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Overseas Customers ~ Free Worldwide shipping on GEC’s till Christmas!!!!

The last 6 months, I’ve had a lot of new customers from around the world buying knives and other items from TSA Knives.  Germany, Australia, Russia, Belgium, Finland, Hong Kong, Argentina and even Tahiti are just a few countries I’ve had the great pleasure to do business in.  At last count, I’ve shipped to 44 countries and met some great people all sharing a common interest.

I really appreciate your business knowing that a lot of you end up paying horrendous duty and VAT taxes on your purchases.  By the time you add the cost of the knife, shipping and the associated taxes, a $100 knife can quickly become a $130+ knife.  PLUS,  most of you wait anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks for the knife to arrive!! 

So in an effort to say thanks and in the spirit of Christmas, from now until December 25th all Great Eastern Knife orders will ship first class international, postage free not only to the US and Canada, but all around the world.   It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!! 

Thank you!

Christmas Gift Ideas and a Free Gift / Display Box!

A number of you have started some Christmas shopping in the store and I thought I’d pass on what’s been popular so far, a couple of ideas and a Freebie.

The most popular item so far has been the TSA Knives Gift Certificates.  They’re available in $25, $50, $75 and $100 increments. 

Second on the most popular list has been knives.  That’s a gift most everyone is happy with and of course, like always, if the knife isn’t exactly the one somebody hoped for, return it for a full refund no questions asked.  (just make sure to return it before they use it!)

A couple of other ideas that are worth mentioning are:

Now for the Freebie, from now until Christmas when you place an order for a knife (GEC, CRKT, etc) just add a note that you’d like a Free Gift Box and I’ll include one with your order, no charge.  PLEASE read the description as the boxes will ONLY fit knives up to approximately 4 1/2″ long and do NOT fit the Sunfish, Whalers or the #23.

73 Hunter Series Review & Free KLT Sheath Promo

Last summer, I lost a brand new iPhone in a blueberry patch in North Eastern Minnesota.  On that phone were photo’s I had planned on using for an article on the blog.  I’d shot some pictures using one of the 73 Hunter series knives from GEC and a few others I wanted to share, but, wasn’t meant to be I guess!!!

Anyway, just a few words on the Hunter series of knives and a promotion to pass along. 

When the #10 series first came out I thought it was a neat knife reminiscent of some of the earlier sheath knives of my youth, but I can’t say that I was overwhelmed with a… ‘gotta have one of those‘… moments.  The utilitarian squared off handle and heavy duty guard just didn’t work for me.  The later #50 and #60 left me with the same feeling.  Interesting and maybe a bit nostalgic looking, but the last 40 years of Buck, Cold Steel and Bark River changed my ideas of what a fixed blade knife should look and feel like.

I know I’ve said it many times before, that the Bark River Northstar is one of my favorite smaller fixed blade knives. This one (next to an H73110) has gone with me on many a trip. 

One of the things I’ve really liked about the size of the Northstar is the convenience of slipping it into a small pack.  Rarely do I wear a fixed blade knife on my belt.  It’s either in my vehicle or in my pack.  I just don’t like something hanging from my side if I can avoid it. 

When the H73 series came out, I felt like GEC had a fixed blade I could use.  The size is great for my needs.  I have the A1 Fallkniven or Gameskeeper II for heavy duty use, the Northstar is a good ‘mid range’ knife and the H73 was dead on perfect for lighter duty.  Not quite as convenient as carrying my 73 Linerlock in my pocket, the tradeoff is well worth while to have a slightly longer blade and a bit more heft.  On top of that, it’s a lot easier to clean the blood and fish scales off in the lake and dry it than the liner-lock or any other folder for that matter!!

One major upgrades I made was one of Dave’s sheaths from Knife Leather Traditions. 

This sheath is much slimmer than the standard issue sheath making it easier to pack away.  The sheath pictured is a slip type design without a belt loop making it super convenient to slip in a back (or front) pocket or a small day-pack.  It’s one of the nicest aftermarket sheaths I’ve seen and fits my purposes to a “t”.

It’s been disappointing to me that the Hunter series hasn’t drawn more attention, but I understand that most GEC buyers are collectors.  When it comes to collecting fixed blade knives, that’s a whole ‘nother thing.  You’ve got Loveless, Randall and more than a few others to compete with so it’s understandable that it’s been overlooked as a collectible.  Where the Hunter series comes into it’s own is in the field.  Size is great, the steel takes and holds an edge and overall, it’s one fine knife!!!

To encourage a few more of you outdoorsman to try one out, I’ve got a limited special offer for you.  Dave at Knife Leather Traditions was good enough to provide me with a few of the ‘slip’ style sheaths pictured above.  I’ll include a FREE KLT Sheath with the next 5 H73 Series GEC’s sold.  All you have to do is include a note with your order that you’d like a Free KLT Sheath with your H73.  Great opportunity to try a great knife and sheath to match.

Upcoming GEC Article and a Free Offer from Knife World!!!

Here’s the very latest on the upcoming Great Eastern Cutlery article by Steve Garger coming out in Knife World.  There will be one more issue of Knife World before we see the article.

NOW…. here’s the deal.  Thanks to a ‘heads up’ from Steve, if you go to, on the left side of the page is a link for a “Free Trial”.  Click on it, sign up and you’ll get a couple of issues free.  It’s an interesting pub’ to read and with writers like Steve, you can’t go wrong!!!  It’s FREE! 

