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45 Colt Brass is back in stock!

For you cowboy shooter’s, I FINALLY got a shipment of 45 colt brass in.  I currently have around 7000 rounds left on hand after filling a couple of backorders and have already ‘reordered’.  It’s been impossible to keep a steady supply coming in, but hopefully, this will help everyone make it through the upcoming summer shoots!

Starline Brass Prices have gone up!

Just received the updated price list for Starline Brass and we’re looking at a price increase of 8-9% across the board.  This isn’t a total surprise as I’d received notices the first of this week that the major ammunition manufacturers are all announcing 8-15% price increases.  In addition, there’s still a backlog of brass orders that continue to slow delivery on some of the key calibers.

Starline Brass Backorder Situation

Here’s a quick update on what’s happening regarding the brass situation.  A lot of the brass is in short supply and it appears that’s going to be the situation for the foreseeable future.  A combination of the political situation and the upcoming shooting season has really been stretching the brass makers to the max.  I asked this morning if they were anywhere near catching up to the demand and the reply was a simple… NO!

The Cowboy shooters have really been putting a strain on supplies of some of the black powder cartridges.  I just received notification that I can expect to recieve a shipment of 44-40 brass in the next couple of weeks that’s been on backorder since November of last year.  Yup, that’s almost 6 months on backorder.  There’s another shipment of 45LC coming in most likely not until late May or early June.    And, I should be getting more 10mm brass by mid to late May. 45-70 brass is backorderd and I’m not sure when that’s coming in.  All of this has been on order since at least February.

I’ve been asked, why don’t I just order 50k rounds at a time.  It doesn’t work that way.  They’re trying to keep it somewhat allocated so someone doesn’t come in and buy up everything available.  That’s fair, but it doesn’t solve the big problem!!  Be patient, not much else you can do!!

45LC Brass back in stock PowerBond Bullets and Sackups coming!

I just got in another shipment of the 45LC Brass.  This has been selling out fast with spring coming on and the cowboy shoots starting up.  Several thousand rounds of this shipment we’re presold so I don’t know how long it’ll last.  It’s been hard to keep a steady supply coming in!! 

Next week I have some of the PowerBond bullets coming in for 9mm, 38/357, 40S&W/10mm and 45 acp.  I’ve used these fairly extensively myself with excellent results and finally decided to stock them.  They’re a plated lead bullet designed to cut down on airborne lead particals at indoor ranges.  I’ve pushed them over 1000fps with excellent performance and no plating separation.  It’s a relatively inexpensive option to jacketed bullets.

Late next week, I’ll be getting my first shipment of the SackUps gun cases in.  I’ve used sackups for storing knives for a number of years and find them to be a great storage option to prevent rust on carbon steel.  At a recent gunshow, everyone seemed to be looking for an inexpensive gun case and a couple of dealers were using sackups on their own weapons but didn’t have any for sale.  Soooo, it only made sense to me to start distributing them.  I’ll be stocking them for everything from handguns, AR’s with scopes and even a few 60″+ models for black powder shooters.  More info will be coming!!!!

Starline Brass situation

For you frustrated reloaders trying to find components, not much has changed.  I spoke with Starline earlier this week and was told that this time of the year, they typically are looking at a bit of a slowdown going into Spring.  HOWEVER, this year they are going full speed ahead and not gaining much ground on the backorders.

I recieved an order of the new 32 H&R Mag brass two days ago and am sold out already.  The last order of 45LC brass was on backorder for 2 months and I’m waiting on more that was supposed to have shipped over a week ago.  (2000 rounds of that order are already presold).  Even though I haven’t received my current order, I’ve already placed an order for more that won’t ship till May or June!!!  There may be a recession going on, but it’s not affecting the reloading component mfgr’s.

Last weekend I worked a gunshow in Minnesota and had the absolute best show I’ve ever had.  Guns and knives were selling extremely well but the components were tough to even find.  Everyone predicted we’d see this situation start to subside but it looks like we’re going to be tolerating shortages for the foreseeable future.