and I’m looking at opening the bidding around Mid-April and running into May. 

100% of the proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Visit their website at:

Thanks Chris, Ken, Bill and everyone else at Great Eastern Cutlery.  You’re truly a class act!!!

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New Payment Options Now Available in the Storefront

I finally added a standard merchant account to handle credit card transactions.  In the past, I’ve used PayPal to handle all of our payments and it’s worked well with a number of features that made life a little easier.

In the last couple of months I’ve had several buyers that thought they needed PayPal accounts to process credit card charges and in one case flat out called me “Stupid” for only offering a single method of handling credit card charges.  SO…… as the saying goes, ….
I’m a man, but I can change,…… if I have to,………. I guess.”

Henceforth, you’ll still have the option of using PayPal, but in addition, you’ll be able to process credit card charges securely through a Quickbooks Merchant Service.  Just use the normal checkout and pick your payment method.


PS: …..and by the way, I may be a little slow… but I ain’t stupid!!

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Metalform Magazine and Starline Brass Availability Update

Just a short update on the status of the Metalform pistol mags.  My last stocking order was placed on 7/21/09 with a projected ship date in mid September.  That date has since been moved to 9/30/09.  Early this year I was seeing the orders arrive in about 2-3 weeks.  Now, 10-12+ weeks has become the standard.

As the sale of guns, ammo, reloading and similar shooting supplies took a vertical climb in sales resulting in shortages, it was a good bet that high quality magazines were bound to follow suit.  So, I guess all we can do is accept it and try to make the best of the situation.  Unfortunately, I’ve really gotten behind the curve and have a number of magazines coming in that are already sold out!!  As a result, I’m reordering mags that are sold out but havent’ even arrived yet!!!

Regarding Starline Brass, I’m seeing a similar situation arise.  Most of their products have anticipated availability dates and recently, due to high demand they’ve warned/reminded everyone that their orders are processed in the order they’re received.  In other words, if they have a projected availability date of 10/14/09 you’d better not wait until 10/13/09 to place your order. 

So for the time being, there’s not much I or anyone else can do about it.  I know I’ve had primers on backorder (for my own use) since early June and don’t have a clue when or if they’ll come in.  Guess we’ll just have to develop some patience…which I’m not very good at!!!!

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Customer Survey

I’ve just added a “survey” to the store and you’re welcome and encouraged to fill one out if you’d like.  It’s only a couple of short questions and shouldn’t take more then 2 minutes to fill out (if you really take your time!!)  You can get to it by clicking .

This is a great way for me to get some info from all of you in a standardized format that will provide a little more direction.  In the past, the business has grown pretty much on it’s own .  Sometimes it’s been a result of customer input, sometimes a result of  impulse.  At any rate, if I can make this better for all of us, I’m all for it.

My intention is to change the survey around from time to time and get a feeling from all of you what you’d like.  It’ll also be a great tool to get feedback on new products, what your favorites are and what your least favorite knives may be.  The first ‘Product” survey will probably be available in the next few days and I’ll make the results of that survey available to everyone.

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I’m back.

Just to let you know… I’m back and I’m caught up on shipping!!  Many thanks to those of you that were patient enough to wait for me to get your knives shipped out. 

I had a chance to use a few knives and will try to put together a short review in the near future.  Just to give you an idea of what all was taken along…..

May be a bit of overkill, but you just never know what you might be up against!!  Won’t be reviewing all of them, but the Bark River got a workout for sure.

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I’m closing down for a week!!!

Time for a little R&R.  Actually, it’s time to do some serious housekeeping and cleaning out some cobwebs.  As a result, starting Sunday the 23rd, I’m going to be halting shipping until Monday the 31st.  You can place orders, drop me an email (I will watch the mail and try to respond) etc, but nothing ships till the 31st.  In fact, as usual, don’t wait to place an order if there’s something you’re interested in cause it’s first in, first out.

There’s a couple of new knives coming out next week and I’ll get them published as soon as I can.  Have patience!!

I put a couple of new Congress’ in the store today and added a bunch of EDC’s so if you hurry up, place an order and get it paid for before Saturday afternoon when the post office closes, I’ll get them off to you.