Special offer on a Sack Up Knife Pouch

A while back someone asked about the best way to store collectible knives and there were some great responses posted.  Many thanks!  An item that I’ve used on a couple of knives in my safe are the Sack Up knife pouches.  They’re a heavy duty silicone treated pouch that does a great job in preventing rust on knives in storage or bouncing around in your glove box.

Through March 15th, I’m making a trial offer to anyone purchasing a knife.  They usually retail in the store for $14.95 a 6 pack with free shipping, but I’m gonna sell you just 1 with a knife purchase for $1.00.  That gives you a chance to check them out without buying a whole pack.  What you’ll receive is one of the AC805’s which will accomodate up to a 4″ knife.  Great for the #73 and smaller Great Easterns but just a little short for the #23’s. 

You can find them at:  Sack Up Promo  If you order one without a knife purchase, your order won’t get processed, (just so you know, you can’t fool and old fool!!!)

DMT Deluxe Aligner Sharpeners on Sale & Canal Street Cutlery CLOSEOUT Sale!!

While they last, I have the DMT Deluxe Aligner Sharpeners on sale for just $39.95 with FREE SHIPPING.  Whether you’re looking for yourself or a gift, this should be an unbeatable deal!!  I’ve used the DMT Diamond stones for a number of years and believe they’re some of the best out there!

I also came across a couple of 2007 new in the box Canal Street Cutlery knives that I’m closing out.  I have a 4 blade congress and a two blade folding hunter both with the Dark Amber Stag Bone Handles.  One of each and that’s it!  Prices on both include Free Shipping.

Bid on a Special Great Eastern #89 “Wounded Warriors” Package!!!

Here’ what I’ve got going.  I have a number of customers that are on active duty overseas including a few retired lifers and one that I know of that even signed up to continue working in Kuwait after he retired.  My wife works at a VA Hospital and is well aware of the problems facing some of the vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan related to their service.  I have nothing but respect for all of the troops but would especially like to help out the guys and gals whose lives have been changed forever while just ‘doing their job’

Here’s what’s gonna happen!!!!  Great Eastern Cutlery is going to engrave one of the new #89’s (in 2nd Cut Jigged Burnt Stag) with a special inscription (to be determined) on the back of the main blade.  This knife is going to be put into a package which will include:

  • #89 Great Eastern Cutlery 2nd Cut Jigged Burnt Stag
  • A New Burnt Stag Letter Openers
  • TSA Knives Cap
  • TSA Knives T-Shirt

Bids for the package can only be made through the blog (and no, I won’t put it on EBay for all kinds of reasons).  I’ll have a special category on the blog entitled “Wounded Warriors Bidding“.  Bidding will start at $50 and continue through October 31, 2009.  The highest bid received by midnite 10/31/09 will get the package.  To bid, just ‘respond’ to this post with your bid.  (Also, let’s keep it simple and keep the bids in $5 increments)

This isn’t a freebie giveaway, but your going feel pretty darn good knowing you’re helping someone that really deserves it AND get a helluva nice knife in the deal!!  So even if you don’t feel like bidding, pass the word along.

100% of the Proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project.

If you’re not familiar with the Wounded Warriors Project, please, take the time to visit their website at: .  In the meantime, bid high and bid often!!!!

EDC Update!

The first group of EDC’s that I offered were really well received!!  There’s obviously a number of you that want an EDC and aren’t concerned about minor cosmetic flaws.  Well, I plan on continuing to offer them but with a minor adjustment to how I’m handling them.

Going forward, I won’t have them listed in the store with pictures and a description as I’ve done with the rest of the line.  Instead, I’m going to TRY and offer each knife based on it’s individual appearance and price it accordingly.  There will still be a Product Category for EDC knives in the storefront.  When you click on the link it’ll take you to a Generic photo with a description instructing you to Email me for a current availability/price list.  

A few of you have wanted specifics as to the nature of the flaws on the knives and I’ll repeat that none of the flaws affect function.  Almost every knife I’ve seen has had a flaw related to issues with color, finish or match of the handle panels.   Most of those has been pretty subtle.  I”ll do my best to provide photos of the knives you’re interested in but cut me a little slack and I’d appreciate it if you’d limit your requests to knives you’re actually interested in.  It gets pretty time consuming taking multiple pictures from multiple angles of multiple knives!!

There are some great buys and I’ll try to keep this going as long as it works for everyone!!  Hopefully, I should be getting in another assortment later this week.  Thanks for working with me on this!!!


Reduced Price EDC Great Eastern Knives!!!

From day one, I’ve had emails and phone calls from knife “users” that were looking for a bargain on a Great Eastern Knife.  They didn’t care if the knife had a serial number as they planned on using them and didn’t want to pay ‘collector’ prices.  I’ve also had individuals looking for Great Easterns at a bargain price to send off for custom panels.  Well here’s your opportunity.

These are knives that have minor blemishes, poorly matched panels, etc.  I just got in the first lot and on most, I’m having a problem finding ‘the problem’!!!  The Red Stags have panels that aren’t a perfect match, the 61’s… the same.  Overall, these are great looking knives at some pretty steep discounts.  If you’re a ‘discriminating’ collector, these probably aren’t for you.  SO…. don’t buy one and then email me or Great Eastern complaining that the panels don’t match or a blade has a buffing mark on it, etc.  These are EDC knives being sold as such!

Each knife has been stamped with a letter “S” (for Store) on the tang to differentiate them from what would be considered collectors grade knives.  In the store, you’ll find them by searching under EDC ~ Every Day Carry in the storefront .

Here’s a few pix to give you an idea what they look like. 
As of 7:30PM 8/4/09 the only Congress left is the second from the top

If the response is strong enough, I’ll continue to acquire more as available in different handle materials and models.